Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit - Coming Soon

If you’re Sick of the Never-Ending Quest for Traffic & the Home Business Programs That Refuse To Convert Your Traffic, then...

BUILD YOUR OWN Super Traffic Machine

Pumps Massive Traffic Into Any Opportunity Sells Products Regularly Delivers Commissions Frequently



I assume by now you either know me or had a chance to get to know me.

My name is Jim Yaghi, scientist, founder of YaghiLabs; Keeper of the web’s traffic; renowned Affiliate Traffic-Supplier; and multi-best-selling Super Affiliate.

There’s much to teach you. So let’s put introductions aside and get to the point.

If you’re an affiliate marketer or a member of a Marketing System, I know you didn’t get into online marketing because you needed a hobby.


You wanted a business you can run from home... and you wanted it to be profitable.

So let me share with you an innovation of ours called the Super Traffic Machine — and how you can build one yourself. It can turn your Home Business profitable, without you needing to master any more online marketing skill.

Why Should I Learn From YaghiLabs?

My goal with YaghiLabs is to help every Home Business entrepreneur command traffic & profit at will.

But this is more than an empty goal...I've worked long and hard to ensure it.

Here's what you'll LOVE about learning with YaghiLabs:


Learn Interactively, Step By Step:

The best way to learn is hands-on.

We've consulted world-class education experts to develop innovative Learning Aides that guide you through every step of building your business from the simplest to the most involving.

Interact with checklists, track your progress, see what's next; you're guided one step at a time from start to end. It's simple and fun.


Be Trained By Practitioners of The Craft:

Most training courses on Traffic Generation are developed by "marketing education" companies; their methods are theoretical and rarely used or tested by them. They rely on affiliates and strategic partners to advertise on their behalf.

Unlike them, YaghiLabs is historically a Traffic Services agency. Meaning, we're Traffic Practitioners, so our processes are tested and proven hundreds of times. We use them with our clients as well as with our own websites.

We generate all our own traffic without partners or affiliates. And we teach you only the methods that work.

It's how we've expanded into the most reliable source of marketing education online, collectively responsible for the majority of the Home Business industry's traffic.


Call us For Rescue:

If you can't figure out how to do something on your own, we'll come to your aid.

Just give us a ring and ask for the help of a Private Tutor. Unlike other training programs that leave you to figure things out for yourself - We SAVE YOU when you're stuck.


Get Us To Do It For You:

When you're pressed for time, we have a range of affordable Done For You services to get the job done for you faster.

We'll do anything from programming, to sales, to product creation, to traffic. Any time you need us, we're just one click away.


Receive Your DIY Kit To Your Door:

Electronic products suck. They're hard to study and they're easily lost (and unused) on your computer.

That's why, we deliver your DIY Kit PHYSICALLY to your doorstep. We want to ensure you have all your instructions, templates, and tools as tangible reference materials in your hands, on your wall, and in your filing cabinet.

Work in bed, on the go, or as you follow along at the computer...any time you want.

As you can see, being trained by YaghiLabs is awesome.

When you want to make sure your business becomes profitable, then YaghiLabs is the only trainer who makes every effort to get you there.

What is the Super Traffic Machine DIY Kit?

The DIY Super Traffic Machine is an interactive TRAINING on a process anyone could use to become the #1 Super Affiliate of their marketing system.

It includes templates, software, tools, and manuals to help you follow our proprietary methods we’ve developed, tested, and used with hundreds of clients over the past 7 years to get them traffic and sales in incredible volumes.

Until today...

...These processes have been kept a tight secret, inaccessible to anyone outside our staff. And if you couldn't afford to hire us, there was no other way to benefit from our experience.

But we’ve finally decided to teach our technique to...

Anyone who wants
YaghiLabs Traffic Volume
without paying “YaghiLabs rates”!

Sounds stupid of us, but ...

Over the past few years, we’ve become so busy servicing clients that we can’t possibly keep up with demand.

We tried to control our work-load by raising prices; qualifying clients; and training new staff. But slowly we saw ourselves squeezing out the little guy and making Super Traffic volumes out of their reach.

Thing is...

We grew as a Marketing Services company WITH the “little guy”. It seemed mighty ungrateful to shut them out.

That along with our increased difficulty keeping up with the demand led me to decide that our Super Traffic Process should become available to everyone without restriction.


We know the “little guy” prefers to learn to do things themselves.

It’s cheaper and they end up with skills that increase their value in the market which gives them new business opportunities.

Our processes have been tested and proven.

If you want scalable traffic that works for affiliate marketers, business opportunity resellers, and Marketing System members...

Then here it is.

It’s not really “for” everyone, I’ll tell you why later.


DIY STM's Components Are Delivered as a Kit, Physically to Your Door

Some poor minimum-wage schmuck packs and then drop-ships a chunky box full of goodies to the doors of our Home Business students around the world.

In your kit is everything you need to make your own Super Traffic Machine.

Inside the Kit:

  • Schematic for your Super Traffic Machine
  • Interactive Learning Aides
  • Checklists
  • Paper & Ink Manuals
  • Template & Tools CDs

We didn't want to overwhelm you with information and stuff you won't use. So we decided to divide your Super Traffic Machine into 8 components (much like we do internally at YaghiLabs) and send them to you a month apart. That way, you have a month to finish and perfect each component of your machine.

If you aren’t yet a Super Affiliate, this is your last hope.

Especially if you still think you can earn a dream-income from home simply by “driving traffic” into a replicated Marketing System.

When you put aside the hype...

Marketing Systems & Business Opportunities Are Just Products...


...Made up of a boring collection of replicated marketing materials, strung together in such a way they can be shared and promoted by thousands of members who believe the same fairytale.

FairyYou don’t want to keep falling for that crap.

But like any product, a Marketing System needs CUSTOMERS to buy it.

Of course, most members are under the illusion that their job is SELLER of such Marketing Systems— but the truth is, only a handful of members do this and only because they gain their skills from outside the marketing system’s training.

Meanwhile, the majority of members are brainwashed with disguised “training” that serves one purpose only...

To Turn Them Into
Lifetime-Customers of All the Training Sold By the Marketing System and its Pals.

In actuality, here’s how the members of a Marketing System break down:

  • 999 out of every 1,000 affiliates are its customers:

    Crowded people / Colorful crowdThey use Marketing Systems the same way their System trains them, by driving traffic into the replicated sales materials.

    As a result, they bring trickles of referrals and rarely earn commissions on them. They use up their savings quickly and can’t fund more traffic. So they keep looking for “cheaper” and “easier” traffic training to buy.

    By using their Marketing System’s training as their primary learning resource, they seal their fate as System CUSTOMERS for life.

