The Viral Discrimination of Traffic

My wife was frightened
by the whole idea.
On our honeymoon, I took
her to the most famous Sushi restaurant in Istanbul…and she ordered the steak!
No matter how hard I tried,
as great a marketer as I am, I could never convince her to taste it.
Anyway, a few days
ago, I succeeded.
She was hooked.
Now, I don’t think
Sushi is all that special in taste. Don’t get me wrong…I love Sushi as much as anyone.
But I have this theory why Sushi got so dang popular since it broke out of Japan in the 1970’s.
And taste is not it.
There’s a VIRAL
traffic lesson in this, so bear with me.
You’ve seen how gooroo’s
launch new products, right?
Although it looks like
a complicated process, way out of reach for the average internet marketer still
in first gear with their business…
It’s not that complex.
A launch is simply the
INTRODUCTION of a new product to your business’ fans.
Now remember, gooroo’s
are eggspurtz at getting MAXIMUM immediate dollars from everything they do,
with MINIMUM work. And their whole business lives and breathes through
Thing is, few gooroos can
resist leaving some money on the table under any circumstances.
But if they did, they
might actually have a more sustainable business model that makes more money and
relies consistently less on product launches and JVs.
Here’s what I mean.
In any good launch,
there’re two primary elements that make them work:
1. A pre-launch build up
2. and a reason for urgency, eg a deadline
or a limited supply.
gooroos always have both.
They do an amazing job
of building up the product. They don’t allow anyone to buy until the official
launch date, so that people’s mouths are watering in anticipation. And when the
doors are open on the product, a flood of sales come in.
How else can they claim
10mil bucks in 24 hrs to use as proof in their next launch?
They also do a great
job of creating urgency.
A deadline for buying
is always there along with a threat that if you don’t buy you miss out on an
incredible thing.
Where do they go wrong?
When a product closes
at the appointed deadline, another 50% of customers who want in remain UNSOLD.
A deadline
automatically means the gooroo has to turn down customers who WANT to give
money, but procrastinate on– or forget– the deadline.
Now your average
gooroo is too greedy to let all that money go to waste.
So a week later, under
some pretence or other, they’ll re-open for a “second chance” to anyone who
missed out.
And they sweep the
table of all the money left on it.
Sometimes, especially
when the gooroo is ESPECIALLY greedy, they’ll give a third and fourth and fifth
chance, each time with some new logical sounding excuse.
Now I’m not going to
get into the ETHICAL problems with this, because I think you know them all.
But this is also bad
for traffic.
(Although we already
know traffic is not the strong suit of any gooroo).
To explain how bad
this is for traffic, let’s get back to Sushi.
When it comes to
Sushi, there’s two groups of people:
Those who eat it
…and those who don’t.
So why is Sushi gaining
in popularity around the world, all the time?
For instance, in the
West, people who eat Sushi are part of a smaller group of very
trendy, cultured people–who eat RAW fish.
Most of those who refuse
to try Sushi, refuse to because, Fish, Raw, or Raw Fish “seem gross”.
But when someone tries
Sushi for the first time, they feel very proud of having taken that leap when many
others have not.
For example, when my
wife tried Sushi…she took a photo and posted it to Facebook. She went home and
told her family and friends that she tried it …”and it was amazing!”
It wasn’t.
It was not disgusting.
It tasted fine. It was new. It was an experience.
But it wasn’t THAT
I’ve eaten better
tasting food. So has she.
But she just joined an
exclusive club, hardly anyone she knows belongs to.
So she spreads the
word that Sushi is AMAZING and you MUST try it…knowing full well that the
people she tells will mostly never try, because they are too frightened of the idea
of raw fish!
Back to the traffic-killing
mistake that gooroos make in their launches.
Closing the launch
shopping-cart and turning people away will make those people who miss out beat
themselves up for it (temporarily).
But you know who will
remind them of their pain FOR YEARS after?
The friends who DID
get in…They feel special.
For years, they’ll go about
“Hey did you manage to
get into gooroo X’s Instant Millions program?”
“No? OMG!!!!!! You totally
missed out, it’s AMAAAAAZING.”
Whoever missed out
will always see that as the program that got away.
And IF that program
ever opens up, a year later, they will be THAT much more excited to buy.
Until then, they will buy
everything else you put in front of them, all the while HOPING to find something
just as cool or just as exclusive.
The gooroo’s who
re-open for second, third, and tenth chances might get a few more bucks today…
But they kill an opportunity
for long-term traffic. Because they never create an exclusive group.
Anyone who wanted it
got it. No one is left to fuel the “word of mouth” exclusivity. No one else cares.
If you DON’T give a
second chance, you know what happens that ENTIRE year?
Everyone who was ever
interested, whether or not they get in, will be talking about your program.
Either with a sense of jealousy of those who got in…or with a sense of
specialness if they did.
And THAT is how you
create LONG-TERM VIRAL WORD OF MOUTH…where your customers are always
advertising for you.
Anyone can have a
But only someone
trained by my expert team will ever be able to pull off a launch that keeps
getting traffic forever.
In our new Traffic Coaching
program, we help you:
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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

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