Why headline tricks & email subjects DON'T work

The fundamental
beliefs in this industry are stupid.
should know better.
instance, there’s a headline theory I once taught called Time Continuum
headlines–An extremely high converting headline style.
I showed my
own headline as an example of how to accomplish Time Continuum.
But ever since,
I’ve see all over the internet landing pages created by people who didn’t understand the theory of how to build such a headline. Instead, they take the example and simply
swap out a few words to suit their product.
To think
there’s something actually magical about THAT headline
…that somehow you could
use it on a page that had never converted before
…and it would somehow work…it’s
just silly.
Just ONE
thing is going to make all that difference?
I think not.
fundamental, yet flawed belief so common in our industry is that doing ONE “right” thing would
make a huge difference in a sales message that had never worked before.
Have you
ever wondered why, even if I do share a really powerful trick with you, I don’t
use it again?
explain in a minute.
It’s not just MY stuff that gets copied blindly and then
doesn’t work for the people who try.
Some years
back, a popular internet marketer shared (in a free video, of all places), one
of his best converting email subject lines.
“Bad News”
That week,
I got emails from tens of email lists, all using the EXACT subject line, the
same day, selling different offers. My inbox had “Bad News” all day.
It had ZERO
I doubt if
anyone got the results they were hoping for.
So let me share a quick story…
Today, my
wife convinced me to spend the day looking with her for a new home.
In Dubai,
almost every home is built as part of a development project. And if you see one
home in some development, then you’ve seen EVERY HOME in the entire
EXACTLY the same, in every single way.
layout, to size, to number of rooms, to the building, to the facilities…EVEN TO
funnier…the same home may be advertised by a number of different agents.
that, my wife made MANY appointments with different agents.
So many, in
fact, she lost track of which agent was going to show us what.
“Sorry, which place is this?” was a
question I heard her ask several times.
It was
One guy
responded strangely.
It was as if he’d busted us cheating on him.
He said, “Look,
I know you’re confused because you’re talking to many people. Why don’t you
give me a call when you’re done and I’ll take care of you.”
We laughed
at the guy and thought he was a fool.
A little
later, we walk into yet another place…and what do we find out? The same agent
from a few houses ago is waiting for us. As we walk into the home, another agent
runs up and says, “Excuse me. I think WE were supposed to meet. But tell you
what…go take a look with him, and when you’re done, I’ll be waiting here.”
What we saw
inside was no more impressive than what we’d seen before. Another clone home
that didn’t suit us.
As we
dismissed one agent and moved to the other, still waiting for us outside, we realized
he was the same guy we’d laughed at earlier.
But what he
did next, won my HUGEST admiration and respect.
He took me
aside, and said rather plainly…
“Look. I’m
not going to waste your time. If you’ve seen this place, you’ve seen them all. So
here’s what I’m going to do. If you have about half an hour, I’d like to show
you a couple of very special, unique homes. Come with me.”
about his behavior had I seen in about 12 agents we’d been with that day.
instance, instead of asking us to meet him somewhere (as the others did)…or to
take him in our car (as others did)…or to follow his car (as others did)…he
said, “COME WITH ME”
I knew I liked
him from that moment on.
What we saw
was actually, fundamentally, not different from what we’d seen before.
After all,
this was the product he HAD to work with.
But HE was
I wanted to
buy from him and let him win my commission.
And this is
the point I make.
One headline
formula or sales letter trick or landing page layout…or whatever you’ve just
learned…it’s not going to make the big ground-breaking difference you’re
looking for.
The reason
those things ever “worked”, is they were once unique. Once taught, they are no longer unique.
Which is
why I often teach something that worked for me, only to never use it again.
It’s also
why I never have two landing pages that look alike.
Nor two
sales pages that follow the same style.
anything done twice loses impact.
So all my
effort goes into doing EVERYTHING different.
Different from others.
from myself.
And different from my imitators.
In fact, if
someone shares a trick with me, I put it in the “bank” and do nothing with it
for a while. The trick eventually comes out in combination with something else,
unrecognizable to anyone but me.
And this is
key to the success of any sales communication.
You want to
treat every marketing trick as a single tool in an ever-growing toolbelt of
you want to sell something, pick the right SET of tools for the right job.
Advanced Communicology
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