  • 1 / 1,000 affiliates are Super Affiliates & top earners:

    rich pigThey drive traffic into personalised marketing materials and use Marketing Systems purely as products to sell.

    They bring in 90% of any system’s new members, get paid on referrals, and use earnings to fund more traffic.

    They use Marketing Systems as a product delivery platform from which they build large capital and a popular brand of their own.

Marketing Systems PAY the bulk of commissions to Super Affiliates because they get customers the System wouldn’t normally be able to reach.

On the other hand, Marketing Systems EARN most of their money from affiliates who need and depend on the system for training and marketing. They bring nothing new, except their savings.

DIY Super Traffic Machine is the only process-focused program not offered by a Marketing System--which makes you the affiliate that Marketing Systems pay; The SUPER AFFILIATE.

With this training, you’ll be walked-through, and be able to track every step to personalise any Marketing System or BizOp so you can sell its product-range instead of buying it.

The 8 Components of Your Super Traffic Machine Are:

  1. Planning Your Affiliate Brand - This is an exciting business model with unlimited potential. You'll learn all about it inside.
  2. Personalising a Super Traffic Affiliate Website
  3. Personalising an Offer
  4. Selecting & personalising Affiliate Product(s) - I'll even show you how to have your own product by packaging affiliate products in a special way
  5. Collecting Leads
  6. Collecting Customers
  7. Following-Up
  8. Traffic

Looks like a lot of work, but even our newest staff with only a few days of training successfully use this method to build dozens of top-notch high-quality Super Traffic Machines every month.

There's no reason someone with your background couldn't implement all these steps once in a matter of days. We'll take you through every intricate step with examples, templates, and ideas every step of the way. And you'll never have to worry about traffic again.

Also, the order is critical.

It might surprise you to see traffic as the final step — but the success of a Super Affiliate is in realising that...

Traffic is a BY-PRODUCT.

In all online-money-making recipes, you save TIME by investing and re-investing more money.

If you have little (or no) starting capital, DIY Super Traffic Machine is about to change that — it turns small investments into large capital that brings traffic and profit at will.

When you build your own Super Traffic Machine following my proprietary process, you will never need to buy your system’s training again.

And you’ll become the Top Affiliate of every online program you join.

You’ll be celebrated by all — while you make sales regularly, earn commissions easily, and relax frequently.

Like i said earlier, the 8 components of the machine are delivered one month at a time.

The reason is that 8 is a big number, and means there's a lot of moving parts. We usually have a separate employee (sometimes more) specialised in each component of the Super Traffic Machines we build. Since you're probably a solo entrepreneur, we thought it would be to your benefit to work on just one piece at a time from your machine.

Plus, when you're done with your machine, we'll help you amplify and refine it. More on that later!

Is This Program For Me?

The DIY STM is for Marketers in the process of creating their own popular business identity on the web.

But more specifically, I created this course for:

For every student who was misguided by “marketing education” and found themselves in the customer-cycle of opportunity-buying...

...For every hopeful who wished for a roadmap to success and was never given all the pieces to connect together...

...For every technophobe who clawed the internet looking with jealousy at other marketers who had cooler website widgets...

...For every guilty soul who blamed himself when his replicated website did NOT convert like the testimonials said they would...

...For every man or woman who felt helpless for not being able to master a needed skill they couldn’t afford to hire out...

...For all who begged for confidence to start an online business alone then bought into infinitely more difficult “money making systems” instead...

...For every confused member of multiple programs who didn’t know which program he should focus on selling...

...For every sleep-deprived, misunderstood entrepreneur whose spouse is disappointed with for spending their life-savings on a business-venture that’s going nowhere...

...For every man or woman who looked a fool while imitating others who pumped out creative writing and selling ideas...

...For every affiliate starving for cheaper, easier, and more targeted website traffic while it moves always just beyond their grasp ...

...For every affiliate who's never earned more than a few bucks in commissions and wished they were a better copywriter...

The DIY Super Traffic Machine is dedicated to YOU.

What is
DIY Super Traffic Machine
Meant to Do for Me?


What DIY STM will not do...

It’s not going to try to teach you any new skills.

If you want to JUST learn to “drive traffic”, to “copywrite”, or to “convert” you’re in the wrong place.

They're technical, mechanical skills you can learn in plenty of amateur-hour courses.

If you’re looking for jedi ninja traffic tricks and advanced mind-rape copywriting techniques-- Again, you’re out of luck.

None of these things are here.

Marketing a business successfully actually requires very few skills (it's helpful to have more skills, but not necessary) and there's no such thing as one trick that works on all businesses.

What you need is something else...

Experienced marketers know the market is made of HUMANS. And human behaviour tends to be very random since no two people respond to or want the same thing.


The Market Dictates What it Wants.
Your Job is to Give It.

To begin playing the game, you only need a METHOD; a standard set of things you have to put in place to get SOME customers.

Your method has to be strategic and well-planned. That's why i call it a PROCESS and that's what i'm giving you here--our process.

There's no right or wrong way to do anything. Everything "works" on a sub-group of people who decide to become customers. If that group of customers ends up being too small to give a worthwhile return...just offer them more stuff to buy until it is enough.

Think about any business. Say, Apple.

Do you think the handful of people who buy Apple compared to PC is enough to make them the biggest company in the US?


But Apple doesn't keep playing around with marketing to convert PC buyers into Apple customers.

Instead, they focus on selling other products to the existing Apple Buyer. Like iPods, iPads, iPhones, laptops, printers, screens. And they come up with new updates to their Operating Systems that require software developers to produce new versions of their software only supported by the new operating system.

All this is an effort to make the existing small pool of Apple Buyers buy more hardware.

Smart businesses focus their time on getting more money from the same customers instead getting more customers.

If you’re still reading...

It’s because you know you already have all the raw skills but you want a process that gets more money from your business.

And by now you realise that you’ve been stuck, because you’ve been applying your skills mistakenly to replicated marketing materials, as a clone without adding new value.

DIY STM Gives You a Process of Personalisation That Sells and Monetises Affiliate Products.

What’s more, this program will...

