What’s The ONE Single Biggest Idea That Completely Transformed Your Online Business?

A reader asks…

“What’s the ONE single biggest idea that completely transformed your online business?”

Believe it or not…

… the SINGLE biggest idea that changed my whole perspective and transformed my business was the fact that all these hyped up gooroos and so-called experts – they DON’T actually know more than you.

In fact…

They don’t know anything at all!

This one simple realisation has put thousands of dollars in my pocket over the years.

Here’s some background that will help you understand what i mean…

So back when i started out in affiliate marketing, i used to see all these traffic “experts” bragging about how they spend $10k A MONTH on ads and generate some 300 LEADS EVERYDAY. It was all very sexy for me at the time.

300 leads a day was a far cry, even 100 leads was unheard of.

But me being me, i took it as a challenge and made it my goal to reach that number. It became my benchmark.

So I burnt all the ships and went to work. I learned everything i could about Google Adwords. I tried all sorts of different strategies. And slowly but surely, i started getting some leads. And then some more. And it kept growing day after day. The more leads and profits i was making, the more i was investing back into ads.

Finally, I started generating 300 leads a day.

When that happened, it took the industry experts by shock. Yep, the same people who were once claiming to be the gods of traffic were now taken by surprise when someone hit those numbers for real.

That’s when i realised…

Those home business trainers selling traffic courses – they were all LIARS. Their actual skill was not paid traffic. All they had going for them was their connections with other JVs and affiliates who were the ones generating the bulk of traffic. That was their open secret. Without the affiliates working for them and promoting their fluff, these experts would have no business to run.

Here’s a tip…

If you wanna learn how to generate traffic or how to write copy or learn any other internet marketing skill, please don’t go to these gooroos and experts.

Instead, go to the quiet super affiliate doing all the stuff and and more or less keeping his techniques to himself. This is the guy who’s getting his hands dirty, doing the real work, getting the results these gooroo types are boasting as their own.

I’ve seen them often in conferences, fumbling about, getting super technical putting audiences to sleep…while the ones who know least are celebrated.

That’s the unsung hero no one’s talking about.

I know you’re wondering which category i’m meant to be in…because certainly i’m not “quiet” about my results. But let me tell you why i just might be better than the unsung affiliate marketer.

See, i’m out there getting my hand dirty, taking on client work while my peers look down on the whole affair. I made a decision years ago that i would not be one of those rusty has-been types teaching old expired techniques back when they used to actually do something.

Instead, i’ve kept a small and select client base for whom i do traffic and lead generation. The only reason i do it is to keep my skills current and sharp, so when i teach my students methods, i’m drawing on REAL WORLD, current experience from the trenches.

If you’d like to learn from someone getting their hands dirty how to do traffic…

… i invite you to watch my rather controversial presentation titled “Tackling The Big G!”

You get instant access to it when you order the Super Traffic Machine program today.

Inside the presentation you’ll learn the real secret behind generating lots of profitable traffic with Google ads, while keeping your efforts minimal and maintenance low. Rest assured, you’re not likely to find this information anywhere else.

It’s unedited, raw and nothing is censored out.

Click the link below to learn more about the Super Traffic Machine and get started today…

Plus, if you join before the end of the month, i’ll send you a physical copy of my new book that contains highlights from the Business Command Center– how to build a website that Google loves sending traffic to, convert more of the traffic that you get, all while doing it on the cheap because you won’t be needing to use or rely on 3rd party services.

This hits the printer at the end of the month, so subscribe in time.


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