The idea that success in business is a random streak of luck…

Only an amateur thinks that.

Certainly, in business success, TIMING is a key element. You have to see the opportunity BEFORE anyone else does and then do something about it.

Take Steve Jobs or Bill Gates for instance. They were basically hobbyists, mucking around with CALCULATORS. Where others saw calculators, they saw personal computing devices.

IBM and other tech giants of the time LAUGHED at the idea that any normal person would ever have a need or use for the power of computing. After all, it’s in their name–International BUSINESS Machines. Computers took up entire rooms and did very boring tasks, only useful in big business context.

Same thing with tools and applications that we take for granted today.

Ecommerce, for example, virtual meetings, calls over the internet–heck there was a time when Email Communication in a business needed a sales pitch. I watched an entire interview with Steve Jobs describing his vision to a bunch of fascinated amateur journalists.

Until a few years ago, these might have been considered radical ideas. Today, it’s impossible to run our lives without them.

All these ideas centered around an opportunity bound in a TIME.

If you turned up now and wanted to innovate, you’d have to think way outside the box and you’d need to compete with much more players for the same slice of pie.

Consider the idea of eCommerce–which when it first came out was so revolutionary because hardly anyone would trust to buy something over the internet and even fewer people had the means to buy over the internet! Someone had to imagine the idea first, believe in it, and push forward with it to make it a thing.

Turn up today and think you’re gonna make a killing in eCommerce, doing something as mundane as selling books online?

Good luck!

Yeah, so i guess if you think people who succeed in business are lucky, you clearly have no idea how business works.

Now, i can’t tell you that affiliate marketing is a fresh, untapped opportunity. That ship has SAIILLLLLED.

We’ve been killing it for a couple of decades with the affiliate marketing thing.

Back when i started, you could take a bare naked affiliate link, use a link cloaker to make it appear to come from a new domain, and run Google Ads right to it.

Try doing that today and you’re fucked.

In fact, you might say, you’d be rather UNLUCKY.

But there’s still an opportunity to be had.

Because of the COVID pandemic, there are worldwide lockdowns and people are spending more time at home, and shopping online than ever.

Plus, people are turning to the internet to find solutions for EVERY kind of problem under the sun. From financial, relationships, and health to survival and self-improvement and learning new tools and languages…

…if you’re a man or woman of vision and you can read between the lines, you recognise we’re sitting on a goldmine here.

Now this — tapping into affiliate marketing with your expertise and know-how of whatever field you’re in — is a booming opportunity. And the best time to get started on this is NOW. There will never be a better time in history for you to take your specialization online and build an internet based business around that.

Super Traffic Machine shows you how.

You don’t need a huge investment to get started. You don’t need to have or build your own products. In fact, with our approach, you shouldn’t even need to worry about what to sell in the first place. We do things a bit differently from what you see elsewhere.

Like carving out a diamond, we carve out your niche based on your existing skills and knowledge, and then we help you assemble products based on that, using our unique step by step process.

Super Traffic Machine helps you open up to opportunities you didn’t know existed.

And once your machine is built and you turn on the traffic knob and start making money from it…

… others looking at your success, jealous, might pin it down to luck.

But you’d know better

If that’s the kind of “luck” you need more of, and you’re willing to take massive action, click the link below to order your first kit of the Super Traffic Machine today:

Plus, if you subscribe before the end of the month, i’ll send you an extra manual containing the highlights from last month’s Business Command Center presentation. As well as a video presentation showing you how to setup unlimited sending for millions of monthly emails cheaper than ANY other service anywhere online. We’ll show you how to get email marketing wholesale, right from the distributor.

But only if you subscribe before the 1st of March!


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