  • Show you how to become the most valuable Super Affiliate of any Marketing System, opportunity, or affiliate program you’re already invested in.
  • Enable you to convert even small amounts of FREE traffic — and — use the money you make to fund EXTREME volumes of new traffic forever.
  • You’ll also learn the actual secrets of people who make 5-figures in a single month, and see how un-remarkable they really are.
  • You’ll discover why it’s not about WHICH system makes thousands of $$ immediately— but rather which method makes all systems profitable.
  • And if you secretly think the Internet can give you money, the DIY Super Traffic Machine could make that a reality.
  • You’ll see how it’s better to use your own natural way of speaking to earn commissions than to use the ninja combinations of words and headline-formulas taught in popular copywriting courses.
  • You’ll see how (once you’ve personalised your program) you can have success by sending one email a day.
  • You’ll see why you actually don’t need amazing traffic skills to become a Super Affiliate; here's how any newbie can get lots of traffic.
  • Why someone else’s headline or ad never works for you, no matter how many tests they’ve done. And how to get even BADLY written, yet ORIGINAL ads to convert.
  • Why your Order Button's colour, shape, or size has little effect on conversion and which feature often appearing UNDER the order button drastically affects income.
  • Which products will sell best for you, and why someone else’s best-selling product will usually flop at your website.
  • Why you should never copy-paste, swipe, replicate, spy, or duplicate anything you’re told (or think) worked for someone else, and how to use original marketing that works only for you.
  • How to setup your work-week so that it’s short and profitable, and only requires you to do one thing daily.
  • You’ll also learn to turn your lifestyle into one of travel and relaxation, staying home in boxers, and keeping busy doing nothing.
  • How to train others when you become a Super Affiliate without giving up your real secrets; and still have people want to shake your hand to tell you what an awesome trainer you are.
  • How to protect your secrets from the System when your new Super Affiliate status gets you invited to speak on stage and on live training webinars — and how to turn those into growth opportunities for your brand.
  • The right way to re-invest Super Affiliate commissions so that you can keep growing your business while driving fast cars, buying cool gadgets, and making everyone else jealous.

Whew...quite a list isn’t it?

Now onto the specifics of what’s included.

What Will I Get

The DIY Super Traffic Machine includes a comprehensive suite of multiple mediums that trains you interactively.

It’s made up of:

  • A powerful interactive learning aide based on Educational Psychology. (We consulted top education specialists to understand the best way to communicate with you and motivate you to implement).
  • 8 User Manuals detailing our entire Super Traffic process from A-Z
  • 8 Printed Checklists with summary notes for easy reference
  • Bail-out support & tutoring from YaghiLabs
  • and TWO WICKED SURPRISES before your kit arrives! "Tackling the Big G(oogle)" & "How to Use The STMPC Tool to Make $108,000 with Only 3 Sales/week"

Let’s get into the details.

The DIYSTM Interactive Schematic

An interactive chart is included to give you a birdseye view of your Super Traffic Machine. In a nutshell, it's a powerful visual learning aid.

It gives you the 8 steps and their sub-steps in the order that you need to implement them.

The result is a personalised version of your Marketing System or affiliate program that easily gets traffic and converts it to commissions.

The chart helps you understand how every piece of the marketing puzzle fit together.

It also breaks down each piece of the puzzle into a series of detailed “sub steps” — Simple things, actions, processes, pages to create, or services you need to sign up for.

There’s no way to “get it wrong”. As long as you can check each item as “complete”, you should still end up with a Super Traffic Machine that works.

This systematisation is how we're able to quickly train our new staff to service clients at the high standards of YaghiLabs. And that's the same learning process the chart takes you through.

It's all compiled into a simple action sequence.

A step-by-step process.

Where at each stage, while you work through it, you can see your accomplishments crossed off behind see what you need to be working on RIGHT NOW...and you know what’s left to reach the finish line.

Knowing where you’ve been, where you are, and where you're going motivates you to keep implementing.

Knowing that this process has been tested and used countless times to generate huge amounts of traffic by absolute NEWBIES, means you’ll always have confidence that what you’re doing will work.

If at any stage of progress, you’re not seeing traffic flooding your website...

You’re not left mysteriously “missing something” you can’t figure out.

One quick look at the Chart tells you where you are in the process of implementation, and the ONLY results you should be expecting at that stage.

If something breaks down...or you don’t get an expected result...then you know that the answer lies in the one step you’re working through now.

And we’re always available to help you if you can’t figure something out by yourself.

The chart gives you an action plan you can start with today.

Once you complete all the items on the 8 check-lists, you would have personalised your program and become a Super Affiliate.

User Manuals

8 User Manuals also accompany the DIY STM Software.

They are a simple reference to be used in conjunction with the DIY STM software. When you need detailed information, the interactive program will tell you where to look, which manual, and the associated item to refer to.

The manuals are full of instructions, hints, and examples to help you through the Personalisation process.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

1. Planning a Brand

The first User Manual is about creating an Affiliate Brand Plan which is fundamental to every step that follows.

An Affiliate Brand is a special type of brand that allows you to reach people most people in the same affiliate program will never be able to reach. And sell them affiliate products in a way others can't.

It's really quite a clever, leveraged business model that doesn't require you to create a single product--and yet gain all the benefits of owning the product yourself!

A brand plan is a document you create with the chart’s help — it will form the basis of all your personalisation; it tells you who to target as customers, what their needs are, why they should buy through your links, and everything you need to know to reach them, serve them, and sell them.

You will also have the help of the templates we've spent years developing...and our own software to help you plan out your income targets and make realistic projections about what you can accomplish.

You’ll also soon discover...

