The Customer Is An Idiot

It’s not really a customer’s job to know the answer to their problem. That’s our job.

Yet, often in our market, we talk about identifying a customer’s needs and pains, offering solutions to their problems, and satisfying their every desire.

But this would make a fool of us marketers.

I’ve always maintained you should reel the customer in with what they want, then sell them what they need.


Somebody looking to lose weight might google, “ketogenic diet”. In doing so, they’ve biased the results to only see solutions based on what THEY THINK is the answer to their problem.

This doesn’t necessarily mean (1) that a keto diet is the right answer, (2) that it is the only answer, (3) or, that the customer wouldn’t be open to alternatives should they find them.

Their underlying problem is excess weight, not how to do a keto diet. And it’s our job to meet them where they’re looking, then show them why they’re wrong, and what our opinion of the correct solution is.

That’s the customer being an idiot. We have to show them how not to be.

Another way to look at it…

Imagine a patient, walking into the doctor and telling him what to prescribe. The doctor should never prescribe based on the patient’s demands. He should prescribe what the patient NEEDS.

Similarly, when people join my mailing list, they’re there for traffic advice, traffic courses, and traffic services. I’m the Google Ads guy, after all. But is that really what everyone NEEDS?


Years ago, I had a service called Done-For-You traffic where i offered to build custom traffic campaigns, ready for customers to run on their own. Problem is, about 90% of the time i’d get on the phone to get specs for their campaign…and AFTER they paid $2,000 for the service, i’d learn they didn’t even have a website! Many of them didn’t have a PRODUCT!

What do you want to send traffic to if you don’t have a website? How will you make money from the traffic if you have no idea what you’re selling?

What they wanted was a traffic campaign, but what they NEEDED was a website, a product, and a sales process to advertise. So it was my responsibility now to add those things to my offer and make them part of the deliverable.

See, customers express their WANT as a NEED. They don’t start by telling you their end goal, they tell you how they think they can reach their goal instead. And you’d be a fool to “scratch that itch.”

Ben Settle, years ago said, “Hey, you know what would be cool? Selling an email marketing newsletter.”

There was no such thing as “email marketing”. Back then, no one was saying “i need an email marketing specialist.” They said, “i need a copywriter” (to write a sales letter…and some copywriters threw in an email bundle as part of the deal). When Ben offered this, however, he found there was in fact a huge desire for this kind of training. He sold what people needed and some people recognised that this was COOL and useful, so they jumped on board.

You’ll find that all the most successful businesses in the world were not created to serve an existing market need. But when people saw the product they said HEY that’s COOL, i want that!

Think of the PC market, the smartphone market, or just about every popular social network…none of these products were created to scratch an itch. The customer didn’t know to ask for such solutions….until they saw these products, then they HAD to have them.

Recently you saw me with this cloud computing thing. I didn’t survey anyone or try to scratch an itch or solve a need in the market. In fact, if you’d asked about any of my colleagues if selling such a product in this market was a good idea, they would’ve told me i was nuts.

i went ahead and built the training anyway and sold it. People went NUTS for it…they absolutely loved it.

But ask any of the customers who bought and implemented this training, if ever they had wanted to or even expected to learn this from me…Few if any will answer yes.

Certainly, nobody in my audience was saying, “I’m paying a lot of money to all these services i use, i wonder how i can cut my costs by self-hosting everything in a WordPress website in the cloud?”

Nobody’s saying, “Clickfunnels is a piece of shit, the support is rubbish and i don’t like my customer data being held onto and controlled by other people, i wonder if there’s a way i can just DIY my own Clickfunnels clone?”

Yet when i released this training, people embraced it.

All because i know that it’s MY job to tell my customer what they NEED and to inspire them with the choices of solutions i can offer them.

With the Super Traffic Machine, you’ll learn to do the same. You’ll find people everywhere they’re looking…and you’ll learn to convince them that it would be stupid to buy anything from anyone other than you.

If you respect that trust, you’ll NEVER be poor again.

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