Sex Sells…Itself Short

The other night I watched a sales page video that left me with my mouth unhinged.
In it, Haley Milano, a very young woman in a tight black dress, is perched on a chaise and talks about how she is living the life of her dreams after …
Haley Milano's Stripped Down Profits Sales Video on Clickbank
…implementing a system that she hardly had to touch for it to bring in thousands of dollars in a matter of days.
As she tells you her sultry and steamy story, she shares that she really struggled to make ends meet and couldn’t afford to pursue her education.
She was down to eating Ramen noodles and running out of cash FAST.
On the ill advice of a friend, she settled for the one job she considered a last resort.

She became a stripper at a “Gentleman’s Club.”

She goes on to share that she knew absolutely nothing about Internet marketing, nor did she care to learn anything about it even though many of her clients were rich young men in the industry who showered her with THOUSANDS of dollars whenever they visited the club.
Clearly she was intrigued as to how they made so much money.
During one heavy night of partying, she claims she recorded one of her clients on video partaking in drugs and other dancers.
She used that against him so he’d show her how to get rich and get her out of the stripper lifestyle. She threatened to show his wife the video if he refused.

With that one act of blackmail, this mystery businessman had a CD delivered to her mailbox and it was this very CD that somehow provided her with the “magic button” that allowed tons of cash to start rolling in.

Is it true that sex sells? Yes, but not literally.
Just the very idea of something sexual is alluring and intriguing, and it’s a power that we should leverage very carefully.
As women, we seem to just have this innate ability to tap into our mystique and use it to our advantage.
I very much wanted to rip into this Haley character, but a few things needed to be considered and acknowledged first:

  1. Someone who thought HE was clever marketed this character, and I should not assume that Haley is a real person.
  2. There were a few glitches in her story that helped me to realize that she was in fact a representation of a certain type of woman and not necessarily a real person representing herself.

The video opens with this line:

“Surprised to see a woman on one of these? I thought you might be.”

That was the first indicator that perhaps the marketers behind this character were missing out on a huge niche that has been around for quite some time. Women have been in business for DECADES!!!!, and if you’ve been attending enough webinars and joining enough organizations, you are aware that women are a POWERFUL and INFLUENTIAL business force.
Most women are carefully choosing the way in which they want to represent their business prowess. Some know how to be PROVOCATIVE without being INDECENT. They know how to EXCITE without REVEALING too much of what they have to offer.
Haley attempts to speak for a niche that hungers for an easier way of doing things, and it might be safe to say that the strategies she represents are a bit misdirected. She makes it clear that she’s not quite enthralled or informed about hosting, search engine optimization, blogging, web site construction, or any of that stuff that thousands of women are currently leveraging to great success for their home businesses.

As cute as it is, I can tell that this character could not have been created by a savvy business woman

She represents an underlying assumption that women can’t be bothered or troubled to know how to do all that “internet marketing stuff.” Therefore, they should considering using Haley’s super affordable system. She claims she started it up and when she walked away to take off her makeup, it was already earning her a bunch of money.

“I’m the luckiest and unluckiest girl you’ll ever meet.”

Business women know that luck has very little (practically nothing) to do with success. It’s all about choice.
After her stint as a stripper, Haley claims that she’s found a more dignified way to earn money. But I caught her in a huge contradiction. She gained access to the system by blackmailing a man first. This character CHOSE to be a stripper and she CHOSE to blackmail her way to money.
Whoever created the sales video (and i have a hard time believing it was a woman who did such a horrific thing) missed several huge marks in their attempt to represent what it means to be a woman who can leverage her sex appeal to gather attention.
Being an attractive and successful business woman takes more than just looking pretty in a tight dress and heels. It will only take you as far as Haley got while she was relying on her sexy looks to get all those hundred dollar bills as a dancer (and trust me, she’s not shy about sharing that with us).
When it comes to business, if you’ve got looks, then you’ve definitely got people’s attention. But you can’t stop there.
Haley had nothing to offer in terms of personal development and genuine strategy, and those are things that business women heavily rely on when they build business relationships with clients and colleagues.
The marketer(s) who thought up the idea of Haley as some ideal and alluring woman could have taken things a little further, but they maintained a rather ominous and depressing position in making Haley’s character sort of 2-dimensional.

Basically, she came off as a gold-digging, superficial tramp.

She may not be either of these things.
However, in this or any business, that’s an image we can’t afford. We already face tons of criticism even when it is undeserved.
We should never have to feel guilty about leveraging our good looks to get attention, but we’re always going to need a little more to keep our heads above the water.
We need to consistently churn out role models who look fabulous, know that they are sexy, and deliver 100 times more with some serious and respectable notions of becoming supportive, intelligent, emotionally healthy women who demonstrate agreeable values even in the most difficult life moments.
My best wishes to Haley. I hope that her REAL business idea, the one where she wants to create designer handbags and purses, really works out for her and that she continues to enjoy the walnut pancakes made for her every Monday by her personal chef.


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