  • A sure-fire test that tells you if you have a winning brand idea before you’ve even launched it, conserving your start-up funds, time, and energy.
  • Which personality traits you already have that would attract the largest crowd and convert them with virtually no effort.
  • The section of your Brand Plan that WRITES for you sale-pages so tempting your prospects would be willing to pay ANY price to own the products you promote.
  • How to choose a SAFE audience, compliant with advertising networks like Google and Facebook, even if you promote in a taboo industry.
  • How to be the only affiliate with a free pass to advertise with Google and Facebook in difficult industries like “get rich quick” programs.
  • The part of your plan which if expanded properly, allows you to launch and start earning out the gate, as if you were always a veteran Super Affiliate.
  • How to reach motivated buyers who don’t require someone to lie to them to spend money; you’ll NEVER feel like a fraud while making sales again.
  • The only way to learn all the REAL secrets of veteran marketers’ sales-voodoo, without buying another training program and being yelled at by your 'significant other'.
  • How to use everything your audience hate about your competition to naturally become the ONLY choice they buy from.
  • A Microsoft Excel formula that guarantees you never spend a cent or lift a finger without knowing with absolute certainty that you’ll get a worthwhile financial return.
  • A template we give you which tells you how to PERFECTLY target people who want exactly what you sell, so that you never waste one cent of money nor one iota of effort on bad traffic.
  • An audience-selecting trick that effectively WIPES every competitor clean off search engines and lets you be the only advertiser seen in that entire market.
  • An easy way to sell “make money online” products without ever having made money online (and without needing to lie about it).
  • A pattern you can repeat to guarantee anyone who comes in contact with your brand associates it immediately with the positive image of your choice, turning your brand into a “celebrity” bought from on reputation alone.
  • Which one thing you can buy without ever stressing, because no matter how much money you spend, it will always yield more money.
  • One method that gives you MORE motivation and focus than “being paid today” and how to use it to fuel more profit.
  • The secret file on your computer that you should NEVER share with anyone except your spouse to finally shut up his/her nagging at you for wasting money on a business going nowhere. (of course that’s about to change!)
  • A testing medium on which you can safely try ideas and make mistakes without cost, so  whenever you go live, you know already you’ll earn passive profit right away.
  • Which intimate thing you can take from your audience (without “getting in bed” with them) that allows you to make meaningful connections and lets you make them customers easily.
  • Why the typical target audience chosen by most affiliates don’t see them as credible information-providers — and — which types of audience will automatically see YOU as the one true expert without embellishment.
  • How to create your own market where no one could compete with you and make everyone in it your customer.
  • A special routine you can do while in bed that makes your dreams a place of productivity and inventiveness.
  • Why the latest tactic you heard about is NOT the second coming and how to immunise yourself from second-guessing what you’re working on—keeping your business simple and your goals within grasp.
  • A method to estimate revenue from advertising and to know the amount of traffic you have access to before you go balls-out—this way, you’ll be able to evaluate risk vs rewards before betting on any ad campaign.
  • How even advanced Internet Marketers are often paralysed by FEAR when paying for traffic -- and why if you know just one number you’ll never be scared to invest in advertising again.
  • Exactly how much you can spend per lead before it’s time to pull the plug and re-evaluate.
  • How giving yourself permission to be lazy can sometimes be more productive than having a hard-working day.
  • The dangerous thing affiliate marketers buy to feel better about procrastination which puts them in a loop of non-productivity -- and what you can do instead to “feel good” and get paid by ostponing work (it won’t cost a thing).
  • And much more...

2. Personalising a Website

The second Manual helps you personalise a new Website to use as a marketing platform for sending your traffic.

Even if your marketing system or affiliate program provides you with a “personal website”, you shouldn’t use it.

The cloned websites you’re given will always limit your traffic and commissions. This manual helps you create your own so you are free of affiliate marketing limitations.

And if you aren’t too confident and dread the idea of creating a website, don’t worry.

This manual is designed with tutorials for total newbies to setup a website from scratch and do it correctly.

It helps you make a website that looks exactly the way you want, ensures you have user-friendly layouts, and tells you all the content necessary to make web-visitors spend at your site.

Here’s more of what you’ll learn inside:

  • Dirt cheap, “low-tech”, and fast way to build your own world-class affiliate website.
  • An Internet software that makes it easy to create new and beautiful pages without learning a word of programming.
  • The pure magic of Google Analytics and an easy way to use it to avoid learning the complex tricks most marketers use to get SEO traffic.
  • Why you should never try to download or even BUY any custom website theme. (And the free easy way to customise your own sales-ready marketing website).
  • A simple “laundry list” of things you must put on your site to turn casual visitors into buyers.
  • The cheapest way to have a world renowned Cyber Lawyer protect your business with a full set of legal documents ready to upload to your site.
  • How anyone (even a complete novice) can make a website look exactly like - and - do everything they want.
  • Why popular SEO tools might be hurting your ability to convert traffic at your website. (And the only trick you need to keep moving up the search engine rankings).
  • The ugly little secret that separates world-class usable lead-sucking designs from clueless “pretty” designs.
  • How to get contact-information to use to follow-up with people who’ve already decided not to optin to your mailing list and how to convert them to leads anyway.
  • The ONE most common “clumsy mistake” 90% of all affiliates make when placing optin forms that ensure their website never gets traffic from Google Adwords.
  • Access to my private Internet tool that saves money on traffic and increase sales volume at will.
  • Four “insurance” links that protect you from being booted off the ad networks of Google, Bing, and Facebook.
  • Something your favourite Marketing gooroo told you that guarantees you’ll always overpay for traffic.
  • What to add to every page of your site that saves you from losing visitors you pay for.
  • Why you should never even consider launching a website until you’ve included these three undercover “sales pages”. (And even though they don’t LOOK like sales pages, here’s what you should write to dramatically increase sales).
  • Something Google Insiders tell us must NEVER appear on a website if it’s going to be eligible for their traffic network.
  • A common website building practice everyone thinks is “safe” yet actually increases the cost of your advertising!
  • The search-engine food searches can’t get enough of — here’s an amazing way to get multiple “second chances” to capture visitors and make buyers of them.
  • The correct way to control how visitors move around your website so they always end up in your Sales Funnel, no matter where they land.
  • 3 pages often ignored (mistakenly) by even “experienced” affiliates, which people check the day before they decide to buy from you.
  • A lazy-man’s way to grow a website with endless streams of “long tail” search-optimised content without writing anything new.
  • The only time you should ever add any “social sharing” buttons to your website if you hate missing commissions you're entitled to.
  • A magic bullet that can give you unexpected website sales when you’re not even promoting (this may even bug you because you can’t turn it off).
  • A “spying tool” (relax, it’s legal), that dictates the regions of your site where you will get the most clicks on your sales buttons.
  • And much more...

3. Personalising an Offer

The third Manual helps you create a CUSTOM Offer page for your main affiliate product.

An offer page is a short, simple, and to-the-point page that pre-sells the affiliate product with a powerful incentive for the customer to credit the sale to you.

You don't need to be good at copywriting.

You’ll simply use what you know about your audience to come up with “a deal” they can’t refuse. By this point, and using your Plan Document, you’ll know very specific details about what they need.

When you finish this step, customers will have no choice but to buy from you.

And they’ll do it deliberately.

There’s much more inside...

