tea with a Syrian merchant


On Eid, a friend invited me to barbecue with his in-laws.

That day, i learned a rule anyone can follow to multiply their startup business capital. Here’s what happened…

His father-in-law had a dominant presence. He sat in his chair like an old mafia boss.

But he was no boss.

He was a merchant. With lots of stories to share, full of wisdom and street knowledge you won’t learn from books or degrees, only by doing time in the souq.

While you and i spent our childhoods in school, he was raised by the market, working for other merchants in their shops.

At one point in the evening, with full bellies, the men sat around the fire, sipping tea, talking. The merchant retold a bit of advice shared with him by an older, wiser merchant.

The older man said to the younger,

“If you are honest in your dealings with customers and you pay your bills, debts, and employees on time, you will work with 10 times your capital.”

“You mean in barakah, right?” I interrupted, thinking i knew where his story was going.

Barakah means blessing in Arabic…Muslims believe that if you are honest and fair with matters of money, and you give charity to those in need, God multiplies your blessings in ways you cannot comprehend. It may be in good fortune, in health, in children, in money, or in some combination of these.

That is NOT what he meant.

The advice was meant to be taken literally.

The young Syrian merchant listened to the older one, and when he opened his own shop later, he adhered to this advice. He made a point to always pay his vendors on time. He was honest with his customers. He paid his employees what they were owed. He honoured his deals.

“Even if it meant i took food away from my own family’s mouths and they would go hungry…if i agreed to pay someone on a certain date, i paid on that date. No excuses,” he said.

Soon he found that his NAME was like a blank cheque.

Vendors would give him products to sell on credit. Meaning he did not need to pay for anything up front. He would get the product, sell it, repay its value to the vendor who gave it to him (perhaps weeks later), and keep the profit. This amounted to working with more capital than he actually had.


The “holy book” of business, Rich Dad, Poor Dad advises to “pay yourself FIRST”. Kiyosaki’s rich dad reasons that debt collectors and people to whom you owe bills will never forget to chase you for their money. So if you don’t make a point to pay yourself, no one will remind you. Thus, you should take your share first before anyone else takes theirs.

It IS a valid point of view.

But also therein lies a fundamental flaw in the modern idea of wealth building and how we rationalise bad, immoral behaviour…as long as it makes money.

Look. If you owe a bill, it is because you agreed with some person or entity they will front you some product or service AND you will pay for it on a schedule. Presumably you made the agreement because you needed their service, and presumably, you would have used and benefited from it. So the expectation to pay as per the agreement is neither a shock nor a surprise.

It is only fair.

Even if your deal is with a big “evil” corporation. Should you have a problem with their size or predisposition to evil, don’t do business with them. Get your service from a company you like, or if you can survive without it, don’t subscribe at all.

Corporations have employees (regular people) and bills of their own to pay. They count on you and other customers paying your bills in full and on time to meet their obligations and to continue to provide their services.

Similarly, if you have employees or contractors, they rely on your on-time payment. They have commitments. They did not sign up to share in your risk. So if your business is having some troubles, that is not their problem.

You find a way and you pay them.

Most importantly, you deal honestly with your customers or potential customers.

Too many internet marketers are so wrapped up in making a buck they will try any trick they hear. They never think to question its integrity or its source.

The primary success strategy of gooroos is to screw over everyone they deal with. Yet, they’re celebrated for it, because they’re, you know, “successful”…so they must know what they’re doing, and if they’re doing it, it can’t be wrong.

Can it?

While they might enjoy LARGE success doing shady stuff, they call “ninja tactic” or “hack”, all that bad joojoo eventually bites them in the arse.

I’ve seen it happen first hand. Millionaire empires get shut down, literally overnight because of some Google algorithm change.

And Google isn’t the bad guy here. (although such types will curse and blame Google for their troubles). It’s the people who run their business with the attitude of, “everything goes, as long as it makes a buck.”

Google is interested in making money from advertisers, but they’re also interested in protecting their own reputation, so users continue to use their services and they get to keep selling advertising…

…and they’re interested in protecting their own ass from legal repercussions.

So when Google enforces their advertiser guidelines and policies, they’re stopping you from being misleading, from tricking users, and from selling things that are not legal.

If you find yourself with disapproved ads, it’s not because Google (or your ad platform of choice) is being a dick. It’s because you’re not following the rules. You’re misleading people. You’re advertising unethically or illegally. Even if you don’t mean it, you probably learned those tricks from someone who DID mean it.

And it doesn’t end with account closure.

There are some SERIOUS consequences to these short-lived big wins. I’ve personally known of people who lost their families, children, friends, and colleagues after they stopped making money. I have known some who turned to drugs. I have heard of others who were imprisoned.

Dishonest advertisers will not change their bad business practices. They simply move their shady marketing from one ad platform to another.

Whichever platform not yet mature to detect rule breakers, and enforce their rules properly.

When Google first started kicking bad actors off years ago, shady marketer types moved to Bing ads. When they got shut down there, they moved to Facebook. Recently, they’ve started to rediscover YouTube ads (as if they were new, or as if they were somehow separate from Google Ads lol). Video is harder to automatically review than text, so until a few months ago, Google seemed pretty relaxed on YouTube ad reviews. Recently, however, as more of these baddies scramble to get their grubby paws on, Google has starting to crack down.

This is no way to build a stable business you can be proud of, that can support your family today and for many years to come, and that leaves a legacy after you’re gone.

You think Google hates affiliate and internet marketers?


Google hates advertisers who tell untruths about their products. It hates advertisers who lure their users into ponzi schemes.

You want Google (or Bing, or Facebook) to send hoards of traffic to your business, consistently?

Then sell ethically. Don’t rely on the marketing of these bad actors who are using you and letting you take all the risk while they enjoy the benefits.

Figure out what you can genuinely promise, then deliver that with excellence.

It’s what we teach in the Super Traffic Machine program.

You build, with complete step by step instructions, an affiliate marketing business that can run on Google unhindered. When your business is founded on truthfulness and honesty you grow. You get MORE trust, deals, and collaborations. Your results are lasting and consistent.

Google traffic is limitless and it’s not optional to have a business without a presence there.

And it’s easy when you do it the Yaghi way.

Click the link below and subscribe to the Super Traffic Machine….


Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

Foremost Home Business traffic expert, Jim Yaghi is a Computer Scientist and Mathematician who used to build search engines for a living. At 16 he created a mildly popular social network and has been an online entrepreneur for over 15 years. In 2006 he rose to the #1 Affiliate rank in many Home Business programs (most notably Magnetic Sponsoring). Today he's best known for hatching the first industry-wide viral campaign to reach all major social networks, for hosting a top-10 Internet radio show for entrepreneurs, and for shattering industry sales records with his best-selling, easy-to-follow online marketing courses PPC Domination, PPC Supremacy, and Traffic KickStart.

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