Chronicles Of Crappy Business Advice, Part 2

Continuing our worst business advice chronicles, the second worst was this…

You should invest into your education.

Which isn’t bad advice in itself, but the issue is it always came with a photo of someone’s infinite bookshelf filled with infoproducts and a boast about spending 6+ figures on books, conferences, mentors, and masterminds.

Clearly there’s an ulterior motive.

They wanna prime you to mindlessly spend money on their crappy products in the name of “investing”.

There’s a culture which makes YOU the fool if you dare complain about not being able to afford a training program or if you refund a bad product.

   “You’re not serious about improving your results!”

   “You won’t invest into your education!”

Worse, people now COLLECT products as trophies so they can show off their vast “education” and its price tag…even if that means getting into serious debt for it.

I guarantee that those showing off their bookshelves were gifted more than 80% of the content by people soliciting their partnership and endorsement.

Many of my own clients and colleagues send me their books, courses, newsletters, and products for free. I’ve attended masterminds and conferences, and not only is my ticket comp’d, but so is my food and hotel suite.

I’ve never paid to attend any of the conferences i’ve been in.

Heck, i’ve attended a 10k conference…

But i was invited for free by my client. And i’m pretty sure he didn’t pay a cent for either my ticket or his.

Oh, and let me tell you something else…

I haven’t so much as cracked open any of the products i’ve been sent because they’re mostly ego-stroking, self-celebrating rubbish.

And the conferences?

Aside from attending the talk of a close friend or giving my own presentation, i spent the entire time outside the conference room hanging out with the other “leaders”, exchanging ideas, forming partnerships, and landing clients.

All the chumps paying 2k to be there, are inside, diligently trying to get their money’s worth in education…in reality, they’re just getting pitched to death by the speakers upselling them into the 10k mastermind where the “REAL” education happens. *SNORT*

Here’s the thing…

I’m not against anyone investing into their education and i certainly did. But buying infoproducts from marketers and attending their conferences is NOT investing and is NOT education.

Products created by marketers are nothing more than a price-point.

They pour countless hours and endless energy into perfecting the marketing so they can sell as many seats as possible in a training conference or course.

But the amount of thought and energy they invest into actually fulfilling that education they have so enthusiastically sold, is almost NIL!

The attitude is lazy and it isn’t even a secret.

You’ve heard their advice on how to create a product–find an expert and interview them. Get four guys on a line and have them start talking. Grab a bunch of headlines from your own sales letters and make a swipe file out of them. Start a paid private facebook group. Shoot a monthly video talking about stuff. And so on and so forth.

That’s how they create their own products.

I remember a certain marketer’s newsletter which was making 50k/month…and like clockwork they’d ask me for an unpaid contribution each month, but the staff complained they often nearly missed their printing deadline because they couldn’t get the owner to write his half-page introduction every month.

The advice is vague. It’s a bunch of opinions and anecdotes.

That’s not education!

And if you call them out on their bullshit…rather than take it as feedback on how they can improve…they’ll make it your fault because you didn’t take action with the material.

They’ll celebrate the one or two fanboys who write in with a testimonial about how they took the advice and using their own intelligence, money, effort, and list actually managed to make a profit.

Gooroos actively HATE client work because they have to put their money where their mouth is and actually deliver a result…

Instead, they prefer to be high-paid consultants to naive customers, so they can spew anecdotal advice and distance themselves from bad results while claiming full credit for any success.

My point is, online marketing training programs are rarely “educational” and calling them an investment is a stretch.

On the other hand, you’ll find authoritative resources freely available online or sold cheaply in a bookshop.

For instance, if you’re trying to learn how to advertise on the Facebook or Google platforms, their online manuals are a treasure trove of accurate and up to date information. Completely free to access and comprehensive in their scope.

Which is far better than paying a gooroo who doesn’t manage his own traffic, for his rotten eBook or video course teaching you how to get your ass banned from either platform.

Back in the early days, one gooroo recommended Perry Marshall’s Definitive Guide to Google Adwords as a starting point for traffic generation. No doubt, he was getting paid for the referral.

I naively bought it for $49. The techniques were SO utterly useless and impractical that the only value i got was from the first couple of chapters showing the basics of how to place an ad.

Honestly, i could’ve saved the money and got the same information out of Google’s own documentation, had i thought to start there.

I ran a few of my own ads to a rubbish offer and blew $300 i couldn’t afford to lose. But i would’ve lost anyway no matter what training program i started with.

That $300 taught me i needed a better offer. When i found the right offer and built my own rudimentary landing page, i made a sale within two days. The tweaking and experimenting i did from that point on was all funded by my own “investment into my education”.

Meaning, i only needed a basic set of instructions to get started.

Once i understood what to do, i got a more valuable education from getting my hands dirty, experimenting for myself, figuring things out, and creating my own experiences.

Which is why the Super Traffic Machine is so drastically different.

For one, we didn’t half-ass. We had three diligent experts with an eye for detail (including myself) developing this program full-time for an ENTIRE YEAR.

Look in the credits section of each manual.

You’ll see a long list of expert advisors and PhDs from REAL business (Coca Cola, Alhamrani), marketing, and education who consulted and edited for us, to make the training as impactful as possible.

Secondly, the program is concrete (no anecdotes and generic advice), giving you step by step instructions for ALL the elementary building blocks to get your online business started and working.

Thirdly, it is comprehensive. It connects all the pieces for you. It’s not just about how to get started with some ad platform, but how to put together the entire structure that allows you to turn traffic into sales and customers.

Fourthly, it is specialised. You can’t find this information, in this detail and depth anywhere else.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s the only internet marketing education you should ever invest in. After this, any money you can spare, pour it into gathering your own REAL experiences by getting your hands dirty, making mistakes, testing different ideas, and scaling.

Check out the Super Traffic Machine at the link below…


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