The SECRET To Passive Income…

Imagine for a moment, will you, money that comes to you in your sleep. Doing absolutely nothing at all. You go to bed with $1.00 in your bank. You wake up, and four, five zeros have been added.


Wake up. You’re dreaming.

There’s two ways to make money–you can work for it or it can work for you.

So unless you’ve got millions sitting around looking for the right project to invest in, you’re looking at some serious WORK before you can ever even hope to skim a lick of the edge of something called passive income.

Passive income is seriously misunderstood and the level of work and investment is underestimated. Take this question, for instance:

“The affiliate programs I’ve seen are full of promises of new cars and thousands of dollars per day, but hardly mention the product. I work full-time and would like to earn a residual, sideline income. What genuine affiliate programs are available?”

What this young man described, that’s how affiliate marketing is sold. And he’s right to wonder, “What’s the product?”

The product is the fantasy. They’re selling a dream.

The dream of making thousands a day, while lounging around, with nothing to do but come up with ways to spend all that cash and shoot videos and photographs flaunting your expensive stuff..

Many average people today associate consumerism with success. So if you want to do well in this line of work, simply invest into the FACADE of success.

For instance, anyone with ~$900 can rent a lamborghini. Starting from around $500, you can rent a mansion. Also for about $500, you can get a cameo or celebrity endorsement. For $191 you can rent a decommissioned private jet as a prop for Instagram stories.

I shit you not.
That’s about as much “success” as you need to convince a few marks that you might know a thing or two about a thing or two.

There’s an entire industry around selling these services and a major demand for them.

In case any of this is news to you, i want you to be absolutely CERTAIN that anyone who needs to flaunt their wealth with material things, in order to get your business, the ONLY thing they know about is how to fool people into believing they have knowledge or skill of value and use. Two things you can be absolutely CERTAIN of, (1) they will not teach you what they’re actually doing (renting props to fool people out of their money)…and (2) what they teach is general filler, hearsay, easily found for free and of little actual value.

There’s nothing passive about any of that either. Even playing pretend is STILL a great deal of work and investment. Only it doesn’t add value to anyone’s life.

Real residual income, on the other hand, is earned by, for example, publishing a best-selling book. And unless you’re already famous, this is going to need some talent, time, and hard work.

Another example of residual income is through buying, selling, and renting out real-estate. You’ll need to take on large loans of course, which you’ll only qualify for if you have some money to start.

Or if you have a few cool million lying around, you could invest into 25-30 companies, and over the span of the next 10 years or so, one or two will be the next Uber. This is according to a real angel investor, who actually invested into Uber.

Or perhaps you’d like to build a startup and either take it public or sell it for a lot of money.

Aside from these options, the closest thing to “passive” income is a technology driven business. Technology has leverage built-in, and to some extent, you could benefit from less manual labour.

Most online businesses and affiliate marketing fall into this category.

You can’t skip work or investment. But it’s easier to get started, to start playing the game.

If you build it into an automated process, kind of like a machine…when you close the circuit, the whole thing goes on cruise control and you only need to find ways to maintain, fine-tune, and scale it.

Not exactly, passive income, just more leveraged.

Which is why i built the Super Traffic Machine the way i did. It helps you build this technology driven machinery that turns traffic into leads, leads into customers, and customers into repeat sales and revenue. And then you re-inject a portion of the revenue back into the machinery and so, over time, it grows into a self-sustaining business that requires less manual labour and when you’re making money, your money starts working for you.

Super Traffic Machine is offered as an eight month curriculum teaching you the exact steps and skills to build each component of your business machinery. It’s done this way for your own sake. Each component is built over the previous one, so having it delivered to you sequentially ensures you take action and don’t get overwhelmed before even starting.

Click the link below to learn more about the Super Traffic Machine…


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