No, i won’t do that

The biggest complaint about the Super Traffic Machine is that it doesn’t have a digital version people can access the instant they buy.

My wife says, “How hard is it to offer an electronic version? You’re losing so much money like this!”

But there’s plenty of good reasons i’ll never offer it digitally (aside from spiting my lovely wife lol).

It all goes back to a lesson i learned long ago, from Mike Dillard, back when i was useful to him and my traffic campaigns were making him millions.

In case you’re not familiar with Dillard, he wrote one of the seminal books of the internet-based networking marketing industry called “Magnetic Sponsoring”. It was a cheap frontend product, shipped physically to buyers, and it described a certain philosophy on how one could succeed with network marketing by selling affiliate products to generate paying leads.

Ultimately, this book recruited affiliates for his affiliate program and perpetuated the program further.

He asked me to fly out from Australia, where i lived at the time, to his home-office in Austin. He was eager to learn how i was crushing it with sales as the #1 affiliate of his program. Driving ~ 90% of their total revenue.

Naively, i mentioned that while promoting his program to my own subscribers, i had created a video in which i’d go into the back-office of Magnetic Sponsoring and showcase the affiliate program. Doing this resulted in a RIDICULOUS increase in conversion rate for me.

I suggested that perhaps if he would talk more about the affiliate program in the up-front marketing material, he’d see a big bump in sales conversions.

I’ll never forget what he said…

   “I want people to buy the book for the sake of the book, not the affiliate program.”

Basically, he was willing to sacrifice immediate sales to maintain the long-term INTEGRITY of his product.

Since then, i too have always put the integrity of my products above sales conversion.

I believe an electronic version would destroy the quality and usefulness of the Super Traffic Machine. As a training curriculum, it was ALWAYS intended to be physically delivered, from the day i first imagined it.

Electronic products, despite containing the SAME information as their physical counterparts, and have arguably similar utility, are perceived to be LESS valuable by their consumers. Meaning, if it were electronic, i’d have to charge less for it, not because it contains less useful information, but because people won’t see it as “worthwhile” to pay so much for a bunch of pixels on a computer screen.

In truth, Super Traffic Machine’s price is deliberately set a little “high.”

First off, there’s no denying it is a premium curriculum, better than anything that ever existed in this industry.

However, the highish price is also strategically chosen to cause a “sting” to our students, every month.

Why should it sting?

Without a sting, there will be no pain when someone shelves the training curriculum and ignores it. It’s pretty hard to learn anything from a manual you don’t open.

On this point, electronic products are generally less consumed after the pinch of buying has passed. Not only is this common knowledge, but i’ve seen it with my students in earlier products, and experienced it myself first hand.

One of the FEW training courses i ever bought was by the late Andy Jenkins, which at the time, i only bought because it was heavily discounted and i always thought his marketing was SO COOL…the program, discounted, was $300 but i swear to God until this day i haven’t even looked at even one lesson.

That’s the BIG trouble with digital delivery. Their biggest point of failure, with all the best intentions of students, is they’re “imaginary”, intangible, and therefore less likely to be top of mind, and less likely to be consumed.

A physical product, on the other hand, is a real thing that makes a song and dance of its arrival. It then sits in front of you reminding you, “i’m here, read me.”

Oh, and if ever you wonder what your card got dinged for, when you get that monthly sting…that fucker is sitting right there, reminding you, “Jim honoured his commitment to me…i didn’t honour my commitment to myself.”

Let me be perfectly clear.

I’m not so altruistic and virtuous that all i’m thinking about is how to serve. I’m in business to make money too. And i know people are unlikely to remain subscribed to a product they’re not benefiting from, even when it’s their fault. So it’s my responsibility not only to create a flawless curriculum, but to ensure you open, study, action, and benefit from my teaching.

Consumption is a HUGE part of why Super Traffic Machine is physical and why it has worked for our students when no other program has.

We made a phenomenal training curriculum. But it’s no good to anyone unactioned.

For instance, we were deliberate in piecemealing the course modules, to ensure you only build one component every month. It’s compartmentalised so you’re laser focused on a single theme of tasks. So you’re not overwhelmed or confused, and you can focus on just that month’s goal, one accomplishment at a time.

I know people who are overly ambitious and eager at the start, imagining they’re gonna knuckle down and get through the whole bugger in a few afternoons. But the reality is you’ll burn yourself out and stop soon after you begin. You’ll have more luck pacing yourself and allocating 2-3 hours a week to completing the tasks, as i intended for you.

It is deliberately opinionated in the sequential order you must do things. We ask students to NOT open the next package if they have not completed the previous because it isn’t up to the student to pick and choose what to work on and in which order. I’m the expert. You’re here to learn from me, because i know better what’s best for you.

We give you visual reinforcements in the form of a poster with coloured cogs to represent each module. The first thing you’re asked to do is to find a place for it on your wall, above your desk. It is designed to be a constant reminder of your mission that you have started and must commit to and finish. There’s more physical components including stationary that should sit on or above your desk to help make your business more real to you.

A sticker checklist accompanies every manual. Each fits perfectly over one of the cogs on your wall. Every chapter of every manual is tied to an item on its checklist sticker. Every time you finish actioning a chapter, you place a CHECKMARK on the item and feel that ahhh sense of satisfaction as you do. When the module is complete and all the checkmarks have been placed, you have a second coloured sticker you’re asked to plaster OVER the completed checklist, hiding it, and giving you a satisfactory sense of completion. Until the next module arrives.

All this so you can feel EXTREME pain to have items on your list unchecked, stickers unstuck, poster cogs incomplete, and volumes from your book collection missing. So you get ants in your pants and finish what you start.

I want you to feel EXTREME pleasure too, as you tick items off, paste stickers on, crack open a new manual, or finish one and place it on your bookshelf. I want my books revered, a trophy of your accomplishment, sitting upon your bookshelf. Or an ugly, incomplete incessant reminder of your failure if you did not see it through to the end.

Did it work?

Some students who, for one reason or other did not finish the program, returned after YEARS of absence and asked us to help them complete their set. It is a constant eyesore and a reminder they started something, invested into it, paid for it, but then failed to complete it. They returned to redeem themselves and finish. My plan, from the very start.

None of this is possible in an electronic product. So i’d be an utter fool to go digital for the sake of a few extra sales while simultaneously butchering the long-term integrity of my phenomenal training curriculum that spanned more than an entire year of full-time work from our team to create for you.

We built it with our love, blood, sweat, and tears.

It’s made for people who’ve spent years and thousands of dollars spinning their wheels without getting anywhere, following bad advice, falling into bad habits, and being their own worst enemy.

Super Traffic Machine helps you overcome your personality flaws that hold you back from business success, and it makes building your online business fun. It keeps you committed and accountable. It guides you with step by step instructions and learning aids, and it ensures you COMPLETE building your money making business machine.

Quit your excuses. Commit and start with us at the link below…


Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

Foremost Home Business traffic expert, Jim Yaghi is a Computer Scientist and Mathematician who used to build search engines for a living. At 16 he created a mildly popular social network and has been an online entrepreneur for over 15 years. In 2006 he rose to the #1 Affiliate rank in many Home Business programs (most notably Magnetic Sponsoring). Today he's best known for hatching the first industry-wide viral campaign to reach all major social networks, for hosting a top-10 Internet radio show for entrepreneurs, and for shattering industry sales records with his best-selling, easy-to-follow online marketing courses PPC Domination, PPC Supremacy, and Traffic KickStart.

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