Why Paranoids & Lunatics Should Stay Away From Google Ads

A reader asks…


“Hi Jim,

“I’m a video/YouTube SEO guy and I’m wanting to build an email list that will eventually sell my YouTube SEO course.

“I’ve done more than a few Google AdWords campaigns in the past having learned from Brad Geddes. And had pretty good quality scores in the 7 to 9 range. And so I know the importance of ad relevance to landing page theme in addition to other Quality Score factors.

“My question is can Bing or Google calculate the relevance of my squeeze page if it only have video? Or do I have to have text in order to accomplish high relevance.



Before i tell you the ugly truth about quality score… first, a quick reminder…

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Ok, that was a bit of a long digression. Sorry, back to the question.

Let me answer it real quick…no, you don’t need text, Google automatically transcribes videos and runs them through their relevance and review filters this way.

But it’s a bad question anyway.

Way too many advertisers get paranoid about numbers like Quality Score and Click Thru Rate.

Are YOU like that too? Do you constantly find yourself sitting by the edge of your seat agonising as these figures dance around?

i don’t.

For years, i’ve run campaigns where i don’t even KNOW my quality score because it’s off. I don’t give a rat’s freckled dick about it.

Unlike Brad’s philosophy, i do nothing special for Quality Score.

It’s a feedback mechanism for people trying to troubleshoot why their ads aren’t getting as much traffic as they’d like…and if getting traffic is a problem and you’re paying for it on Google, you’ve got WAY bigger problems. Most of the time i’m trying to filter out bad traffic instead of trying to get more of it.

So if you’re still starved for traffic and you think quality score is your problem, take it as a signal to diversify your keywords.

Unlike what most people believe, a low quality score, does not get you “slapped” or “banned”. The Quality Score simply tells you which keywords are probably not working well for you and instead of fighting to convince Google otherwise, you need to leave them the fuck alone and move on. There’s tons of other keywords that probably suit you better.

Delete them, keep them, doesn’t matter. If you have alternative keywords that are producing traffic, the keywords with low Quality Scores shouldn’t bother you.

I’d rather you spend time focusing on things that actually matter – conversion and customer retention.

I know, this flies in the face of conventional teaching about Google Ads. But this is an approach that leaves the heavy lifting to Google who’ll manage your campaign much better than you ever could, with realtime adjustments and data driven decisions you couldn’t even dream of making. We give Google some direction and the traffic keeps coming, we keep converting it, and we don’t have to worry about it anymore.

It’s a whole philosophy and you’re not going to get it by just ignoring quality score…your entire business and your mindset need a shift.

So if you’re interested in finally laying down a low-maintenance affiliate business that produces traffic and converts it to sales, check out the Super Traffic Machine.

It’s a complete step by step guide to building your entire online business from nothing, with little time, and little money to spare.

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