Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit

Designed for Affiliates and Network Marketers, the Super Traffic Machine is a Do-It-Yourself Kit to put together a BEAST of a web marketing machine. This course adopts the view that a “super affiliate” is not a traffic hobbiest, but rather a full-fledged business with a proper brand and reputation to maintain.

It is made up of the following 8 monthly modules:

    1. Brand Plan:

      In this module you will determine your audience, brainstorm their pains and needs, figure out your unique selling proposition, and what features and benefits you can offer to attract and communicate with this audience, and a cool name for your brand. In addition, you will plan your budget, set goals, and create projections and get ideas on where to get funding if you need it.

    2. Website:

      In this module, you will develop your online presence from scratch including designing a logo, registering a domain name, creating a personalised email address, identifying your brand colours, designing your website with your brand colours and fonts, and writing all the critical pages required to advertise successfully including legal pages. You will receive custom YaghiLabs tools we built for our students along with a developer license and instructions on how to outsource technical custom work cheaply and successfully.

    3. Offer:

      In this module you will learn to plan and write a pre-sales page from scratch, step by step with all the key ingredients that will ensure its success at converting leads into commissions. A pre-sales page is a simple and short page used as a bridge between your audience and the publisher’s sales page. It fixes the gaps in the publisher’s often flawed sales pitch. The principals you learn in this module can be easily extended to writing full fledged sales letters. Also in this module, you will learn creative packaging approaches for affiliate and network marketing products such as bundling and plan alternative approaches to produict “development” without actually developing any products.

    4. Product:

      In this module, you learn a scientific approach to choosing a product that closely fits your offer. You research multiple products and score them based on crucial criteria that helps determine both profitability and fit. Upon finishing this module, you should have chosen an ideal affiliate product to sell your audience. You also learn how to tweak your pre-sales page to better fit your final choice of product.

    5. Leads:

      In this module you will design and develop a page that captures leads for you. You will learn about two types of lead capture pages: one is the simplest for a beginner and it is reasonably effective, and the other is more complex but highly effective at getting qualified leads. You will receive tools to help with the technical aspects of the page creation and you will wire your pages up to a contact management solution so that the page is fully functional at the end of the module.

    6. Customers

      In this module you will write an effective Welcome Page; this page is seen immediately after a successful purchase by one of your leads and ensures a frictionless transition from lead to customer. In addition, you will learn several techniques to capture customer leads from your product Publisher so you can a) track them against your traffic efforts and b) follow-up with them to sell related products and increase your earnings from your traffic.

    7. Follow-Up

      In this module you will build a Thank You email for new leads, a Welcome email for new customers, and develop a regular email writing schedule to turn more leads into customers. You will learn several step by step  approaches to produce follow-up content that increases trust with customers and their response with their wallets.

    8. Traffic

      In this module you will learn about a variety of traffic methods including organic, social, PPC, banner and display ads, video ads, etc. Additionally, you will learn how to repurpose your email as content for your website to generate more leads from organic traffic. You will learn step by step how to create and manage your first Google Ads campaign using a unique approach that generates plenty of qualified traffic, for a low cost, and with minimal maintenance on your part.

Your kit is physically delivered to your doorstep and it includes everything you need to become the Top Distributor and the #1 Super Affiliate in your program.

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$199 / month

$199 / month


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