Open Letter To Aspiring Bloggers

When you first starting writing a blog, you have to get really REAL with yourself.
You’re going to need to write a first entry and you have to realize a few things as you start:
1.      It does not have to be perfect at all. In fact, allow it to suck.
2.      It’s only your first entry, relax!
3.      Things always get better with age and practice.
With that said, I would recommend a few things about how to start off as a blogger, even if your goal is to get some attention to your business.
First off, you want to be where there is already a community of bloggers and the platform allows for some exposure to your writing.
Secondly, don’t hesitate to include images with your posts so that you stimulate the senses.
And Finally, write what you know to be true and start building a genuine connection with other readers.
A lot of this advice seems so obvious, I know, but whenever I open up a new blog, I stress out a little when writing my first entry.
I worry about whether it’s good enough, but then soon remember that it doesn’t even matter if it’s good enough. I just matters to get past that first God-awful entry so I can move on to the really good stuff.
And the length of each one can vary. Your blogs don’t all have to run on and on for paragraphs at a time. You can sneak in a few sentences to maintain some relevancy, even if all you want to do is share an idea you had that day.
I love blogs that link up to my Smart Phone. I love being able to take a picture of something happening in my neighborhood and upload it with some accompanying text all through my cellular phone. Some free blogging platforms let you do that after you download the related app for that blog. For example, if you’ve been reading me, you know I’m really into Tumblr, and I’ve downloaded an app for it that lets me send out pictures, video, audio, and links when I’m not at my computer.
But I digress. Let’s get back to how you’re going to write that first entry.
You can cop out and say something like, “Hey all! It’s my first time here blah blah blah.” I mean, why not? It really is your first time.
Or get right down to the nitty gritty. Did you have a horrible day? What happened? Or maybe you had a really excellent meal at a new restaurant in town and you want everyone to know that you nearly lost your mind on some delicious, mouthwatering foie gras after the waiter told you what’s in it.
If you’re a business savvy person, think about this:
There are already a ton of people out there who are offering advice on how to run businesses. They are sharing tips and strategies, and while that’s all fine and you can do the same, the important thing to keep in mind is “How can I share the same information but with my own spin?”
How can you share that same info to people but make it all your own?  See, that’s the thing about a lot of knowledge. It’s all really the same, if you think about it. But some writers and bloggers out there are offering their own personalized spin on how to share that information with readers.
As you set out to write your first blog entry, just think that even if you’re going to write what’s already been written a thousand times over, write it with your own flavor and humor. Pretend that you’re having a conversation with a close friend and use the same language you’d use with that person.
And if that still doesn’t help, then don’t hesitate to fetch a bit of Brandy to stir the imagination.

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