  • The “dirty trick” which makes customers believe they can ONLY solve their problems by buying from you.
  • Why the fancy-schmancy sales copy of your Marketing System is hopelessly inadequate against YOUR power to influence with plain English.
  • How to master conversion of cold traffic with minimum copywriting skills in the shortest time possible.
  • Why you should almost always keep the “BUY” button on your website in order to ensure you earn your rightful commissions.
  • The most Merchant-friendly payment solution for collecting money and eliminating all worry about charge-backs, cancellations, refunds, and administration and setup.
  • Key strategies for finding your personal value and using it to actually solve the problems of your customers better than any affiliate product could alone.
  • How to squeeze every penny you can from the most stubborn affiliate program even if it has always refused to convert with you.
  • A step-by-step, play-by-play guide to putting together an irresistible offer that converts a cold, unfriendly website visitor into a happy paying buyer.
  • Why it doesn’t matter if you never track affiliate sales, and a simpler way to tell which of your ads are performing.
  • Half truths and outright lies gooroos are telling you about split-testing and why you mostly never need to split-test anyway.
  • The #1 most dangerous and costly split-testing mistake that can sabotage your ability to get converting traffic.
  • The easiest way to establish a good chemistry with people on the internet even if you don’t use the right combination of “sales words” and headlines.
  • The most important advice a great copywriter once gave me about online marketing that will make you never buy another traffic course or tool again.
  • Easy shopping-cart solutions anyone can use to create and deliver bonuses of their own.
  • Why the “self-liquidating offer” myth pushed by so many “experts” is dumb, dumb, dumb, and why selling low-end products rarely makes paid advertising "free".
  • The simple and highly enjoyable way any affiliate can run EXCITING launches just like the big boys.
  • An almost laughably easy way to use a custom Offer to banish tiny sales commissions forever.
  • 2 Simple sales tricks which can instantly balloon your advertising budget.
  • Painless ways to sell successfully without needing to learn anything new.
  • The one and only true secret you need to become a highly successful “copywriter” for your market. (You may not be a REAL copywriting authority, but as long as you stay in your own market, you will be amazing).
  • An eye-popping demonstration that replicated Systems do NOT convert well for even large volumes of targeted traffic.
  • The often-overlooked factor that biases most split-test “wins” and has nothing to do with copy.
  • What increases conversion more than a killer headline?
  • The really juicy secret to how gooroos make what they do seem deliberate and “magical” even though it’s usually accidental. And how you can use the same trick yourself to look super cool.
  • Why you really don’t need to “borrow” anyone else’s winning headline to create an offer customers want to buy.
  • The number one reason you should always design your offer before choosing a product to promote.
  • The magical place you can find information about what to offer prospects so you can quickly turn them into buyers.
  • A template that guarantees your sales message gets read and consumed by nearly everyone who sees it.
  • One thing that MUST appear on every offer page which protects you from unhappy customers.
  • A cool trick to let customers order ANY product or opportunity directly from your offer page without leaving your website (and how this ensures you can accurately track every sale & distributor you sell).
  • Crazy tips from a 15-year Advertising veteran on how to design click-grabbing Order buttons, and why your site needs to have at least one.
  • And much more...

4. Selecting and Personalising Affiliate Products

The fourth Manual helps you personalise the main affiliate product you promote.

While this may not seem necessary at first glance, it’s a BIG secret that Super Affiliates do right under your nose to ensure customers prefer to buy through them instead of anyone else.

It's how they're STEALING sales from your leads!

What’s more is, a personalised version of affiliate products can either be sold for a higher price or used to make your product a perfect fit for an audience no other affiliate targets — giving you access to endless leads without competition.

There are more secrets in here...

  • A cool trick to combine your personal value with affiliate products to sell them more easily.
  • How to never again fall for Marketing programs that claim to show you how to make money easily when it's practically impossible with their methods.
  • A deadly mistake made by many affiliates which ensures prospects see their product as a new problem instead of a solution they want.
  • A 60-minute exercise any affiliate can use to create unique value with existing products and get wider profit margins than any competing affiliate.
  • What else you can sell that fetches a significantly higher price while having all the attractive earning potential (and none of the drawbacks) of business opportunities and affiliate programs.
  • The guilt-free way to invest into opportunity which eliminates risk and guarantees you return your full investment.
  • Dirty tricks marketers use to bully you into buying conflicting advice and how to make sure you only learn the things that work.
  • A modification you can make to affiliate products that attracts a base of customers who NEED and value your experience.
  • Clever tricks that slash your learning costs. (With these, you’ll never need to buy expensive products to get one piece of information you badly want.)
  • How even if you feel like you have no value to offer, you can still be valuable to your customers.
  • Why it’s not necessary to create your own products to earn 100% or even 200% “commissions” on affiliate products you sell.
  • How you can guarantee any affiliate program will “work” for you with minimum effort and end your expensive quest for better opportunities.
  • The common and stupid claim made even by veteran affiliates about their products that kills sales.
  • A brief guide to creating your own product, and how to do it in only two hours.
  • How to tell the difference between legitimate training companies and disguised sales-programs. (This alone can save you at least $10,000).
  • Why the most unique benefit of affiliate products is the ONE thing you should never mention in any marketing.
  • The single kind of product you'll always sell easier than any affiliate offer.
  • How to raise advertising capital without being someone else's pawn.
  • Commonly sold products that you're unlikely to ever have success selling.
  • Fresh angles on old products you can sell without pretend to be an expert or trainer.
  • What the greatest Clickbank affiliates know about choosing products that almost nobody else does.
  • What the wisest, richest, and most successful affiliates do to earn big commissions from products most others will LOSE by promoting.
  • Why it’s impossible to make any significant profit on the internet selling someone else’s product. (here’s an easy and ethical way to increase your margins of profit on the same products)
  • How to make prospects think you have a “better” version of the program than anyone else promoting the exact same thing.
  • How to spot misleading claims about Marketing Systems and find those that get results easiest.
  • A lazy- and cheap-man’s way to earn bigger commissions than the affiliate product’s asking price!
  • The number 1 reason your program is NOT better than any other.
  • Which magic number of programs and opportunities you should promote to have the best odds at getting a profit.
  • Detailed strategies to recover the tens of thousands of dollars many affiliates have spent buying programs, training, and services.
  • How to become immune to the shady ‘bait and switch’ tactics of many “make money” tools and products.
  • A clever way to make all the training you’ve already bought finally pay off at a profit.
  • How to avoid being a sucker in the inevitable scams of the “make money online” industry and find free opportunities that actually pay big.
  • How to take the barest glimmer of new information from any training and use it to recover the entire cost you paid for the product.
  • What question you must ask when deciding to buy a traffic or marketing program to get the result you want at the lowest price humanly possible.
  • The most important affiliate product to promo that gives an almost magical return on traffic with minimum work or skill.
  • Which single action sets the stage for all future affiliate sales in your marketing mix and takes a prospect from “free information seeker” to buyer.
  • A simple technique to get your “foot in the door” as a Super Affiliate seller and ensure you never spend on marketing training again.
  • How to force the affiliate products you promote to be a perfect fit for any traffic you generate.
  • The cheapest way to get products built to your specifications while keeping all ownership rights.
  • And a lot more...

5. Collecting Leads to YOUR List

The fifth User Manual helps you create a high-converting page to advertise.

Please...put away those awful lead capture pages from your affiliate program.

You may believe these to be “high converting” and "proven" but the truth is, they've never been used successfully with cold website visitors. The only time they have ever done well is with existing affiliates or people who have been “warmed up”.

Since you don't already have a large list of leads and existing affiliates of the system are not your target audience, any traffic you send is new, COLD, and unfamiliar with you.

Your standard affiliate squeeze page will do no good.

