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Maybe I’m
But why are businesses
always so concerned with controlling expenses…
…when it’s so much
easier to control their price?
Take last night, for
I finished work early
and decided to spend some time with the wife.
“Aya,” I said. “Get
dressed and choose anywhere you want to go.”
Of course she picked
the mall.
Dubai Mall was one of
the many shopping centers in Dubai we hadn’t explored. We read that it has a
famous water fountain, an underwater zoo, and several waterfront restaurants.
Sounded like fun.
We soon arrived.
Explored. And decided to eat Mexican.
As a self-proclaimed
expert on Mexican cuisine, I don’t typically enjoy Mexican restaurants. To be
honest, I think I make it better at home.
All the same, we
ordered quesadillas for appetizer and fajitas for main.
When the quesadillas
showed up, sour cream was missing. I asked the waitress to bring some …and at
first, her response didn’t really hit home.
“Sorry, but there’s an
additional charge for sour cream. Is that ok?”
“Fine. Bring it,” I
Then it hit me. Wtf.
Serving Quesadillas without sour cream is one thing – but going out of their
way to make it an extra charge…that was just CHEAP!
A dead give-away the
place was far from authentic.
But my wife only ever
had my home-cooked Mexican, so she was curious to see how a restaurant compares
with what we make at home.
Soon enough, the
fajitas turned up. They were loaded with ONION and little else. There were
literally 3 poorly-cooked strips of chicken.
As we ate, I asked,
“What do you think? Is
it better than our home-made Mexican?”
“honestly…no,” she
answered matter-of-factly.
I said, “do you know
what the missing ingredient is?”
“…LOVE,” I said.
Haha. So cliché.
After dinner, we
headed home.
In the car, I was
thinking about how to turn the night’s experience into a marketing lesson.
Aya, noticing I was
pre-occupied asked what I was thinking about.
I told her.
She said, “Well, when
we make Mexican at home, we don’t care how long it takes…and we make it with a
lot of love. It’s the same in business. I see you when you’re working on your
business, you do the same thing.”
“You enjoy writing
your emails and you have that whole ritual you do before getting started. You
like doing consultations and working with your clients.”
“I think if your
students would LOVE their business too, they wouldn’t care how long it takes
and they’ll make much better products.”
And she’s right you
Because LOVE, as gay
as that may sound, is really the secret ingredient to getting a lot of traffic.
Most of the marketers
I work with are so impatient to get money they leave no space for passion in
their business.
Everything is hard and
annoying when you have no passion for what you’re doing.
But the question is,
How do you get LOVE
for a business that’s not treating you kindly?
How do you love a
business that doesn’t give you traffic?
How do you love a
business that just costs time and money without getting anything back?
That’s a challenge for
But the solution is
actually very simple.
Consider the
restaurant I told you about…
Remember, a
restaurant’s PRIMARY focus is profit. And that is accomplished by lowering the
expenses that can be lowered and increasing revenue in areas it can be increased.
So every ingredient,
regardless of whether or not they break it down in your bill…is a cost factored
into the asking price of the dish.
But we often forget
about other expenses too…not directly related to the product.
Such as the rent of
the store.
In Dubai Mall, even a
tiny food-court restaurant will pay several million a year just for the
If that’s not factored
into the price of the dish, the restaurant owner will have to pay it out of his
pocket and it would not be profitable business.
A relatively
hard-to-control cost. Especially if that location is highly-trafficked.
Employee payroll is
another cost that MUST be factored into the cost of a dish.
Credit card processing
fees, managers, furniture, maintenance, electric bills, licensing fees, taxes,
All costs. Each is
divided up into the price of every dish.
Who pays it?
We don’t see those
costs broken down in the bill. Yet we MUST pay them.
But don’t forget, many
of these costs, are outside the restaurant owner’s control.
So what are the
expenses within the owner’s control?
Ingredients of the dishes they serve.
Meat costs. So put
less meat.
Vegetables cost. So
increase the quantity of food with inexpensive filler vegetables like onions.
Sour cream costs. So
cut it out of the appetizer.
And so on.
This makes for a
crappy end-product…but hey, a business has to get paid.
But consider the
difference between the chef at a restaurant and the wife in her home-kitchen:
When she makes the
same meal at home, she doesn’t care about profit. She makes a NUTRITIOUS meal
We use as much meat as
necessary to make the dish tasty and filling.
We add as many
vegetables as necessary to make the dish healthy.
We spend as much time
as the meal needs to be perfected.
That is the “love” I
referred to earlier. The secret ingredient of all home-cooked meals.
Smarter restaurant
owners are able to simulate the extra ingredient of “love” very easily. And
their food is amazing.
Here’s how:
They understand all
the REAL costs involved in creating a perfect authentic meal, serving it,
administering it, managing it, cleaning it, and maintaining it.
They divide the total
cost by the number of customers they expect to order each dish every month.
And then they price
each dish to cover all its expenses AND make a profit.
In the same way, as
web-business owners…we may not LOVE our business right now.
But that’s because we
aren’t charging enough for our products.
Who says an eBook has
to sell for $29?
What’s so holy about
that price?
If it costs you $100
to acquire a customer, then why don’t you charge $129?
I mean, it’s part of
the product’s value, isn’t it?
In fact, it is your
DUTY to charge your customer that much – otherwise if you can’t stay in
business you can no longer serve them. And they will lose access to your
valuable knowledge and experience for good.
Which is why I decided
to create a 12 month Traffic COACHING program for you.
I plan to help you
understand ALL the costs involved in producing, delivering, and distributing
your products.
All the money and time
involved…and to help you QUANTIFY it in numbers.
So that no matter HOW
MUCH advertising costs, you don’t care.
Because when your
product sells, it will more than cover all its expenses and make a profit.
So that no matter HOW
HARD you have to work, you don’t care.
Because when your
product sells, it’s worth every minute of your effort.
That’s how you
SIMULATE the love in your business.
Join the Early Bird
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It’s far easier to
control the price of your product than to dictate to advertising networks how much to
charge you…as so many marketers try to do.
Otherwise you’ll keep
banging your head on the wall and get frustrated when your lead cost won’t
Lots of love,

Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

Foremost Home Business traffic expert, Jim Yaghi is a Computer Scientist and Mathematician who used to build search engines for a living. At 16 he created a mildly popular social network and has been an online entrepreneur for over 15 years. In 2006 he rose to the #1 Affiliate rank in many Home Business programs (most notably Magnetic Sponsoring). Today he's best known for hatching the first industry-wide viral campaign to reach all major social networks, for hosting a top-10 Internet radio show for entrepreneurs, and for shattering industry sales records with his best-selling, easy-to-follow online marketing courses PPC Domination, PPC Supremacy, and Traffic KickStart.

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