The Pre-sell Page Dilemma

In response to my recent email entitled, “Sending traffic to a pre-sell page?”, a confused customer wrote asking…


“I am on the [Super Traffic Machine] volume 3. I started the chapter on the presale page. In your email today you explain it’s better to make [a] hybrid page. Shouldn’t I follow the instructions to create the presale page template explained in the volume 3?”


I apologise for the confusion…in particular, because more than one person seems to have been confused by what i said.

Briefly: YES, you SHOULD do the exercises in Module 3.

Module 3 of the Super Traffic Machine teaches you to write a presales page and my email from the other day seems to imply that presales pages don’t work (that’s not what i said though).

Let me begin by making an important distinction you may have missed in the earlier email:

Long-form sales presentations ( presales or sales pages) are a BAD idea when used as a LANDING PAGE.

But they are PERFECT when they are used in your follow-up strategy.

Here’s why…

From my experience, the long-form sales letter format which consists of primarily text, story-telling, and lots of explaining and selling, and pain agitation, and objection handling…that format is terrible at grabbing and keeping the attention of people unfamiliar with you, landing on your website for the first time.

When you’re paying for every click, as i often do, all my tests suggest that visitors RARELY get far enough down the page to even see the order button, let alone be sold and be ready to buy. Most get there, scroll a little, see it’s long, tedious, and boring…and they leave.

You’ve just wasted that click.

To avoid this, you need to present your offer briefly, and either:

(1) get a time extension with the visitor by making an offer to get them joining your mailing list where you can contact them repeatedly with your sales offer

(2) or, get to the point and just sell your product in a summarised, appealing visual format, designed for skimming and scanning…not full on concentrated reading.

There is a third option which gives you the best of both worlds, which i’ve named the HYBRID PAGE and it is the most effective page to use as a LANDING PAGE for your ads.

In this format, you present a small piece of information about your product and then give the visitor a choice between getting more info (by joining your mailing list) or buying now. Then you present another small piece of information, and give the choice again. This continues down the page with different aspects of the product and its sales pitch…and it’s done in a very visual, summarised format with minimal sales copy.

This format is perfect for first-contact. But i wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for follow-up because it doesn’t have enough detail for someone who needs it before they’re ready ot buy.

On the other hand, when you have someone on your mailing list and you’ve got multiple opportunities to connect with them, a long-form text-based sales letter, is an excellent way to package all the information about your offer in one spot that you can quickly reference in your follow-up.

Here’s a quick example from my own experience with promoting this month’s extras.

If you’ve read some of the earlier messages from this month and even last month, you saw me use up about 50% of the space in the email explaining the offer. And i had to do this in EVERY message.

It was tedious and long-winded and probably even annoyed my readers.

Earlier this month, i decided it was time to put all that information in one spot. So i created a dedicated page to explain all the extras in a nice structured format. Now i only need a paragraph at the end of my emails to point to that page and i can rely on it to do all the selling for me.

This is the exact benefit you can expect from learning to build a presales page as instructed in Module 3 of the Super Traffic Machine — OFFER.

A presales page is a bridge between your audience and the affiliate product you’re promoting.

Once you have this page, it becomes a simple reference that summarises your sales message so you’re not repeating the same information in every follow-up.

So to summarise, my answer is DO follow the instructions in volume 3 to create a presales page. You need it in Volume 7 – FOLLOW UP. But as you’ll discover in the Volume 5 – LEADS, nothing works better than a hybrid page to build a follow-up list and get customers simultaneously.

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