With the help of this manual, you'll be creating a new squeeze page that has all the powerful elements which attract cold traffic from any advertising source to join a mailing list of your own. Unshared with anyone else.

You'll be able to extract money from your mailing list and use it to fund a lot more traffic.

Other things you’ll discover...

  • Why you should never offer to “give something away” on your landing page if you want your follow-up sales messages to be read.
  • The honest, “no bullcrap” truth about what’s required for Google-compliant landing pages and websites.
  • Why you cannot believe the conversion stats of landing pages you hear other affiliates parading in testimonials.
  • Almost fool-proof way to have navigation links on your landing page and still get a high conversion rate while having Google happily send traffic your way.
  • The most interesting way to write effective headlines ever discovered.
  • Why the Affiliate Marketing industry would shut down tomorrow if the truth got out about what’s really done with leads you put through affiliate squeeze pages.
  • Exactly what to say to prospects to make them walk through your sales funnel, become leads on your mailing list, and buy from your affiliate links.
  • Why the jury is no longer out on the common belief that “squeeze pages” don’t work on Google Adwords anymore. (With this checklist, you can run Google traffic to almost any squeeze page).
  • How to make your lead capture page look exactly how you want, all by yourself and do it better than anyone you ever hire.
  • A smart way for using “single optin” to increase lead quality and quantity instead of “double optin”.
  • How to avoid the common and costly mistakes of standard “squeeze page” templates. (This makes you the only affiliate able to use major advertising networks like Google, Facebook, and Bing to supply unlimited traffic!)
  • Why you really don’t need to use the templatic, standard format you’ve been taught for landing pages to convert traffic to leads.
  • A blueprint for creating highly effective lead capture pages.
  • The mistake most people make when trying to “qualify lead quality” and why it will always raise your lead cost and hurt sales.
  • A lead “tool kit” that helps you increase your sales rate sometimes by a multiple of 10!
  • How anyone, even a complete technophobe, can get their landing page looking and doing exactly what they want.
  • A little-known use for a popular internet program to be able to tell when prospects are getting serious about buying from your links.
  • 3 links that must appear on every landing page to make your traffic uninterrupted.
  • Why all the “correctly” structured landing pages you’ve been trying to use with affiliate offers are always banned from getting Google’s lucrative traffic.
  • One non-intuitive outward link hardly ever included in landing pages that can stop visitors from hitting “back” after you pay for their visit.
  • Which features you should look for in an autoresponder and the autoresponder that gets my best recommendation for price and deliverability.
  • Why one link underneath your optin box is more vital for consistent traffic than anything else you put on a landing page.
  • The exact correct number of input fields to place on a landing page to get cost effective traffic.
  • The best way to write a Google-compliant privacy statement (most marketers get this wrong and lose Google’s traffic as a result).
  • How to “shrink” your lead cost and make visitors return to your optin page even if they refused to optin the first time.
  • One thing more important than copy which sways landing page split-tests and slashes lead cost so you can keep more commissions.
  • 3 “time-related” attributes a headline absolutely must have to work at converting cold traffic.
  • A lie told by almost every marketer on their landing page (and you’ve probably told it unknowingly) that pisses Google off!
  • Why you should never use a “bribe” as the main offer of your landing page and how it actually will ruin sales.
  • What to say to make people WANT to receive emails from you.
  • A little-understood technique to benefit from your whole website to put people on your mailing list.
  • The counter-intuitive reason you shouldn’t care if paid traffic leaves your landing page and (I know this sounds crazy but it’s true), how even with them leaving, you still get better conversion!
  • A landing page trick that almost guarantees you never get a single complaint about your followup (most affiliates end up with their email on ISP black-lists by not doing this).
  • My most tightly-kept squeeze page secret that ensures your sales emails always get read.
  • A curious website where you can get a real programmer to convert an image of your landing page into code for dirt cheap.
  • The absolute FASTEST way to convert a lead to a sale, with no wait time.
  • And much more!

6. Collecting Customers

The sixth User Manual is all about capturing customers into a special customer database.

Immediately after a lead becomes a customer, they become the most valuable subscriber on your mailing list. When you want your traffic to pay off BIG, you should separate them onto a customer list.

Many affiliates skip this step all-together, leaving all their customers to the affiliate program to monetize without paying them.

With this manual’s help, you’ll be able to capture customers and benefit from selling other stuff you choose.

There’s more inside this manual...

  • A little-known trick that converts 100% of customers into a new mailing list. (This is normally difficult but you’ll manage something few experienced marketers ever figure out).
  • How to capture customers in a way that offsets traffic costs and raises your margins easily.
  • One key statement you have to make on a Customer page which gets super-sensitive information from customers without legal repercussion.
  • How even a half-witted moron can get ridiculous conversion rates without knowing a thing about selling as long as they do this first.
  • A complete template of what successful affiliates tell customers immediately after they buy to eliminate refunds on their earnings.
  • A deadly mistake that renders even the best “security” useless giving free access to pirates who steal and distribute your bonuses. (Here’s an easy way to fix this).
  • How you can easily integrate the delivery of affiliate products and completely skip the affiliate order page while getting full compensation (this works even for old-school Network Marketing opportunities and products that don’t have online ordering systems!)
  • Why customers often forget they bought from you and what you can tell them to avoid being trashed on “scam” forums.
  • The big secret to create an infinite advertising budget even traffic experts don’t ever figure out.
  • An almost completely overlooked, yet vital, link you must give customers to save time dealing with angry support emails.
  • Two important steps, if you do them, lead cost will never worry you again.
  • The special page you should always send customers to immediately after they register their purchase — it increases your earnings!
  • The certainchargeback eliminator most affiliates forget that could get them banned from their programs immediately.
  • A rarely used method that gets profit even from expensive traffic.
  • Why super affiliates seem to always have unlimited advertising budgets and can always reach more people. (Here’s how anyone can get that same power.)
  • A Customer Registration page-design that protects you from unhappy customers who would otherwise destroy you overnight.
  • An email template to be sent to customers that keeps them happily buying everything you promote from that day forth.
  • How you can create a deep business relationship with customers and get more money from them.
  • ...And a lot more!

7. Following-Up

The seventh User Manual is about Follow-up; the one thing you can use to simplify and automate your business to one action per day.

Affiliates rarely focus on this because they think follow-up is hard and requires special techniques.

Without follow-up, you are forced to rely on the poor converting sales page of your affiliate program -- which if experience serves, you'll notice does a terrible job of converting your- leads.

Follow-up is more important than anything else, particularly if you have never sold a thing in your life. This method alone builds empires.

In this manual you’ll learn an enjoyable and effective way to get more sales using a special and easy follow-up method.

There’s more you’ll discover soon...

