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I’m all bleary-eyed and exhausted, so forgive any typos.
We’ve opened the shopping cart for Super Traffic Machine DIY Kits. If you reserved one in advance, you’ll be able to order yours here now:

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However, i suggest you read this message carefully before you proceed.
It has some important information about your Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit and how the whole thing works.
For the past couple of weeks, i’ve gone deep into the underworld of BizOps and Affiliate Systems. And i’ve exposed some scary truths that i have no idea if they make you run scared out of the industry…or they make you more determined to conquer it like me (i actually did both).
I’ve been a traffic expert for more than 7 years and worked with most of the BizOp systems in some capacity or other. So i have probably burned many bridges with my earlier essays.
But here’s why i wrote them…
For a while, i’ve been bored of training people on the low-level newbie crap one must do to find a receptive audience in this industry. I want to teach the REAL stuff…the stuff i don’t have to dumb down and sensationalize to sell.
Stuff for the serious entrepreneur who doesn’t need me to tell them how EASY it is to become a millionaire and reach the top of this game.
The very ideas that enable me to spend upward of $10,000 per DAY on traffic without skipping a beat.
Things that let me generate traffic at will, any time i want.
And that have allowed me to become a master of the ENTIRE marketing machine from A-Z…expert on every one of the diverse skills required to run a business.
But unfortunately, that stuff isn’t bound in process, step by step. It’s big idea stuff.
To the average affiliate who’s never generated a sale…anything i say on the topic is conceptual and hard to understand or even believe. So i’ve had to contend with this small-time basic training stuff until now.
See, this is all about to change.
I’m shifting focus to an exciting local “dot com” startup that i scored venture capital funding for.
But let me get back to the Super Traffic Machine.
So I’m trying to reduce my commitment with YaghiLabs, to a degree. Just focus on the serious stuff that excites me and pull out of the “happy go lucky” BizOp conversations. that i feel are wasting my time..i don’t want to cater to Average Affiliates any more, teaching the same old, same old. It’s exhaustingly unsatisfying, to be honest.
Money isn’t everything to me.
I want to leave behind a legacy…a Microsoft, a Google…a YaghiLabs. And this small-time “online money making” stuff isn’t it.
A few months ago, i met with the editor of the most popular industry publication, WWN who suggested i start a print traffic newsletter in which i could keep people posted on what’s going on with traffic TODAY.
So i went off and wrote drafts for the first 6 issues and sent them over. One look at them, and he said…
“Jim…I’m afraid this stuff will go WAY over their heads. i’ve dealt with this industry enough to know although this is insanely valuable stuff…These guys want split-test results, step-by-step guides, swipe copy. That’s what’s sexy, that’s what sells.”
But i don’t do split-tests.
I do this whole other thing…i have a whole philosophy on why split-tests are SO STUPID. dang. Actually, let’s not get into it.
Point is, after a few back and forths, we realised that if you’re not generating traffic and making money from your traffic, you and most of my subscribers would find this kind of material too advanced and probably irrelevant.
And I didn’t want to write yet another cheap traffic newsletter…
So we met to brainstorm.
I don’t know how we ended up here. But i got to talking about my intern program and my whole vision for YaghiLabs…how for years i was secretly working on this wild thing …a business model that allows people to hire trusted contractors to do work for them, and get speed and specialisation for a cheap price. a business model, based on Herny Ford’s production line model… where you could take some relatively inadequately skilled people and create simple, repetitive processes for them to follow, and suddenly you’re able to produce very valuable services.
The genius is in the process design, and how you break it up into these tiny micro-tasks.
It’s a whole thing.
For years i’ve been trying to perfect this business model behind the scenes.
And when I’ve provided services through YaghiLabs, it was never really for the sake of money…but for the sake of developing this business model, which needed live interns to test my processes and business model with.
Thing is, over the years, I’ve documented and perfected every aspect of my traffic management process.
We got to a stage where we could take a TOTAL newbie intern…and we tried people who weren’t even from inside the BizOp space…gave them these manuals and said “read this” and they’d be able to do most of the job just following the instructions.
Almost with no supervision.
