Tearing Direct Response Dogma To Ribbons

When i started out in internet marketing, the direct response crowd spewed the same shit all day long:

“Oh, don’t waste the top of the page!”

“Logos and navigation bars are stupid!”

“Get straight to the headline!”

At first glance, they have an argument. Most people will ignore your logo – hell, they’re pretty much blind to it.

But you keep it there nonetheless.


Because it lets them know they’re part of a consistent experience. They’re still on your website, in the same place they entered.

And if you’ve done it right, your website answers every question your customers have while directing them to make a purchase.

For instance, if somebody lands on your sales page and clicks on your navigation bar instead of your primary call to action (aka buying your shit), they could opt into your mailing list.

They might not buy off the bat, but they might do later when they’re wooed by your email marketing efforts.

My point is, navigation is not the enemy. It helps answer the questions on your prospect’s mind when he sees your landing page, before he’s ready to opt in or buy.

Rather than thinking of your landing page experience as a way to FORCE a decision: “Either buy or fuck off!”…think of it as offering them better alternatives to “fucking off” by hitting the back button…which they’ll do 90+% of the time. They have some questions that your landing page isn’t answering. Think of your navigation bar as a way to answer some really common questions.

If you’re wondering, “Yeah, but then how do i guarantee they come back to buy/fill my opt-in form after i gave them some choices to navigate away?”

Think of it this way: You were never guaranteed to convert them and they were probably lost any way. But if you could get any ratio of them to convert, and you just paid for their click…why the heck not?

Plus there’s all kinds of really clever ways to get them back into your funnel, even if they navigate away.

For instance, a good navigation item to have is an “About Page”. Once you’ve told them about your business, if you end with, “contact us”, “explore our range” or “subscribe here for more information,” that’s another way to get them back into your selling process.

What about a “Contact Us” page…That’s a common page visitors to a site check out before buying. Why hide your contact information?

Give them a phone number, mailing address, email address, contact form – anything!

These are just some of the many ways you can plan in advance and ensure every visitor who navigates away, after they have their questions answered, you can pull them back into your sales process.

I dedicate an entire module to building a website that keeps customers in your sales process inside the Super Traffic Machine.

It’s a masterclass in building a site that has your customers take the actions YOU want them to take while answering questions that’ll spring up along the way.

Get involved here:

Now, creating a website is one thing, but creating a website that ROARS like a high-performing turbo engine pumped full of kerosene?

That’s a whole different kettle of fish.

This is why I’ve created the “Sleeping Giant” video course you’ll get FOR FREE in addition to the Super Traffic Machine.

With what you learn in this extra video course, your website will be ready to take on sudden surges in traffic, without missing a SINGLE sale…while other websites will buckle under such pressure and crash.

Find out more at the link below, where you’ll get this bonus for FREE with the Super Traffic Machine until March 31st:

After that – and no later – the cost skyrockets to $997 and becomes part of an almost $3000 package.

We’re past the halfway mark now – time’s ticking away.


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