  • If you have “lack of discipline”, here’s how you can use it to inspire an ever-growing list of best-selling messages.
  • How to align your sales process with your morals and values so that it’s natural to talk about the products you promote, without feeling like a sleazy snakeoil salesman.
  • The basis of an advertising trick jacked from Mad Men which MANUFACTURES an irrational need in your customers to buy from you, even if they never wanted what you’re promoting in the first place.
  • How to systematically turn every individual problem of your audience into one under-lying need only you hold the solution to.
  • How to break the rules of “good marketing” to sell products faster than competing affiliates (and hey, breaking the rules is fun!)
  • Why you should exercise intellectual freedom whether or not it helps sales.
  • A simple, time-tested formula I learned from the world’s top Email Specialist for lining up an army of customers eager to buy through your affiliate link BEFORE a major affiliate launch goes live — use this method to win the BMW in affiliate contests or use it in your own launches.
  • The most profitable way to avoid writing if you hate to write.
  • How often you should blog to get more leads from search engines.
  • A method used by the greatest copywriter I’ve ever met to get new follow-up ideas that convert to sales every time.
  • The correct frequency to send follow-up emails and create trusting prospects who open all your emails and look forward to them!
  • The counter-intuitive trick to increase follow-up frequency and eliminate unsubscribes.
  • How to train a "freebie seeker" mailing list to BUY instead.
  • The truth about why you never need to worry about open- and click-rates.
  • How to know the exact dollar value of every lead that joins your list before you get new subscribers so you can spend on advertising without fear.
  • How to turn your mailing list into an ATM machine that you can withdraw from any time you have bills to pay.
  • A drug- & alcohol-free way to be super creative and make readers of your email rabid for more contact.
  • Exactly how many links should appear in every email message (and where they should go) to become a top seller.
  • Where your blog posts should take prospects after reading and why you should never send them to a sales page.
  • A funny way I use Google Analytics to inspire new follow-up ideas people want to read.
  • How to make a single email more effective than your entire sales page at converting leads to buyers.
  • The cumulative-selling approach that gets sales even if you never sell.
  • How to use a Plan Document to get deep into your prospect’s psyche and make them want to buy.
  • The single autoresponder statistic that tells you if a prospect is almost ready to buy and a fun method to segment them for specific follow-up that pushes them over the edge.
  • How to get more sales with low open- and high unsubscribe- rates.
  • Why split-testing emails is both stupid and unnecessary.
  • How to create irrational desire even if you write quick, seemingly pointless emails.
  • How to convert untargeted leads to be an exact fit for your affiliate program without looking for new traffic.
  • A method to turn a mailing list of 100 leads into tens of thousands of dollars in sales.
  • The only value an email message must offer without giving away any real value for free.
  • A cheater’s technique for ‘swiping’ winning subject lines proven to be opened by tens of thousands of people from any market you want -- without breaking IP law.
  • The often-overlooked way to modify any content email to become a sales-sucking, commission-earning follow-up message.
  • A time-tested formula for writing emails that get sales every time you hit that send button.
  • A cognitive science trick to format emails for faster or slower reading depending on whether you want the reader to scan or fully consume every word.
  • ...And a lot more!

8. Traffic

The eighth User Manual has everything you need to know about Traffic.

Reaching more people by advertising your website online is a remarkable and powerful ability to have. But wouldn’t it be nice to also know the secrets that make traffic PAINLESS, free, and cost-effective?

In this manual you will learn them all.

Here’s just a glimpse into what’s inside this manual:

  • How to find the right advertising platform that has the necessary potential to give you as much traffic as you need, even if you have no money to spend.
  • What budget you should allocate for testing offers and how to make your money last as long as possible.
  • The critical traffic requirement that has nothing to do with ad budget size, lead cost, or conversion — but if you make this happen you never worry about traffic again.
  • A tested formula that gets consistent free traffic every day.
  • The recommended time-span you can pay “out of pocket” for traffic before you should expect a return of profit.
  • What to do when traffic costs more time or money than you planned (this is so simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of it!)
  • How to eliminate the emotional roller-coaster when you spend on advertising and turn your decisions into calculated certainties.
  • Why “pausing” a traffic campaign might be the WORST action when losing money and how to turn loss into profit.
  • Ways to check if your audience use your chosen advertising solution.
  • 5 ways to tell if your offer will convert on a traffic platform before investing into any ad campaign.
  • The best number and type of ad variations you should try when beginning to promote an affiliate product.
  • A four point check-list for writing ads to ensure they bring you only the most qualified leads that you can convert.
  • How to ensure as many prospects as possible join your mailing list (instead of leave your site) after clicking your ads.
  • Why it's better to write ads that get FEWER clicks than high.
  • What to do to get more traffic even if your ad quality stinks.
  • My keyword technique for getting your ENTIRE target audience to see your ads without wasting money on useless traffic.
  • When it's better to target broader audiences outside your target and still only pay for quality traffic.
  • How to write ads that are only clicked by people who want to register to your mailing list.
  • The mostly COSTLY part of an ad that should always be toned down.
  • Why I never kill the losing ad in a “split-test”.
  • A technique to profit from paid traffic networks without doing ANY maintenance or testing by letting the network do it all for you better than any human traffic manager could.
  • How to automate your traffic while consistently dropping lead cost and getting more volume.
  • Which part of an ad can be full of “hype” without risking untargeted “curiosity” clicks that don't convert.
  • How to correctly setup lead tracking and tell exactly which ad campaigns bring useless traffic that wastes money.
  • A proven flow-chart you can use to manage ad campaigns like a pro by just making mechanical "yes" and "no" decisions.
  • How to create an influx of “targeted leads” ready to buy without pushy selling.
  • A time-tested method to do keyword research for free or paid advertising anyone can use to build huge keyword lists.
  • The funny reason why you simply can't choose the “wrong” targeting in PPC traffic.
  • An audience-research technique that can give you thousands of opportunities to reach your audience ANYWHERE they search online.
  • A proven strategy our top AdWords guy has used to restore lots of suspended/banned Google and Bing accounts — he’s even receive apology emails from the ad network staff!
  • How to get “enough” traffic lightning-fast -- even if you have no money to spend on traffic!
  • Why Social Media rarely brings buying leads and a much better way to use Social Media to consistently drop your lead cost and average customer value.
  • The only “ninja” ad writing trick that gets money from paid advertising.
  • A little-known way to track the effectiveness of Social Media.
  • How to build a FRIGHTENINGLY large advertising budget from scratch, even if you have no money to spend on traffic right now.
  • One super-effective technique to avoid EVER paying for traffic.
  • Why you don’t need to learn any complicated advertising tricks to get leads that convert.
  • How to consistently reduce the cost of paid traffic and get much more of it without having to look at numbers all day.
  • The only action you can take to get advertising going again when your affiliate marketing system's landing pages has already been rejected from all major traffic networks.
  • Why even the most costly leads can still be a huge source of revenue and profit for you.
  • How to make money from any traffic you generate, even if it’s just a couple of leads a day.
  • Why leads are just as pointless as website "hits" in marketing.
  • How to STAY on the most popular traffic networks and suck all their traffic over to your site.
  • If you’ve struggled to “get traffic” to your site, then here’s a way to start a website where the traffic already exists.
  • What to remove from your site to immediately turn the most stubborn “free traffic” method into a lead-cow.
  • Why all the free traffic methods taught by popular “gooroos” have never (and will never) work for you.
  • Frustrating mistakes made by affiliates that almost seem deliberately designed to KILL traffic instead of attract it.
  • A simple adjustment to your affiliate product that converts any traffic source into a “profitable” one.
  • Why you only need ONE traffic solution to get all the traffic you like.
  • The best and most comprehensive traffic training that will not cost a SINGLE cent to learn.
  • How to get an actual job where you can learn traffic and be paid. (When you do this, you will always have a part-time home income easier than anything else).
  • Why the most successful Super Affiliates don’t actually get “cheap leads” or even a “lot of leads” ... here's what they’re really doing to earn those big commissions.
  • Why all the complicated SEO stuff taught in popular traffic courses might bring more rankings and clicks to your site but rarely ever creates customers.
  • How SEO is killing your ability to make sales unless you use this content creation strategy we've innovated.
  • Why ninja traffic tricks will actually kill your website and get you banned from all major ad networks.
  • Why you should never pay for (or use) software that claims to help you get more traffic, no matter how legitimate it seems.
  • The real way to use “article marketing” and “bum marketing” to make affiliate products from Clickbank pay off with commissions — and why most affiliates don’t do this.
  • And a wholeeeeee bunch more...

