Traffic Consultant Retainer Agreement (Expert – Temporary)

Service Type:
Team Lead Level:

10+ years Experience

Engagement Basis:

Up to 2 Service Hours per Month


or until agreement is terminated by either party


$USD 200
Billed monthly on the   of every month until cancelled

“By clicking the pink button, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms of service outlined below.”


By clicking the button and completing the form above, you (THE CLIENT) have retained YaghiLabs (THE SERVICE PROVIDER) to proceed with traffic and marketing consulting services for the period beginning and ending , and you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

II. Obligations

This agreement secures THE SERVICE PROVIDER’s services, when THE CLIENT requires them. THE SERVICE PROVIDER agrees to devote up to [HOURS] HOURS per month on consulting, planning, and or implementing tasks agreed upon or requested by THE CLIENT via electronic mail (email).

Payment for SERVICE PROVIDER’s services will be made pro-rata in advance of SERVICE PROVIDER’s engagement, at the rate of [PRICE] per month and will be paid in advance no later than the [BILLING-DAY] day of each month that this agreement is in force.

Unused hours are neither rolled over to the next billing period nor are they refunded. THE SERVICE PROVIDER, however, guarantees THE CLIENT the agreed upon hours as needed, throughout each month.

Services in excess of the agreed upon [HOURS] hours per month will be made available by SERVICE PROVIDER at the rate of $500 per hour and shall be billed separately. Other expenses are exclusive of retainer or billable hours and are not included in this agreement and will be billed separately by their respective vendors. Examples of such expenses are: Advertising costs paid to Google or other advertising providers, vendors to whom work outside the scope of SECTION III is outsourced (eg, complex design or programming tasks).

III. Service Description

Services provided to THE CLIENT divide into two categories; primary and secondary.

Primary services require full implementation by SERVICE PROVIDER and relate to all tasks inside the advertising platform. Implemented work includes: (1) designing ad copy, (2) targeting keywords, websites, behaviours, and audiences, and (3) tracking, managing, and optimising advertising spend, within THE CLIENT’s allocated budget.

Secondary services include advice, planning, and brainstorming particularly in areas of conversion, sales, and revenue maximisation. SERVICE PROVIDER is required only to advise on these matters. At THE SERVICE PROVIDER’s own discretion, THE SERVICE PROVIDER may occasionally implement simple tasks of the following types: (1) technical, (2) landing page and web design, and (3) writing or editing of email or sales copy.

IV. Termination

This agreement may be terminated at any time by either CLIENT or SERVICE PROVIDER, explicitly and in writing or by default in the case of non-payment.

All materials furnished by THE CLIENT will remain the property of THE CLIENT and will be returned upon request or no more than 10 days from the termination of this agreement. The result of any and all work performed by SERVICE PROVIDER for THE CLIENT including captured leads, creative copy, planning documents, will also remain the property of THE CLIENT. THE CLIENT may use this material in any way deemed appropriate.

THE CLIENT agrees that if cancellation of this agreement is initiated by THE CLIENT, all payments made to SERVICE PROVIDER before termination is non-refundable, including any unused hours. On the other hand, if THE SERVICE PROVIDER ends the agreement, THE SERVICE PROVIDER will credit THE CLIENT any unused hours of the retainer at the rate of $100 per unused hour. SERVICE PROVIDER shall make a reasonable attempt to finish work in progress.

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