Out with the old and
in with the new.
What a wonderful idea. Now that Christmas and New Year
are over, retail merchants are getting ready to roll out the new year’s
models and fashions.
And they’re slashing
prices 50, 60, and 70% on the old stuff.
It’s the shopper’s
dream. Sales, sales, sales!
I was at the mall during the peak of the crazy and saw a perfect illustration of what I like to think I do very well in
here’s what happened…
I like a deal as
much as the next guy, but I freaking can’t stand shopping. Especially during “sales”
because everyone’s on top of each other and you can’t walk in a straight line
without stepping on a screaming child.
But the wife and I were bored at home and went for a gander.
Didn’t really find
anything worth buying, but we had a fun incident.
At one point we walked into this handbag store. And there’s
one item in particular my wife’s been obsessed with.
Except she doesn’t realize
how obsessed she is. You know how it is with shopping and women…they’re super
indecisive. like a kid in a candy store.
Every time we go to
the mall, the wife walks in to this handbag shop, looks at all the bags and
asks, one by one if I think this one might be better.
This time, immediately
on arrival, I said to the sales attendant, “Heya, we’re gonna take this bag. My wife
wants it.”
The sales attendant seemed
pleased at making a sale without trying.
But her expression
quickly changed when my wife wandered right past and turned into the indecisive
To comfort the
attendant, I said, “No, really she wants this bag. Trust me. She’s obsessed
with it.”
The attendant didn’t
believe me, so she followed us around and eventually asked my wife, “What do you have in mind?”
She responds, “Nothing
in particular.”
The attendant tried to show a new collection – my wife remained uninterested.
Frustrated, the
attendant asked, “What colour do you like?”
“I don’t know,” she
The sale was starting
to look hopeless. And the lady looked genuinely disappointed.
Suddenly, on the other side of
the shop, my wife picks up a handbag. The sales attendant leaps out from the corner and says, “Oh yes, this is a very popular piece, we’ve sold hundreds!”
My wife laughs, “That’s
sooo not what I want to hear.”
She drops the item with disgust and
we leave.
You shoulda been
there, it was hilarious. But the reaction my wife had was the lesson I want to
Guys like me, when we
see someone else wearing the same shirt, we’re like HEYYY cool dude, same shirt!
It’s a BONDING moment
even haha. I can see a new person in the street wearing my tshirt and rock up to him and be all,
hey dude what’s up! Nice shirt!
But not women.
Even though they love
to be fashionable (which i’m almost certain means “seen to follow popular style”), they HATE to find a
duplicate of the item they’re wearing on another gal. She’ll actually want to
poke a complete stranger’s eyes out…just for wearing the same dress she has at
Which i guess is what defines the fashion market and keeps women returning to stores to buy “new collections”.
Imagine if this is how
some people feel about having the same CLOTHES as another…
Why is it ok for one
BUSINESS to be like another?
Unfortunately, the
affiliate business model is a lot like the fashion market. It encourages people to keep buying the latest thing.
But they encourages this practice of “being the same” and use
it as a benefit to recruit new affiliates.
I TOTALLY hate the idea.
When a new affiliate program
launches, it’s like a “new collection” from a clothing store.
Suddenly everyone is
jumping on the bandwagon. This whole “social proof” thing kicks in…you look
everywhere, everyone’s promoting it. Must be good, right?
And people flock to it
by the hundreds.
no getting around this – if you’re going to be an affiliate marketer, you have
to accept at the outset that you’re not the exclusive affiliate of the
publisher’s product. Hundreds if not thousands of others are trying to sell to same
willing customers.
The easy customers, the
ones open to buying, the ones in the habit of buying such products, they’re
snatched up early by some other affiliate.
If you’re a late-joiner of an established program, you’re going to need some
actual skills to win sales and commissions.
And this is what our
DIY Super Traffic Machine spends an entire , very detailed manual helping you
get straight in your marketing.
Some of what you learn:
* How to re-create the mass-buying
scenario common to “new” affiliate programs…by “launching” a program that is old.
* How to create an
audience of your own that you won’t need to share.
* A way to make everything you do into a “signature” which is unique and immediately recognized
and admired!
* How to RE-FRAME any
product as a solution to ANY audience-need you like.
* How to hand-pick your customer
so you have an UNFAIR advantage against ANYONE trying to sell them anything.
And I mean, ANYTHING…from business opportunities to VACUUM cleaners.
There’s a ton just in
that first User Manual. It’s the first step of a Super Traffic Machine.
In fact, you can
literally use it to cheat “copy” every single bit of sales writing you will ever
do from that day forward. Except it’s a personal “cheat sheet”. Whether it’s for an ad, a landing page, an email, or
a sales page.
If this is the first
time you hear about the DIY Super Traffic Machine, it’s coming soon.
Here’s a link
where you can sign up with your email and grab a free PDF and get a preview of the Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit:
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Jim Yaghi

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