People who didn’t even know what “keyword research” meant were producing almost usable traffic campaigns, websites, email copy. Sure i supervised CLOSELY to make sure we were outputting quality stuff…and that was exhausting. But we did perfect our process.
So when we were raking our brains for how best to teach the advanced traffic and marketing engine stuff…the big ideas…
i remembered the process manuals i’d developed and thought jeez, why don’t we GIVE you guys our YaghiLabs internal processes. Then you could do the same thing as our interns were able to do. And then i can actually finally get to teach you the advanced, serious stuff i’ve always wanted to.
The Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit is based on our internal processes for creating entire marketing funnels and traffic campaigns lightening fast.
But of course, i wouldn’t want to just give away my “life’s work” like that, for some measly dollar value. I have a different motive.
You see, the intern program i had burned through people…lots of people. And it was hard to find the kind of disciplined, hard-working practitioners that would stick long enough to fully develop them into serious, dependable, trusted contractors.
The “intern” thing wasn’t working.
Most of these guys came from my subscribers. They were the typical thrill-seeker types who got bored easily and wanted to get paid much while doing little.
I originally developed the Super Traffic Machine Kit so i could replace the interns with licensed businesses–who wanted referrals. And if i was going to refer my clients to other businesses, i needed them to deliver using MY processes.
Originally, the intent was to sell this licensing program for a LOT of money plus a royalty.
But we decided to go a different direction.
We’re pricing the DIY Kit at only $99/month for the moment, shipping & handling included. (this will probably change later.)
And we decided to send each component of the Super Traffic Machine process separately, a month apart. Here’s why…
At YaghiLabs, each part of the marketing machine was performed exclusively by ONE specialised staff member. (actually we had sub-sub-specialised staff members)
Splitting up the parts of the machine was an important decision we made for your sake.
I realise that if i send you all the parts of the machine in one shot, they’re likely to sit on your shelf and you’ll do nothing with them.
I want you to actually build a mega marketing machine. Because from among you, the DIY Super Traffic Machine students, i intend to recruit our “trusted licensees”. Contractors to whom we will outsource work and recommend our clients and students to outsource work to.
This is the big idea behind this kit.
Of course, you don’t have to take me up on the offer to become a YaghiLabs certified practitioner, particularly if you have no intent to sell services. But if you did, that would make me happy.
Now, before i send you off to go claim your Super Traffic DIY Kit…
I want you to understand that there are 8 components to a Super Traffic Machine. You will be walked through each one, step by step. And when you’re done, you will begin to receive the “serious traffic information” i spoke of earlier.
It’s called Jim’s Traffic Amplitude Diary.
This will help you take your Super Traffic Machine to the next level. But it IS optional–and you are by no means obligated to continue.
In fact, although you may cancel at ANY POINT you want, half-way through even…we’re also including a cancellation card in the 8th Module, because it is a natural stopping point.
If you stop there, you will have a complete marketing funnel and affiliate brand, from A-Z. It will sell affiliate products and convert them and get you to whatever goal you have.
But if you have HUGE goals, beyond millions (which is inevitable when you dream of things other than money and paying the bills)…if you want to be one of the TOP marketers and thinkers alive…
Then stick around for Traffic Amplitude.
Finally, there are two surprises i’m offering as a fast-action incentive. They’re pretty cool and valuable. (And i was careful not to include any unnecessary supplementary material so as not to overwhelm you).
These additional bits are delivered digitally. They’re only available until Sunday 5pm Pacific Time/ 12am GMT. After that they’ll go.
You can grab your kit here (and the bonuses):

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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

Foremost Home Business traffic expert, Jim Yaghi is a Computer Scientist and Mathematician who used to build search engines for a living. At 16 he created a mildly popular social network and has been an online entrepreneur for over 15 years. In 2006 he rose to the #1 Affiliate rank in many Home Business programs (most notably Magnetic Sponsoring). Today he's best known for hatching the first industry-wide viral campaign to reach all major social networks, for hosting a top-10 Internet radio show for entrepreneurs, and for shattering industry sales records with his best-selling, easy-to-follow online marketing courses PPC Domination, PPC Supremacy, and Traffic KickStart.


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