Nobody’s Their Own Boss

Was in a taxi, the driver said, “I love my job. I am my own boss. Nobody tells me what to do”

I then told him, “turn right”.


I like that joke. But it’s the same in our industry.

People talk about what a dick their boss is and they wanna start their own business so they can be their own boss.

Fact is, no one’s their own boss. Everyone’s paid by someone. And whoever controls your pay cheque is your boss.

If you’re a contractor, freelancer, or consultant, your client is your boss. Lots of people don’t enjoy client work for this very reason–it’s too close to a job: The client tells you what to do and if you don’t do it or you create bad results by doing what they asked, you’ll find yourself client-less.

Selling things like books, courses, gizmos, and dohickeys is no better. Your many customers are your boss; they’ll pay as long as your product delivers on its promises. Disappoint, and you’ll be customer-less. They could, in fact, ruin you!

On a side-note, that’s interestingly why Amazon has an empty chair at the office to represent their customer. So employees remember who the real boss is.

My point is, you can’t free yourself of a boss. Everyone’s got someone in charge of their pay cheques, demanding they work hard, and produce good results. And if they don’t deliver, their pay will be docked or they’ll be made “redundant”. Which threatens their livelihood and their ability to maintain their expenses, make their loan repayments, and put a roof over their family’s head.

Of course there are differences between an employer and a customer or a client.

Most employees answer to a single boss–which makes their situation particularly dangerous. If the dick boss takes away your pay cheque, your entire income disappears and your life is ruined.

On the other hand, if you’re a business owner, you derive your income from multiple “bosses.” And by democratising your pay cheque, you have a bit more power to decide which boss you wanna keep listening to…and which you’re in a position to tell to suck a lolly and quit.

Personally, i’d rather have a small but regular stream of money coming from hundreds or thousands of customers than having it all come from a single boss. That’s just common sense. One boss is a single point of failure.

But this goes for client-work too….which can be more risky than being a product-seller.

Suppose all your income derives from a small handful of high-paying clients. Wicked! If you lose one though, it can be a devastating hit to your earnings…and the bigger your fee, the harder it is to replace a lost client.

On the other hand, with thousands of small customers, as long as you’re not losing them in swarms because of a major error on your part, it’s not the end of the world to lose a customer here and there. You can get new ones easily.

In the Super Traffic Machine you learn how to democratise your income across thousands of customers, tens of product-publishers, and an infinity of products. Every new customer gives you a pay rise. And when a customer wants to go, it’s not a major shock to your business, your family, or your life. You’re constantly acquiring new customers and growing your earnings.

That’s not exactly freedom from a boss…but it’s about as close as you’re gonna get to it.

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