Why Learning to Write Right Online…

Writing your own articles online is like decorating the kitchen of an old house. You roll up your sleeves to go to work, focus on what has to be done within the time you have available, and a few hours later sit back to look at what you’ve accomplished.
You’re pleased at first with what you’ve achieved. After all, nobody taught you how to paint and this is pretty near perfect for a part-timer, right?
On the surface, it looks fresh and bright. But underneath, in the corners and behind the cupboards, you know for certain it just won’t stand the test of time. Cracks will start to appear and pretty soon that colour the assistant at the store told you was in vogue this year, will begin to look jaded and past its best.
The internet is no different; what might be relevant today will most likely be old news by tomorrow. Time can catapult your business and create rapid cash flow if you know how to manage it correctly. It can also kill it if you don’t. Waste time writing without direction and purpose, and you’re pouring money down the drain.
Learning to write the ‘right way’ is only half the battle when your business relies on the internet for its customers. Staying relevant, standing out from the crowd, and sticking to the plan should be equal, if not higher, on your list of priorities when planning your path to profit.

So what’s the answer? 

How do you succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace when all around you the battle for attention seems to be getting more and more brutal by the hour?
Follow the three simple steps below and you’ll start to see your writing take a new and much more profitable direction.
On the other hand, you could always carry on surfing the web until you find some hard-up guru willing to share his latest secret seven-step sales system with you. Then hand over your family inheritance for a sneak peek inside his training program. He’ll walk you by the hand and show you how to beat Google at their own game, while avoiding the Panda, the Penguin and the Porcupine with one swift sideways move.  😉
Go on…the guru awaits! You never know, maybe you’ll get lucky!

It’s your choice…

(Okay, if we must)
Here are three simple steps to get you started on the path to creating content that speaks to your target market and sells your product or service at some point in the not too distant future…

  1. Stop trying to be all things to all people for a start. Writing is a craft and one that takes time and practice to perfect. Pick your niche, plan your content, and provide your readers with articles and posts that offer unique insights and original ideas that come from you.
  2. Forget what you’ve been told about blogging! Kick those keyword research tools into touch! Start writing for the reader and stop listening to the latest self-proclaimed SEO expert who’s six months to a year behind and still busy arranging his keyword targeted articles like a crossword puzzle. Make it flow Joe!
  3. Build your audience by developing a voice that is your own and a writing style that is consistent, creative, and catchy!

Let’s face it…
Today, we find ourselves using the social web almost without noticing when we come online. This demands a different approach to marketing our product or service; a mix of information and entertainment to build your brand and start the sales process with nothing more than a whisper. Forget writing like an expert! Write with passion and purpose and people will read every word you put on the page.
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