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so did you watch the YouTube video i sent out yesterday?
wasn’t it amazing to see how most of the business leaders today with the biggest, most popular and richest businesses got their start?
i started programming when i was NINE YEARS OLD. Honestly it was the most amazing thing my dad could have done for me.
lots of people told him, “He’s too young! Let him have a childhood.”
good thing he didn’t listen to them.
i remember it like it was yesterday. i was going to Saturday school for some “extracurricular” classes. got back, ready to relax and play.
“Dad, can i use the computer?”
It was an Apple Mac SE/30. Ugly little 9″ black & white screen. top of the line at the time. one of the only machines with a FPU at the time (meaning it could handle long decimal calculations lolz)
Dad was working on his PhD research at the machine.
he said, “Do your homework first. i have to finish up some work.”
“I have no homework dad. we had a test today.”
“How did you do?” he asked.
“Good. Really good. When can i play on the computer?”
what he said next changed my life forever.
“Tell you what. Let me finish my work here and you go revise your lessons. when i’m done, i’ll teach you to program.”
“Program? What’s that?” i inquired inquisitively.
“If you learn to program, you can make your OWN games instead of playing.”
you should have seen my face turn. Make my own games? i mean, look Apple wasn’t exactly a popular computer and there was like 2 games on our machine. TWO.
Shufflepuck and something else i forget.
I liked playing with Printshop which was a neat little app that made greeting cards and i enjoyed typing stories based loosely on my nightmares and formatting them with lots of fonts.
But to know how to make my own games, sounded incredible.
so i agreed and disappeared for a few minutes. then i came back, “Dad, i’m done revising. Can you teach me now?”
“Not yet. But i’ll tell you what, why don’t you start reading about it and when i’m finished we’ll start.”
He hands me this thick white manual called Hypercard. It was a language for making interactive “multimedia” presentations, play sounds, music, speaking heads, and a bunch of other cool stuff like that. and it was fully programmable.
Over the next hour, i poured over the pages and felt myself brimming with excitement.
“Dad, can you pleaaaaaaaaaase teach me now!” i was desperate to get started. this was the most exciting thing i had ever seen in my life.
That night, dad and i sat down, and followed the step by step instructions in the Hypercard manual.
it was easy and pretty straightforward.
my dad didn’t know how to program; he’s a linguist not a programmer. But he could follow instructions out of a manual and so could the 9 year old Jim.
eventually Dad got tired and went to bed.
but not me. i was up half the night finishing up all the projects in the manual. i had an app that played the tune to “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on a piano and bounced a ball around the screen and did all kinds of fun stuff.
for the next four years, i spent every spare minute playing with Hypercard.
Programming has been one of the best skills i’ve ever learned.
not only that, but it has made me an extremely systematic thinker. i even base my training products on the same format and style of the books that had taught me to program as a child.
because i think they were the clearest and simplest instructions to follow.
also, this background i have, it makes me think about everything differently.
it’s why i’m always able to break down any complex task into simple step-by-step instructions anyone can follow.
it’s why i can look at something i’d never seen before and understand how it works.
and that’s what learning to program a computer can do for you too.
but that’s not the only reason i encourage you to start learning to program.
most of you are running a web-based business that depends on technology in a HUGE way. you can no longer survive in the world today claiming to be “computer illiterate”.
operating your phone and getting the most out of it has become a “programming” task.
and if someone tells you that you can make money online without knowing how to use a computer, they’re lying.
it’s infinitely harder to make money on the web when you can’t “speak” computer.
can you imagine how easy your life would be if you just knew how to write HTML code?
or if you could just hack enough PHP or javascript to make your WordPress site look and operate the exact way you want?
you will never be able to do any of these things if you don’t learn some basic programming skills.
i don’t really have anything to sell you on the topic in the way of programming training. but i’ve been thinking a lot about how much these skills are needed and how badly i want to teach them to you.
except i wonder, how many of my subscribers really get how desperately they need such training.
perhaps you can give me some feedback by writing back and telling me if you’d be interested in some kind of beginners introduction to HTML or programming. i’d love to do such a class, but it’s pointless if no one can see its value.
let me know.
P.S. if you are interested, i did a training webinar last month on how to write a Mobile Application. it was recorded and i’ve left up the sales page for it. if you want, you can still buy access to the recorded class here:

90 Minute App

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Jim Yaghi

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