Why Copywritng Books Are USELESS

Copywriting books are USELESS…

I’ll explain.

i used to read a lot in my younger days. Now i prefer consuming information via videos, and that too only if it addresses a specific problem i’m facing at present.

Bash scripting for instance. Very technical stuff.

But it doesn’t always have to be technical.

Sometimes i slide into “Discovery Mode” where i’ll be ingesting information through news digests, Quora, podcasts, YouTube, etc on topics i care about. Things like, astrophysics, computer science, biographies, religion, and political commentary.

But none of this is by chance.

Either i’d get to-the-point topical information, pertinent things for which i need solutions, or…

…I take information i learn from one place and apply it somewhere else entirely.

For example, see how television shows cut to the commercial breaks? The way they do it, it’s deliberate. So i borrowed this technique and applied it to my emails.

As for copywriting, i have read only TWO copywriting books in my life, and i regretted doing that for a long long time.

After reading these books, my writing became really sleazy. It smelled like scam and i hated it.

I had no trouble writing well before, communicating effectively, and even selling with my writing…without having read a single book on copywriting! In fact, the first sales letter i ever wrote, sold a 2,500+ business opportunity and it worked without using any copywriting tricks.

That’s why i promised myself not to read another copywriting book again. The only two i read, they corrupted and bastardized my writing to the extent it took me YEARS to undo the damage they had done.

And by the way, i don’t blame the writers, both of whom i respect very much. It’s my own amateur understanding of how to implement what they taught that caused this to happen. But i’m not alone.

Fact is, the way copywriting is taught, is often done through examples and anecdotes instead of through fundamentals. What you end up learning is someone else’s stylistics.

Instead of having your own.

Something as simple as the “lists tend to be effective” or “use numbers in your headline” are in fact based in some pretty mundane fundamentals of communication. There’s no magic to it. A headline like, “5 home remedies that can alleviate arthritis pain” simply forces YOU the writer to have a point of focus, made up of 5 specific points.

That’s not copywriting. That’s Writing 101. Have a point. Plan your writing in advance.

In fact, all my writing, i start with an outline in bullet-form. After that, i add flesh to it and the writing practically writes itself. You don’t actually have to write 5 in the headline for it to be effective.

The point is, there’s nothing special about being a copywriter. Sales writing is just good communication in writing. That’s it.

And conversely, a poor communicator will always suck at copywriting no matter how many slick copywriting tricks you use. Sounding like a hypeman doesn’t actually help you sell better…it makes your writing sound like all those “scam” guys.

In the Super Traffic Machine, i teach you classical writing, the way I learned from my father, who is a linguist and about the best damn communicator and orator i know.

Ever since i was a child, he taught me the proper way to write. And till this day he reads my writing. He enjoys it. You’d think that he would have a problem with the fact that I sometimes use poor punctuation and slang and ungrammatical colloquialisms, but he doesn’t, because he gets it.

He understands that this is a style and it’s different from an academic style.

He taught me that every sentence, paragraph and section needs to have a goal…

…a single idea that gets expanded into a sentence. A sentence, it’s expanded into a paragraph and a paragraph is expanded into sections and sections are expanded into entire books.

This is what i teach you to do in the Super Traffic Machine.

It’s easy too and anyone who can think clearly can do this and sound natural and human.

Step-by-step, i take you through it one at a time so that you are able to communicate your ideas.

Mind you, I’m not trying to teach you copywriting. I’m not trying to impose on you certain stylistics and how you need to communicate so that people would buy from you, because that is not the secret.

The secret is to simply have a solid understanding of the idea you want to communicate. And then, to communicate it effectively.

i get it. Maybe you’re thinking your idea is too vague or abstract, or you have a stream of multiple ideas that you want to communicate and you don’t know how or where to start from.

we tackle this together masterfully in the 3rd manual of Super Traffic Machine. By going through a series of steps, you’ll be able to bring your core thoughts and ideas to the surface and you’ll be able to prioritise what’s important and how to structure your sales material so that the most important of your ideas get communicated effectively.

i turn sales writing into a mechanical step-by-step process that, if you follow the instructions, you WILL come up with a sales message that sells, even if you’ve never written any sales copy before.

We’ve had total beginners come out at the end with excellent sales letters that I’ve been actually quite impressed with. They’ve shown it off to their wives and colleagues and friends and they were also surprised at how effectively they communicated their ideas.


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~ jim

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