Why Did The Entrepreneur Cross The Road?

i’ve been thinking about this a lot lately…

Up until the pandemic swept the world with lockdowns, most people thought working from home was an extremely appealing idea.

Us home-based entrepreneurs, we always knew the grass isn’t always greener on this side.

What i mean is, by operating from home, you’re basically making yourself available to everybody, not because you’re genuinely available, but simply because you’re there physically. And this is more dangerous than you might reckon.

Your kids think you’re free to play with them whenever they want.

Your spouse thinks they can creep into your “Office hours” anytime they want.

Let me tell you a deeply personal story, one that i’ve never openly spoken of before.

A few years ago, i was going through some rough patches in my life. Business wasn’t working, we did not have an income, and we were struggling to make ends meet.

My wife was rightfully concerned.

Unfortunately — and i don’t blame her for this — her concern about our future and stability turned into distractions for me from my work. Instead of doing the actual work that i needed to do to get us back on our feet…

… we were constantly butting heads about why we were in that situation and her feelings about it.

A lot of people who are trying to build and run a business from home, they’re in the same crossover.

Here’s the thing. The problem with working from home is it blurs the lines between resources that belong to YOU and resources that belong to the business.

I mean, your time, your privacy, your physical space, your money… there’s no physical separation unless you make a deliberate, disciplined effort about it.

So, as easy and charming as it might seem, mixing your personal and family time with your business resources is NEVER a good idea.

That’s when i did something that turned everything around.I made a SIMPLE adjustment to HOW i work, and the results blew me away.

All i did was, i crossed the road from my house and rented an office space.

It wasn’t anything major. Just a desk at a coworking space, in a residential building even, that some dudes who ran a seasonal business ran on the side to cover their expenses.

Now, this wasn’t an easy decision by any means. Like i said, i had no source of income at the time and i was living off borrowed money. So to commit to pay 200 Euros every month for the work space, although cheap, was a tough decision. It amounts to 2,400 Euros for the whole year. To produce this sum of money while having no job, no business and no income… let’s just say it’s hard.


I thought of it as an investment in my peace of mind, so i could regain my concentration and focus on what i needed to do.

Honestly, you’d think it wouldn’t make that big a difference from having an office in the house. Literally all my wife or kid had to do was cross the road and they’d be back in my space. In fact, i often picked up my kid from school (also across the road) and brought him back to hang out with me at the office. Both would come visit me at the office regularly. And i spent sometimes hours on the phone with my wife lol.

Also, when i left the office at dinner time, i went home and 100% of my time was for my family. Work stayed at the office.

Yet, over the next 12 months, i generated over $160,000 in pure profit.

From that, i was able to reinvest into my financial recovery, into my own ads, into employees, and it all began to grow steadily to 5 then 6 figures per month.

All of this from a simple adjustment: to separate family and business.

Most of our students, when they join Super Traffic Machine, have a day job, a family, and financial and social commitments. They’re not full time entrepreneurs or crazy risk takers.

They’re trying to create a better life, but all they can manage is to do it alongside their existing responsibilities.

I get that.

Which is why in the Super Traffic Machine, we take a disciplined, careful approach to investing both time and money into your business in a responsible manner, where you can meet your obligations and your commitments to your family, to your job, and to your boss…

… while working on building up your internet based business, slowly yet surely.

While this doesn’t sound as sexy as the guys driving around in prop lamborghinis and private jets, throwing stacks of 100 dollar bills, in front of rented mansions, giving speeches in front of Harvard Business School banners talking to a fake audience….

The skills you learn with me, they’re real.

You can use them to make sales consistently online, without over imposing on your real world responsibilities.

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