The right traffic and niche to target

Affiliate marketers always feel like they don’t have much room in their advertising to be creative and reach new audiences.
I guess most don’t even want to anyway.
They’re married to the idea that you can take an existing success system, and ride it without building a dang thing.
Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.
Problem for most affiliates and network marketers is they are secretly dispassionate about their product. They aren’t really “into it”. But what if i could show you a way to really, genuinely feel good about what you’re selling?
A way that you wouldn’t feel like a fraud every time you try to write a follow-up email, post a blog entry, or push your products down someone’s throat on Facebook.
Would that help you earn more frequent commissions?
Let’s give it a whirl.
Here are two questions i’m always asked by my traffic students:
“Which niche is best to get into?”
“Which audience is best for my product?”
When someone asks these questions, i immediately know that they believe there is some predetermined “right answer” stereotype of the kind of person who is predisposed to buying their thing.
People are not predisposed to buying anything–you must “predispose” them.
McDonalds can’t guarantee that any low-waged, uneducated, single mother will be certain to buy a Big Mac–though they may target her.
Why wouldn’t she buy a salad, a steak, or a roast dinner instead?
She may well do that, and McDonalds would be foolish to assume that all low-waged, uneducated, single mothers would be the best audience for their Big Macs. Fact is, even wealthy, educated, married fathers enjoy a Big Mac.
Similarly, it would be silly for McDonalds to assume that the best traffic is all hungry people…since people choose to satisfy their hunger in different ways. And the same person may be in the mood for a Big Mac today and a salad tomorrow.
Your job as a marketer is NOT to seek out the best audience for a product.
Because there is no such thing.
Any single person on this earth could be a “best audience” member or a “worst audience” member on two different days.
A business’ job is to identify problems it cares about solving, target ANY crowd of their choosing, and then inspire them with this particular solution.
Meaning, the trick is not to find the right audience on Facebook, or the right keywords on Google to target…
It’s about understanding some arbitrary audience intimately, and then tailoring the right message that would excite them about your product…
…or the right message that would agitate the hole in their lives without your solution.
There is no brutal competition there. It’s an open playing field JUST for you.
My favourite example of this is the iPhone or the PC when they first arrived.
These products are some of the best selling products of all time. And yet, when they launched there was NO existing, “predisposed to buy” target audience for them.
They simply arrived on the scene, and told people, “I’m cool. Here’s some of what i can do for you”
People whose imaginations were inspired by the possibilities went ahead and got them…and now we can’t live without our iPhone or our PC.
Similarly, when you are an affiliate marketer, you don’t have to go after the same old tired old keywords and demographics with the same message as 1000’s of affiliates selling the same or similar products.
Instead, you want to focus on identifying the kind of people you understand best in the world. Better than most. (Details in Manual 1 of the Super Traffic Machine)
And once you know them, you tailor a message to their needs. (Details in Manual 3)
This is a cool story that makes the point…
Many years ago, a guy named David DeAngelo, a dating expert coached men and sold books online on topics of demystifying the woman.
Huge following of loyal fans.
One day, the real life guy behind the David DeAngelo character (Eben Pagan), decided he wanted to get into teaching internet marketing instead and launched a high end seminar on how to build a 100 million dollar empire.
The cost of admission was $10,000+…and he went with the impressive feat of pitching this seminar to his male dating prospects.
I remember he wrote a beautiful sales pitch to these guys, explaining how women want to date MEN, not boys. And being in business for yourself, being highly successful in business is a surefire way to grow up and become a man women want.
It was extremely inspiring and certainly highlighted the hole in these guys’ life.
(I used to be on his list because someone recommended i observe his marketing style)
There was no one in the world who would have been better at converting those dateless men than him. And his audience trusted him and looked up to him, so it was much easier for him than selling anything else to anyone else.
I probably do the story no justice in my summary…
it was a really long time ago so the details are sketchy in my mind. I just remember how much i admired the promotion.
Inspiring an audience to want what they don’t know they need is honestly way more fun and a lot easier than trying to find some magical niche that you will suddenly start selling out your affiliate products to. Against countless affiliates all doing the same thing.
I personally enjoy bringing products to you guys that i know you NEED but you don’t even know you want until i tell you about them.
There’s a method to doing all this effectively yourself.
You’ll find the details on pages 35-53 of the 4th User Manual of the DIY Super Traffic Machine.
In later sections of that manual, i even show you how to use a tool we developed for you that helps you mathematically calculate a PFI which tells you which is the IDEAL product to pitch your audience.
The product that if you would tell your people about, they’re going to buy effortlessly and you’ll make killer commissions.
Oh, what’s that?
You don’t have a list or don’t know who your audience is?
That’s covered in detail in the early part of User Manual 1.
For more details on everything in the amazing Super Traffic Machine, our proven step by step A to Z system to become a Super Affiliate by the end of the course…
…Click below and join in:

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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

Foremost Home Business traffic expert, Jim Yaghi is a Computer Scientist and Mathematician who used to build search engines for a living. At 16 he created a mildly popular social network and has been an online entrepreneur for over 15 years. In 2006 he rose to the #1 Affiliate rank in many Home Business programs (most notably Magnetic Sponsoring). Today he's best known for hatching the first industry-wide viral campaign to reach all major social networks, for hosting a top-10 Internet radio show for entrepreneurs, and for shattering industry sales records with his best-selling, easy-to-follow online marketing courses PPC Domination, PPC Supremacy, and Traffic KickStart.


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