Oh no, I've been Bad – Spank Me!

Well, it must be true
I’m clueless when it
comes to dealing with people. Even in the operating system realm, I know how to
generate hate mail. Take a look at this one:
Jim ~ You trash-talk
my beloved Apple…and so I won’t be a Yaghi fan no mo.’
You gotta know the
mentality of us Apple devotees, we’re zealots and we don’t take kindly to
anyone dissing it.
Besides, I’ve been
loving dudamobile.com — great platform for building mobile website conversions,
and it’s free, it’s an open-source powerhouse.
Sorry to disagree so
vehemently, but you ought be nicer to the big Apple.
[name omitted]
Oh no, I’ve been bad,
spank me, please.
I’ll miss this
subscriber ever so dearly, cos you know, being the Master of Traffic, a million
minus 1 that’s like 3, right? Three subscribers left.
I’m being sarcastic in
case you aren’t catching the tone.
“Apple devotee” is a synonym
for retard.
I used to love apple,
but that was in the days when they actually focused on intuitive user-friendly
interfaces, not on owning their users.
Ever try to access
their developer center from a mobile or tablet device?
I recently did – and
while they go on about their very strict guidelines for mobile-friendliness, they
are simultaneously making you scroll sideways to read those very guidelines
because they forgot to make the web-based manual wrap to your screen size.
Go figure!
Did you know that if
you develop a program for Apple and you distribute it on your own while in
beta, it’s against their terms of use? They consider YOUR program “test apple
software” until they approve it.
AND, they still put a
claim on YOUR hard work because you decided to write for their operating
systems and hardware.
Anyway, ragging on
Apple isn’t the point of this email.
The “apple devotee” said
something that indicated perhaps the concept of Mobile App is misunderstood by others.
Having a
mobile-friendly website like those produced by dudamobile (which btw failed on
my site), is not the same as having a Mobile App in the App Store.
A mobile-friendly website
is just a regular website that has been optimized for viewing and use on mobile
Kind of like how Apple’s
developer guidelines, had they been optimized for Mobile should wrap to the
size of your device’s screen so it displays equally well on a computer, tablet,
or mobile.
Mobile devices have
much smaller screens than computers do, so it makes sense to ensure your
website doesn’t need side-ways scrolling to be read.
Another example is drop-down
menus and buttons that respond to being “hovered” on. Mobile phones and tablets
can’t really trigger a “hover” event, because they don’t use a pointing device
like a mouse. They have to be able to respond to touch/tap events instead.
Similarly, mobile
website interfaces should be simple and use large buttons that can be easily
targeted with fat fingers.
On the other hand, a Mobile
App is a piece of independent software that lives outside a web browser and in
the main menu of a user’s phone or tablet.
It adds specific functionality
to your device, so you can do more with it.
You use your mobile
phone and tablet very differently.
You tend to do things
on your mobile when you’re on the go, like quick look-ups, chat, sms, phone
calls, and email…but you save involving tasks like buying or reading an eBook
for when you get to your computer.
Tablets, on the other
hand, have taken the place of computers in many cases.
You use your tablet in
comfortable positions, like while lying on the couch or in bed.
You use it to read, to
browse full-fledged websites, to listen to webinars, and to make big purchases.
You expect your tablets
to give you functionality much like your computers, but portable.
And it’s why you’ll
want to own a Mobile App, so users can interact with you while in comfortable
For example, if you
have a tutorial or training series you’d like to offer, it would be good to put
it into an App.
Or to help customers track
their calories if you sell a diet product.
Or to help customers track
their exercises if you sell a fitness/body building product.
Or to help customers build
a capture page or track their leads if you sell an online marketing product.
Not only that, but
they’re a great source of revenue if you’re looking to find a new business
opportunity or revenue for yourself.
There are many perks
to having your own Mobile App available in the Play and iTunes stores…and if
you don’t learn this skill, you’re at some point going to have to hire someone
to do it for you because mobile devices aren’t going away.
Mobile programmers
aren’t cheap.
So why not learn to
build your own App with me?
I’ll get you started very
quickly and easily. Your imagination is your limit!
Here’s where to find
out more:

90 Minute App


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