What A True Entrepreneur Will NEVER Ask

And what a legitimate seller will never sell. Here’s that question:

“What are the best programs to make money online easily and why?”

Boy is this feller setting himself up to walk into every scam.

There’s an entire industry that targets this type of person, and are ready to give him EXACTLY what he wants.

First, this isn’t a search you’d expect a real business-minded, entrepreneurial type searching for, who understands investment, buying, and selling. It’s an average joe, probably in a somewhat desperate situation, looking to change his fate.

The people ready to sell to him will say, “ANYONE can do this. No matter what your background, anyone can succeed with our PROVEN system.” They’re going to appeal to him with super cars, views from their homes, photographs and videos of their mansions…all the fantasies of excess and greed.

And when he asks for “easy”, that’s exactly how they’ll rope him in. How EASY it all is. They’ll conceal that to make money he’d need to (1) build a business, (2) do some work, and (3) have/gain some skills.

There really isn’t a loophole or hack around it. Because no matter what way you look at it, to “make money online”, shy of finding employment for something you already know how to do, you’re looking to get paid from the sale of something. And that will require some investment, which means you only make money when you profit.

Don’t believe me?

Ok, suppose you wanna be a YouTuber. How do people make money?

(1) they get paid to allow ads on their content, (2) they pitch or showcase an affiliate product, (3) they get an endorsement or sponsorship, or (4) they create and sell their own product or merchandise.

The only way to make money from ads is to get lots and lots of views on your videos. Which means (1) you have to make a lot of content, (2) your content has to be good, and (3) you need an audience to watch your videos. To sell affiliate products, you need people watching your videos so they can get sold on the product from which you’ll earn a commission. And if you want a sponsorship, you’ll need to do some legwork to find people willing to give you money to promote their product…and oh, guess what? The only way you’ll convince anyone is if you have an audience. Finally, if you want to sell your own product, you’ll have to create or source it, build videos promoting it, and then have an audience to watch your videos and buy it.

Suppose you want to be a social media drama queen instead. Same drama. You can make money from ads (on some platforms), affiliate products, sponsorships, or your own merch/product. You’ll need to create social content, post photos of your half naked bikini’d self, and be somewhat interesting, so you can build an audience who buy stuff.

Alright, all that sounds like work and business and none of it sounds easy at all.

Clickbank maybe, direct linking? Good luck. You’ll need to either create a ton of content to get free traffic or you’ll need to run paid ads. Neither of which makes economic sense if you aren’t going to turn that traffic into an audience (perhaps a mailing list) you can sell more products to.

MLM? Once you’ve finished fleecing your friends and family, you’ll need to turn to ads.

What about trading? That requires money and skills you probably don’t have.

Amazon dropshipping? Money, advertising, and skills.

See what i mean? There isn’t a single thing you can do to make money online that’s “easy”, doesn’t require work, doesn’t require skill, and doesn’t require you to make a business of it. No matter how fun, interesting, and easy it looks.

Hell, even scamming people takes all the above to pull off, with the added risk of being fined, jailed, or both.

The only way to get a working online business is to approach it strategically. None of this means it must be boring, painful, or not fun. Rather, you’ll need to find something you enjoy learning about doing, so work doesn’t feel like work…and so you’ll get something out of it, even if it’s not immediate financial returns.

Notice, too, the common denominator in almost all the “make money online” ideas above is a need for an audience.

An audience, unlike “traffic”, isn’t just passing by. It’s people engaged with you, paying attention to you, and showing interest in your interests. Building an audience takes time. It requires content–because otherwise what’s the audience gathering for? But you can choose the type of content–it can be video, audio, photographs, text, social, antisocial, etc.

Having an audience gives you leverage. Rather than every sale being an uphill battle of convincing someone new to buy, you simply return to your audience who are already engaged with you, listening, and ready. Be it your email list, your social following, or your base of YouTube subscribers.

That’s something we do in the Super Traffic Machine, we help you be strategic about finding a business that you enjoy building and an audience that will find you interesting the way you are.

It is a curriculum teaching affiliate marketing business building skills. We don’t hide the facts from you so you can have your “easy”. We tell you the truth, exactly what it takes to make money online with affiliate marketing—which btw, drives almost all money making on the internet.

What sets our methodology apart is that we teach you to turn traffic into an audience and retain your ownership on it. Unlike the popularly taught method of using direct links to send your hard-won traffic to the product publisher–who DOES turn them into an audience, built on the backs of unknowing affiliates and proceeds to cut you out of the equation, monetising your traffic over and over.

Hundreds of subscribers have built Super Traffic Machines and are making money online from businesses they enjoy. You too can join them here:

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