The case of the High Heels – A Sneaky Way to Create DESIRE

Are you
that’s what people think about marketers like you and me.
…it’s outright SCARY to see the lengths marketers go to get into their consumer’s
But there’s
nothing sinister about it.
For example…
The other
day, I went to meet a friend at a mall café.
The Dubai
Shopping Festival is going on right now. It’s an annual retail event that runs
for the whole month of January.
Every Dubai
business participates by offering sales, deals, specials, prizes, and so on.
People come
from all over the world to shop. Major luxury brands have been known to sell
their stuff for 70% off for the entire month.
Anyway, so I
asked my wife if she’d like to go check out some baby stuff while my friend and
I hung out at a café there. (She’s 7 months itno her pregnancy)
Soon after
my friend and I chose a café and ordered, the phone dings with a message.
It’s a photo of
a pair of very beautiful high heel shoes.
“What do
you think?” my wife writes.
“AMMMMAAaaaaaaZING…but it’s gonna be quite some time before you can
wear high heels, right?” i respond.
That was it for the rest of the evening until we met later.
She confides in me that at first she reluctantly walked
away from the shoes, thanks to my common sense reply.
But she
suddenly became overwhelmed with a sense of desperate need to turn back. She
turned around and almost robotically went in asking for her size to try.
No luck.
Her size
was sold out.
thing,” she said. “I was sure if I’d tried them on, I would’ve bought them no question. I KNOW it’s stupid. I can’t wear them but i can’t explain what came over me. I loved them so much.”
Later that
night, I had a phone-meeting with a coaching client of mine–a nice lady doctor
who’s working (coincidentally) on a website for expecting mothers.
We are planning her flagship product, the first and most important product she’d be selling
to her traffic.
And I have this strategy I’ll tell you about briefly…that almost
GUARANTEES customers will buy the product before we put pen to paper to create
See, I’m a
marketer, no different from the guys at the mall–
I just want
to sell products people need to have.
To do this, we had to get DEEP into
her prospect’s head.
this is a trick I learned from my friend Ben Settle–an insanely smart businessman
and copywriter.
The basic
idea is that we create the sales pitch BEFORE we create the product.
This is the
reverse of what most people do–they build a product they THINK people want. Then they try to sell it.
with the approach is that if the market turns out to NOT want your product,
then the best sales pitch in the world won’t sell it. And you’ve just wasted a WHOLE lot of time on a flop.
Instead, we
plan a draft sales pitch for a non-existent, yet PERFECT product…
magical, the stuff of fairytale and fantasy.
…the magic pill that once swallowed
gives people an immediate solution to all their problems without any pain.
(Isn’t that
we all secretly want?)
This is so that we have a good target to shoot for.
Next, we try
to either create or source that product (or something close to it).
Once that
real product exists, it’s the closest “REAL thing” to the
fantasy the audience want.
At this
point, we go back and revise the sales presentation, tone down the promises,
and bring them back to reality before we go live with the sales pitch.
The result
is an EXCITING, tempting product that your audience WANT desperately…matched with an excellent sales pitch that can’t fail to sell it.
So you see,
I was doing this very exercise with my client.
And I was
showing her how to write some ludicrous promises–how to translate every need
into a benefit promising a secret desire of the customer, how to inject believability into every
point, and so on.
I look
over, and I see my wife giving me some seriously DISAPPROVING looks.
I knew
exactly what she was thinking.
“This be
some evil shyt!”
When I got
off the call, i felt the need to explain…
“Wife,” I said. “You only think this evil
because it’s a little freaky how we seem to read our consumer’s mind…
“Know them better than they know themselves…
“And understand their secret desires, hopes,
and fantasies…
“And we do all this without them even breathing
a word about themselves.
“But isn’t that the same thing that happened
to you in the mall with the shoes? Didn’t they know your secret desires without talking to you?”
She was
Truth is, every
time YOU ever bought anything…every time you’ve felt you MUST have it…
It’s no accident.
Someone put a lot of thought and energy into creating that emotion.
And what’s scary to realise is that buying isn’t even really your choice.
Someone made you WANT.
about being on the consumer end of the equation…you’re a marketer. So how do
YOU get that kind of insight into your customer, so you can get them to want what you sell?
Two words:
This training shows you how to find out what your audience REALLY wants–not just what
they think they want, or what they tell you they want–but what they REALLY
Through two simple actions: what
they search for, and what they opt-in to.
Once you
have that kind of insight, you can be in your web visitor’s head. And you can sell
them ANYTHING and they’ll just somehow “want” it.
To learn
more, read here:

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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

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