How To Set Up A PPC Campaign

Pay per click or PPC campaign is an essential component of any winning marketing campaign on the internet. A paid advertising form, it involves selecting a keyword group and writing text ads that lead to a landing page around those keywords. The ads are placed with search engines so that they appear to visitors who are making keyword related searches. Every time a visitor clicks on the ad, a particular amount is charged to the advertiser’s campaign.

PPC campaigns are designed to attract specific and quality traffic. The keywords that have been selected helps narrow down visitors to qualified people who are already interested in the product or service being advertised. These are more likely to become buyers, subscribers or leads.

Cost per click advertising can become very costly and the management of your ads and campaigns can be time consuming. The first step in PPC ad management is to choose a range of keywords that are closely related to your product or service. Use a good keyword tool to find these words, and dig deeply so that you have an extensive list.

Now, group your chosen keywords so they are in smaller and closely related groups. Write an ad for each set of keywords, and these ads will make up your campaign. Using a tightly related smaller group of keywords for each ad you write is much more effective that having a wide range of keywords.

By using keyword tools you can quickly find out what the advertising costs are for your chosen keywords. Determine how much you are willing to pay per click, and set your maximum cost per click for each keyword. It’s probably better not to pay top price, because you will be bidding against established businesses and it can become quite expensive.

As your ad campaign runs, keep a close watch on which keywords or phrases are attracting the most clicks, for a particular ad. Remove any poorly performing keywords. At the same time, note which are actually bringing in clicks that convert to buyers. You may want to up your bids on keywords that attract a high number of clicks.

Another important step in your PPC campaign management is to watch which ads are performing best for you. You will likely find that certain ads and groups of keywords will attract more clicks. Sometimes this is due to the ad’s wording. Other times it depends on how related the destination page is to the text of the ad. Keep a close watch on which ones convert to sales.

Use available tools or services to manage and track results in your individual ads and your campaigns. Several are available, some web-based that charge a fee monthly, and others that are software you install on your computer. These tools are essential in tracking ad and keyword performance and determining conversion factors. If you have several campaigns running, these services or programs will not only save you time, but will boost your overall productivity.

Before you start a PPC campaign, do some deep research. Which search engines will you choose? Some charge less per click for the same keywords. Others reach a greater audience. What is important is to manage all your online advertising carefully, using the best tools to set up and track results. This way, you avoid depleting your financial resources, and instead bring in new business and income.


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