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What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn marketing is the process of using LinkedIn to grow your
business. LinkedIn is the 16th most visited website on the internet. As
of March 2011, there were over 100 million users. There are members
from every Fortune 500 company and the average income of someone who
uses LinkedIn is over $100,000 a year. There definitely is a huge
network of people to put your business in front of. That’s why it’s
important to leverage the power of LinkedIn and use LinkedIn marketing
to take your business to the next level.
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LinkedIn Marketing- What are some features of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn was created for people to make connections. It’s a great
platform for connecting with former colleagues, current employers, or
other people in your industry. I’m in the social media and network
marketing field so I connect with people in my same niche. People who
have worked with you can recommend your work. Testimonials serve as a
great way for gaining respect from your connections and future
employers. Employers can list jobs for potential candidates and
candidates can see a list of jobs related to their industry.

LinkedIn Marketing – How do you create your profile?

Here are the steps you need to take to build your LinkedIn profile properly and optimize your profile for LinkedIn marketing…

  1. Make sure you have a picture of yourself. It makes you more
    reputable and gives the employer/potential connection a frame of
    reference that you’re an actual person.
  2. Include where you’re based out of and the industry you are in. It’s
    important to include this so that people nearby in your industry can
    see your profile and potentially build a further connection.
  3. List your current job title as well as previous jobs that you have
    held in the past. Make sure to include your job tasks and highlights of
    your jobs. In addition, you should include your education as well so
    you can connect with people who went to the same school as you did.
  4. Add your resume to your profile. Make sure that your resume is
    properly formatted and something that potential employers will want to

linkedin seminar LinkedIn Marketing   How To Build Your LinkedIn Presence

LinkedIn Marketing – Secret Tips To Build Your LinkedIn Presence

  1. Join as many groups as you can in your niche. By joining groups and
    participating in these groups, you will gain more credibility as a
    leader or knowledgeable person in your industry. Ask questions and
    contribute to conversations. If you contribute a lot to a group, you
    will show up under the group’s top influences.
  2. Add your social media sites to your LinkedIn profile. Companies
    especially now want their employees to have some knowledge of social
    media and how to leverage it in business. Post your updates from
    Twitter and YouTube and make sure that your tweets and videos are
    related to your niche. This type of LinkedIn marketing will not only
    increase your LinkedIn presence but also your social media presence as
  3. Add connections by using your e-mail contacts. LinkedIn makes it
    easy to input your e-mail and link to other applications to send
    connections to people. LinkedIn marketing and branding yourself as a
    leader is possible by building a strong network.
  4. Personalize your connection invites. Include something that’s
    personable to the potential connection such as asking about what
    they’re working on and groups or connections you may have in common.
  5. Do not spam a connection with your business opportunity. Build
    relationships with connections by asking questions and building rapport.
  6. Research people that you can potentially connect with. LinkedIn
    makes it easy to search for people by company, education, and by
    connections in common. You actually can target it very specifically to
    find potential people with whom you may have a lot in common. Try to
    connect with top leaders in your industry.
  7. Make sure to ask for recommendations. LinkedIn profiles with
    recommendations are properly leveraging LinkedIn marketing and showing
    that you have credibility for previous experiences.

LinkedIn Marketing – Can Network Marketers Use It?

Network marketers can absolutely use LinkedIn to generate potential
leads and to sponsor reps into their business. There should be caution
though. It’s inappropriate to spam your business opportunity to
someone. People are interested in joining people and not opportunities.
Some people you may want to connect with are people in other network
marketing companies, people in direct sales, and real estate agents. A
lot of people have been hit hard by the economy and are looking for
Personally, I help market a system called MLSPto
help people in opportunities other than my own. I serve as the solution
to their problems and help them see results. It’s all about providing
value and using LinkedIn marketing to build strong relationships and
potential partners in the future. LinkedIn marketing helps you increase
your online presence and definitely help you achieve more respect in
the business world. People don’t know the power of LinkedIn marketing
and I encourage you to show this your friends and colleagues.
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