How Real Affiliates REALLY Make Their Money

A newbie asks…

   “What’s a good way to make money with affiliate marketing?”

This might seem like a basic question, but you won’t get a straight answer.

There’s two types of crap you’ll find if you search:

   1) answers by people with ulterior motives, deliberately misleading, to serve themselves.

   2) and, answers regurgitated by ignorant people who’ve never had any success with internet marketing and have no idea what they’re talking about.

The first category are snakes.

They’ve got a shitty product to sell or a make money system based on referrals, and they’re recruiting affiliates to promote for them. Which is why they need to make things appear easier than they really are.

They’ll tell you something along the lines of, sign up, get your affiliate link, and then use these “swipes” and post on social media, write blog posts, and get your link out there. When you make a sale, you get paid.

Seems simple enough…if it were true!

But it’s a crock of shit.

Affiliates, who create the second category of crap answers, are useful to the snakes because they flood search results with incentivised reviews and testimonials, they burn their reputations, they invest their efforts, and they risk their advertising dollars…

…all because they believe they’ll be paid if they successfully help the snake sell his snakeoil.

All their experience and education on the topic of making money online comes from the snake category of people. And a popular notion affiliates learn is they should position themselves as experts–and to fake it until they make it.

Since they’ve never had real experiences to draw on, and they’ve never had real results (but they’re very hopeful they will), they ACTIVELY and enthusiastically regurgitate what they’ve been told.

So what you end up with is a lot of wrong ideas online about how to succeed with affiliate marketing.

But HERE is the truth you won’t easily find…

Anyone who’s ever succeeded in affiliate marketing has created an audience specific to themselves or some category of interest to them.

When they invest their time, effort, reputation, and money, they’re NOT investing into someone else’s business or product, but into building an audience exclusively for themselves so they can monetise it how they wish.

Here’s a REAL affiliate marketing example…

One of my favourite YouTube channels is called Linus Tech Tips. This is a guy who does reviews about technology, hardware, and software.

For instance, he might compare the speeds of an Apple M1 laptop to a similar custom PC build for a fraction of the price.

Or he’ll pick up a cheap refurbished motherboard from China at a computer convention for under $100, hook it up to a water-cooling system, and then show it has killer performance.

In each of his videos, he monetises using sponsorships and affiliate links.

If you saw a water cooling system make a cheap-o motherboard outperform a much more expensive setup, you’ll naturally wanna try that water cooling system…and he’ll be compensated.

Or if you saw him use a Xeon CPU to build a Hackintosh that outperforms an authentic Apple Mac 3x the price, you might want to buy all the parts he used in that setup and build your own. Again, he’ll be compensated.

None of this is unique to Linus Tech Tips either.

It’s not even unique to YouTubers. All successful affiliates are using the same basic strategy of building an audience around their interests and monetising it, be they bloggers, emailers, or social media personalities.

No successful affiliate builds his entire online existence and identity around a single product that belongs to someone else.

Certainly, Linus does not spend his ad dollars, time, energy, reputation, and effort to help Apple and ONLY Apple sell their products.

He’s not employed by them.

He’s not a partner in their business.

Which is why the only intelligent thing to do is to invest into growing and maintaining his own, exclusive audience, and building a business around HIS interests.

Linus has the flexibility to endorse a Mac one day and a PC the other and it’s neither illegal nor immoral. Why should he endorse a BAD product when there’s a better one he can still be compensated for endorsing?

In fact, if anything, he’s flipped the paradigm on product manufacturers because with his 13.3 million subscribers, he’s influential on a lot of people’s buying decisions.

If Apple, for instance, wants a better endorsement from Linus, they’re gonna need to give better support (which, btw, they totally fucked up and he humiliated them for it).

Also, he’s probably not grabbing his “special” AMD CPU affiliate link and mindlessly blasting it all over social media.

He builds content. He grows an audience. And then he tells his audience to buy with his affiliate link (or tracked coupon code, in this case), if they’re interested in the products he’s working with.

He’s also not SWIPING the marketing materials from the products he’s promoting.

He’s doing his own tests, making his own honest reviews, comparing technology products, and giving his own take. Nobody wants to hear him regurgitate what Apple’s ads are saying about their new M1 Macs. They want to hear what Linus thinks or what Linus’ tests say about those Macs.

Obviously, building an extensive YouTube channel and a really big audience is a lot of work and takes a long time.

But the mechanics?

The idea of building an audience around your interests and influencing that small slice of people listening to you…

That’s not so complex!

In fact, in the Super Traffic Machine, i show you how to build a small mailing list of 500+ email subscribers interested in YOUR interests, which you can monetise with affiliate products…or your own products, if you feel inclined to build them.

As you’ve seen, this is the ONLY way anyone who actually makes money with affiliate marketing is doing it.

Find out more about the Super Traffic Machine at the link below:


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