Worried Your Campaign Will Bomb? Read This

One question i don’t get enough:

How do i know if i’m on the right track in my business?

Well, after years of doing online marketing, i’ve discovered that if something’s gonna work, it’s gonna work quickly.

Suppose you’re running a new idea and a week goes by without any sales, and this continues for 2, 3, 4 weeks before you get a sale. Chances are, if you make no drastic changes, this campaign’s actual sales rate is 1 sale / month.

And if you think about it, that’s not really a “rate” at all…you can’t build a business on a single sale per month, unless that’s an enormous sale…and even then i have my doubts.

I like to see a sale per day, two, or three as a baseline. This is true even back when i was selling a 2,000 dollar front-end…ever since i launched it, back when i only had a ~3,000 subscriber mailing list, my average rate was 3 sales per week or a sale every two days.

Sure, different factors determine the rate, like what you’re asking people to pay, how much traffic you’re driving, and your list’s size, among other things.

But still, i’d say a sale every day or two is a good starting point in most cases. That’s frequent enough to call “regular”. And a campaign bringing in sales on a regular basis is one that can be scaled and tuned to ramp up frequency.

On the other hand, a strategy that’s probably not working and will probably NEVER work, is one that fails to deliver a sale for days after you launch it. Usually days turn to weeks. Weeks turn to months.

In cases like this, changing the headline, language, adding testimonials and “proof” to the sales page, modifying your ads, changing targeting, etc…are all pointless activities that will NOT affect a substantial enough change to turn around what is obviously a flopper.

You need some drastic action–i’d start iterating with the simple and working toward the complex. For instance, consider price. If your price is high, reducing it can have a far greater impact than messing with any other “conversion” bullshit. And if you don’t wanna reduce your price, which is also perfectly ok, you can have the EXACT SAME effect of a discount by giving extra stuff for the same price…i.e., bonus stacking.

Similarly, you might consider having a deadline, creating scarcity or a reason to move now. This will outperform ANYTHING you might do on copywriting and ad targeting.

When that doesn’t work, consider your message to market match. Consider your product. Perhaps it’s kinda shyt…perhaps you need a better offering.

Indeed, the story i often tell about my flopper of a campaign for a $70 product that refused to convert despite all my marketing efforts, price reductions, and frustrations…when i solved my losing ad campaign, i did so by selling a 2k product…

The detail most never caught is that it wasn’t the price-point that fixed the problem. It was that the product was more desirable. I went from selling a boring audio-interview course to selling a done-for-you packaged traffic service. It was a sexier offer. The market wanted THAT. and i could charge more for it.

In fact, when i launched that idea, there was little resistance. People started buying that product within days of me launching it.

Like i said, if something’s gonna work, it tends to happen quickly.

So if your latest big idea brings your first (and maybe second) sale within 24 hours, i’ll make the bet it will produce another sale tomorrow and at the latest the day after. Rarely am i wrong.

If days go by without a sale, change something big and try again.

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