Pfsshhh Information Overload!

Newbies always used to complain about “information overload” or “overwhelm.”

It pissed me off.

Everyone was saying it. Nobody could explain it. But it was the excuse all the cool kids had when they didn’t action the internet marketing courses they bought.

It took me a while, but i eventually figured out why it was such a common complaint and how i could solve it.

Here’s the story…

About a decade ago, i pioneered a cool traffic technique. i could build, in an hour, a campaign for any business, that begins to produce qualified sales leads, no matter how tiny the budget.

This became the basis of many of my products and services over the years.

One such product was a live practical lab or study group, which i taught with three friends back when i lived in California.

My colleagues would work with students to setup their websites, landing pages, and email marketing…then i’d walk them through my “instant leads” campaign technique.

My campaign was the highlight of the event. Everyone would leave with a business website that’s producing cheap and consistent leads.

On a lunch break one day, while talking to one of the students, she began to tell me about her experience with “information overload.” She said she wished someone would just tell her exactly what to do, and how all the pieces fit together.

This conversion stuck with me.

It’s easy to fault the learner for their inaction. However, i believe a trainer has a responsibility, beyond teaching…

…to help a learner get out of their own way and learn!

Information overload is a kind of paralysis by analysis–lots of choices of what to do, no idea which is best.

And no wonder…

There’s tons of competing training courses claiming this thing or that is the “next big thing” or that something popular is now “DEAD”.

The products themselves are either vague…or focused on ONE exciting strategy without the supporting context…and they’re sold as a “one size fits all”, suitable to everyone.

E.g., this one teaches SEO backlinking to rank your website in the search engine…but has no instructions to build a website that turns rank into paying customers.

Tell me…

If you’re buying these isolated little products, each from a different trainer, without the necessary context to tie them together or to know if one idea belongs with another…

how are you supposed to assemble the knowledge necessary to build a working business?

Learners don’t need 10’s of fad products about exciting “advanced” ninja concepts.

They need ONE honest training on how to correctly assemble a minimum BASIC working business of the type they’re trying to build…from beginning to end.

And the rest is experience!

Releasing isolated training programs, marketing them as current trends you have to catch, and claiming the strategy will work for everyone, is IRRESPONSIBLE.

The worst part is trainers aren’t interested in offering after-sales support for their own courses.

When they do, it’s always something else to buy, for a very high price.

Which means, in the first place, there’s NO incentive to make their products any good. The more confused their students, the more high-end support they can sell.

And that high-end support?

It ALWAYS falls short of the personal level of help learners are actually craving.

This is why, with the Super Traffic Machine, we focused the product on AFFILIATE marketers. It ensures a SINGULAR path with ZERO uncertainty.

I don’t have to give 5 alternate directions that depend on the type of business you’re trying to build, and rely on you to figure out which one suits you best. Nor do i give ONE path while omitting the 5 other directions that make more sense for your type of business.

There’s only one type of business it’s for: Affiliate marketing. As such, there’s just one basic way to build it.

Secondly, we give you ONLY the basics. Anything we considered “advanced” or “optional” we moved OUT of the core training and into an appendix or a resource manual. This avoids distracting you from the required steps with some secondary thing you can do at a later date.

Third, there are definitive step by step instructions, telling you EXACTLY what to do at every juncture. And a way to ensure you’ve completed all the steps correctly.

Fourth, we broke the material down into 8 independent components that make up ALL the pieces required to create a functional, working, online business website. There is only one correct sequence for everything, it’s not open to interpretation.

Then each of those components fits PERFECTLY with the ones before and after it. No question about it. We’ve even visually reinforced the sequence through a poster we send you in your first shipment.

Fifth, we offer an unrivaled level of support to our students.

We do two monthly support meetings where you can ask ANY question and get help live. I’ve literally done the exercises with people, rewritten pieces for them, or logged into their servers and did technical steps on their behalf.

You can also write to me personally by email and i’ll respond to you.

You can hit up the Facebook support group where i respond in text or create a video or screencast answering you. You can get help from other members in the group too or pair up and work together and exchange skills.

And when things are really tough and you’re truly stuck, i will get on the phone with you and work with you. I’ve done it lots of times already and spent as much as two hours on each call working with students through some exercise.

All this is at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

So information overload? Pfffffsssssshh. You’ve got no excuses.

Find out more and sign up to the Super Traffic Machine at the link below…


the instant traffic technique i was telling you about earlier in this message…I’m working on a video course where i teach it. I’ve been very sick this month, so i’m behind schedule and i haven’t been able to properly promote it.

But it’s gonna be a free extra you get if you’re a Super Traffic Machine subscriber before its release. I haven’t announced the release date yet but i’ll give you fair warning soon.

if you’re interested, maybe don’t delay…



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