It’s crazy, right?

With foreheads glued to the screen of their laptops, millions of Home Business owners sit around wasting away waiting for that little email that says:

“dude, you made a commission”

Don’t worry, that email is not coming.

Just recently, however, a story broke about someone who DID “get the email”. Its subject line probably went something like this:

“Dude, you’re getting 105 MILLION Pounds over the next 6 years!”

24 years old.

He was just bought from his old “program” for £80 million. The 24-year-old is receiving a whopping £9.5 million his first year with the new people. And like that’s not enough, he’s been promised a further 25% pay rise in each of the following five years of his deal. Amounting to… (gasp!) £556,000 a week in the final year.

Crazy. How can one man be worth so much money?

Now, I know this is an intensely debated subject, even more so when the economy is crumbling before our very eyes. While the masses are struggling to meet payments and put fuel in their cars so you’re probably either unimpressed or scrambling over to Clickbank to look for the affiliate program that pays out that much to 24-year-olds.

And if you were planning to look them up, the keyword to search for is “Real Madrid” because they’re the ones shelling out the dough (you won’t find them on Clickbank either).

WHY? Why would Real Madrid pay so much money for some kid who kicks a ball around all day?


Since Ronaldo burst onto the scene almost 10 years ago, he has went from strength to strength, winning award after award and when he steps out onto the grass, he does things with a football that make most shake their heads in disbelief. He entertains millions. He often single-handedly wins games for his team.

Oh, and how can we forget, there’s the small matter of millions upon millions worth of sales in merchandise sold from the notoriety he builds around himself.

Ronaldo is a walking BUSINESS asset.

But, really? Is one man really worth that much money?

Hell Yea!!! He is one of a kind.

Now I wonder, what would happen to Ronaldo’s value if there were another million just like him?

Would he still be so special?

Would anyone pay money to “buy” him?

Would he be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds a week?

People are desperate to pay £80 Million for some ball-kicking PLAYER, but they refuse to spend even 20 pounds with Home Business affiliates.


Put simply, there is nobody else on the planet who can do what Christiano Ronaldo can do, and because of this, he has been recognised as the best player in the world and an asset that clubs all over the world are desperate to get their hands on.

On the other hand, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc is available to everyone.

While millions of eager Home Business owners will sit bashing the keyboard telling everyone about this awesome business they’re involved in…everyone else is doing the same thing.

The exact same thing: The exact same systems, promoting the exact same websites, and running the exact same ads, selling the exact same products.

Get where i am going with this?

There is no intrinsic value in being a system user or an affiliate marketer or a network marketer.

Instead of teaching people and pretending to be an expert on something you’re not so you can sell a product that doesn’t belong to you and probably bores your customers as much as it bores you….Why not find your own passions, experience, and expertise? Then base your business on it.

Sell something you ARE an expert at.

Good news is, there is only one of you. And the years you spent mastering your hobby or your trade are your secret advantage in a market place. Few can compete with it.

So with a couple brain cells and a touch of creativity, you can take yourself out of the ‘as everyone else’ category, and contribute your own real world value. A value that you have inside you by being who you are.

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