The Vital Step: PPC Keyword Research

There is no doubt that PPC keyword research is the most important part of the pay-per-click marketing approach. If you do not find profitable keywords that have low competition and are high in demand, you will not be able to achieve adequate success. It does not matter how good your ads are or how high you set your budget, if you do not have good keywords the rest of your campaign is thrown out of the window.

Therefore, you must take extra care when choosing keywords for PPC advertising, and follow a few tips and recommendations to ensure your chances of failure are minimal. The first thing you need to do is ensure you have the right mindset. You need to contemplate how long this procedure will take, and if this is the first time, it will take a while. You must perform it well after all, so you cannot possibly rush it. As soon as you get this in your head, and are convinced it will take a while, you can begin researching keywords.

Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool, or an equivalent, and enter your main keyword on the main topic you are covering. Sort the keyword ideas that pop up by order of demand. Now, keep your eyes open for a high demand keyword that has low competition. These scenarios might be rare to come across, depending on your situation, but they are out there.

Once you have at least three or four keywords that have good potential, it is time to acquire any other keywords that have high amounts of demand and competition. You need to maximize your exposure, and as long as you select keywords that are relevant to your website, you will be fine.

No keywords should be off-topic in any way, shape, or form; otherwise it could hurt your overall advertising score in a very harmful way. When this occurs, it will continue to drop your ad down the placements. Also, do not be afraid of keyword phrases or long tail keywords. These are two to five words long, and can often provide efficient results.

If you are selling a product or service, make sure you throw some “buy” and “purchase” words in with the keywords. People that enter such words are actually serious about buying the product or service, so you need to provide it to them by using that keyword. Really, PPC keyword research is just about providing the visitor with what they want.

When you have a fairly sized keyword list created, you are going to need to set your bid limit for each keyword separately. Remember, if you are a new advertiser you are going to have to raise the stakes a bit. A dollar or more is not uncommon to pay, and this is to get your ad to show up a lot, while also increasing your advertising score.

Lastly, consider investing in a keyword spying tool such as PPC Bully. This product is an installable bar that displays the keywords your competitors are using, which means less work for you. Whatever the case, ensure you perform PPC keyword research well, for the rest of your campaign is dependent on it.


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