The smallest "eff u" action

it hit me hard…
The little receipt-like thing the machine spat out…i don’t even know where it is.
my wife noticed my mood was glum.
“What’s eating you, Jim?” she asked.
“Ahh…it’s nothing i’m just a little worried about the machine,” i replied.
It’s been about 3 weeks since we used the machine…3 weeks since we both decided it was time to turn our lives around.
What had me so worried, you wonder.
One day we took Adam out to play in the mall. My wife noticed a conspicuous kiosk in front of the pharmacy.
She said, “Jim, it gives you a mini health report. You wanna try it?”
For about a year and a half, my health has been on a serious decline. I’m sure i’ve mentioned this to you–but it isn’t just me…my wife’s been complaining of various pains too.
I think the main issues was this…
We weren’t getting enough sleep. The strains of having a new baby (now 16 months old) who is far more energetic than both of us combined…
My productivity was down…
My energy levels were shot…
And every part of my body hurt!
It hit an all time “crazy” when we went to bed one day at 10am (after having spent the entire night awake)…and Adam, our little boy, once more, refused to sleep for a whole ‘nother hour.
This is a baby, you get me? And he’s staying up all night, not sleeping till 11 in the morning! It can’t be good for him and it definitely was no good for us.
The fated kiosk reflected this when we used it.
My blood pressure was reported a little over the “normal” range.
Not enough to be a problem…
But it was one area i didn’t expect to have problems.
Fat ratio was ridiculously high. and of course i’ve slowly but surely “put on a few” in sympathy weight during the wife’s pregnancy.
Anyway, so that day, we resolved to make some changes in our lifestyle.
Before i go further…i’ll explain why this is even relevant to you.
Often times, in this business, people are in a huge rush. I mean the message i sent out a couple days ago was certainly not a popular one and i knew that before i sent it.
But in my experience, the ONLY way to conquer any big challenge…no matter how huge, no matter how scary…
Is one piece at a time.
Say you want to own your own home…that 30k deposit seems absolutely impossible when your entire income is 2,000/mo.
For many people, owning a home is just a dream.
They’ll say “Hey i’ll wait till i get a better job” and they may wait for years and years.
Similarly, in business, your dreams for where you want it to go don’t come easy.
But if you want to reach your income goal you have to start somewhere. You’ve got to break it into small bite-sized, easily conquerable pieces, and then work toward it.
Buying a house?
Any way you look at it, on a 2k salary, it’s gonna seem pointless to try.
Say you set aside $200/month (10% of your earnings)…it’s still going to take 12 and a half years JUST to get the deposit together.
But guess what?
You may have spent the 12.5 years waiting for the perfect job or income opportunity to come around…and still be no further ahead.
More interestingly, however, is that when you are working toward a goal, you somehow start to automatically work more get more creative and your actions have better impact.
Before long, you probably WILL land that dream job or lucrative business that brings you toward your goal faster.
Let me tell you what happened over the past 3 weeks, so you see what i mean…
First, we agreed to start sleeping at 8.30pm. Put our little boy to bed at 6.30pm so we’d have 2 hours of peace and quiet…and wake up at sunrise.
This was an easy fix. For two days we stayed awake as long as we could (including Adam!), until we were dog tired by 5pm. We now sleep at 8.30 and wake up at 4.30. Fully rested after 8 hours sleep–something we never dreamed of having before.
The kid sleeps more soundly and his mood is generally better during the day, making it easier on us.
By 2pm, our new lunch time, i’ve had a 10 hour work day–often completing work on 3 different tasks instead of the one i used to be able to do.
We regulated our eating patterns too…
two real meals a day, breakfast and lunch. Focus on vegetables and fruit. Not a big deal, i enjoy veg more than meat anyway. But it was a matter of introducing variety more than anything and our food has been more interesting in general.
And i resolved to do just 10 push-ups, 5 times a day for a total of 50 per day.
No major muscle building intended there. I just wanted to strengthen my back for a better work posture.
Three weeks later, i’m about 5kg lighter (11 pounds).
I am more creative, more productive, more energetic…
I take my boy out to the park in the morning. I spend time with the family after lunch and we’re all generally in better moods.
Best part, my back barely hurts any more!
Now you may scoff at losing 200 grams of weight per day…or 50 push ups.
But you know what?
It FEELS easy and yet i get steadily lighter and healthier.
And it’s easier to stick to this routine for life than to do some crash diet and exercise that leaves you totally starving and unhappy for a week before you give up anyway.
My point?
In your business, you’ve probably been going about it all wrong.
You’re racing toward some imaginary deadline with the debt collectors right on your tail…
But for all your painful efforts, there’s little to show for it. And you quickly give up and regularly change direction, backtracking on any progress you do make.
I’ve had clients come to me prepared to spend 10,000 dollars on traffic…only to ask to pause the campaign within a couple of weeks because they couldn’t afford to keep it up.
All i ever ask my clients to do is commit whatever amount they think they can afford to commit for 6-12 months straight, rain or shine. It doesn’t matter to me, if it’s $5/day or $500. What matters is that it is consistent.
This is the secret to success…
Consistent, bite-sized forward progress.
Not giant “EFF YOU” bursts of motivation and drive, short-lived and impossible to keep up.
So i designed the DIY Super Traffic Machine on that same strategy for you.
There are 8 major parts to building up your business.
But each of those, i broke up into 10 or so bite-sized steps. Really easy that anyone can accomplish, with little effort and time.
I put those 8 major steps onto a poster for you that tracks your goal and your progress. Each module is accompanied by a checklist sticker of all the small steps in between.
When you get your first module, you post your poster on your wall and stick the first checklist on. Upon completing each mini step, you place a checkmark next to it.
At the end of the module, when all the steps are complete, you have yet another sticker that you use to block off the entire list.
Then the next module arrives on your doorstep. You repeat the process again.
By the end, you’ve built this giant purring Super Traffic Machine that pumps out sales and commissions…and you had a lot of fun building it…and it didn’t even feel hard.
But you’re light years further along than you would have ever dreamed to be without the Super Traffic Machine.
You look over your accomplishment and remember how you conquered this big animal called “traffic” and you win.
That’s the power of consistency.
That’s the power of small bite sized forward progress.
I take small consistent action over big “eff u” bursts any day.
How about you?
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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

Foremost Home Business traffic expert, Jim Yaghi is a Computer Scientist and Mathematician who used to build search engines for a living. At 16 he created a mildly popular social network and has been an online entrepreneur for over 15 years. In 2006 he rose to the #1 Affiliate rank in many Home Business programs (most notably Magnetic Sponsoring). Today he's best known for hatching the first industry-wide viral campaign to reach all major social networks, for hosting a top-10 Internet radio show for entrepreneurs, and for shattering industry sales records with his best-selling, easy-to-follow online marketing courses PPC Domination, PPC Supremacy, and Traffic KickStart.


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