Tackling the Big G!

This is a video introduction to traffic generation using Google for Affiliate Marketers.

It's an online BONUS you'll get access to immediately after purchasing. It will help you really grasp all the concepts and the reasoning behind much of the processes you'll be going through with us.

As soon as you order, you'll get access to this 40 minute video to watch in our special members area.

Bail-Out Support

Are you nervous you’re gonna get stuck while working on your Super Traffic Machine and then give up like so many other things?


I know how difficult it is to follow instructions, even when they are as simple and as clear as the DIY STM.

Unlike most training programs you're used to, where if you get stuck you have to go look for other products to find the solution from...we want to make sure you stay on track.

Each step of the way, you can call on a Yaghilabs specialist to help you get “unstuck” from that step.

This is "Bail Out" Support.

You can call on...

  • A Business Strategist
  • A Website Technician
  • A Sales Strategist
  • A Product Strategist
  • A Lead Collection Strategist
  • A Followup Expert
  • Or a Traffic Consultant

All of these experts are available to help you.

Please keep in mind that this level of personal help CANNOT possibly be free of charge!


Bail Out support is also not offered to the public, so it’s still quite the privilege to have it.

And it's useful too. Never before has it been possible to get "coaching-like" help in the middle of a "home study" course!

Our experts are super-busy servicing clients...and they implement Super Traffic Machines several times a day for gobs of dough.

But I made them an “offer they can’t refuse”...and just like that, they well all, “Jeez Mr. Yaghi, anything you say Mr. Yaghi.”

Yeah. Who’s ya boy?

So look, support is billed hourly and the rates are pretty darn affordable. You can have as much or as little time as you like. Use your time any way you want.

I just have one condition...

You must do the DIY STM steps in order.

You will not be allowed to talk to an expert about a step before you finish all the ones before it. And they're all instructed to check, so don't cheat.

Meaning, if you come and ask to speak to a Traffic Consultant when you haven’t completed the Brand Plan step, you will be turned down.

I want to be certain you understand the sequence you follow to build your DIY Super Traffic Machine is very, very critical. And I’m the one who dictates it to you.

I’m not interested in the order YOU want to implement. Because your sequence is wrong.

Mine is right. If you want the Super Traffic Machine to work for you, you have to follow the instructions exactly as i give them to you.

As long as you get stuck while following my sequence, don’t worry. We got you covered.

Use this “Bail Out” support feature if you have...

  • A difficult choice to make and you’re not sure which is right in your case
  • You want someone to look over your work and give it a critique or edit
  • You’re not sure how to start or how to proceed with some step
  • You want feedback on something you've done to know if it's correct or not.
  • Or anything else you need expert guidance on

My Traffic Amplitude Diary

Look, if everything I’ve told you so far wasn’t enough to get you chomping at the bits to own the Super Traffic Machine...

Then the only explanation that makes sense is that this program is not for you.

But if I’m even a little bit psychic and I’ve guessed correctly by including everything you’ve been dying to learn...then the surprise I have for you is going to make you wet.

I don’t have a whole lot of space to describe this.

Once you've finished the 8 components of your Super Traffic Machine, the most important next step is to Refine & Amplify your machine.

Now, the thing about traffic is, i can give you the step-by-step processes and you'll have a decent Marketing Machine. But beyond that, if you really want to take your machine to the next level, you have to repeat the processes and scale your profit.

I'm talking about being able to get to the stage where you can spend $10,000+ / day on traffic without skipping a beat.

To do this, you're going to need a very analytical approach, that transcends process.

In fact, i would argue it requires a special way of thinking.

My Traffic Amplitude Diary aims to emerse you in the mind of one of the biggest Super Affiliate this industry has ever seen...ME. And to show you how i think about traffic and marketing. What makes what i do so special? This is pretty deep stuff and may be even too complicated for your mind to grasp.

Which is why, this is optional. You will have the choice to cancel your subscription at a natural stopping point after the 8th component. A cancellation card is included in the 8th User Manual and you can feel free to send it back in and go on your merry way. You're welcome btw 🙂

But if you want to be in the top 1% of the top 1% of traffic generation like're going to love this.

Is DIY STM Right For Me?


If you’re still wondering by now, then it’s time to stop reading and be on your merry way.

Anyone who is going to make use of this information is busy scrolling past this section and they're about 18 million steps ahead of you.

But if you’re still reading, then I feel it's necessary to give you more reasons to disappear:

You need to know the meaning of the word “unique”.

After having dealt with thousands of students in this industry, I find most of you have no idea what that means. If you don’t understand that “unique” means that you should do something different from what millions of competitors are doing...then this information is NOT for you.

Secondly, this program is not cheap.

It's "affordable", but that doesn't mean it's cheap.

MOST people can afford it.

But I don’t want desperate brokeass shmucks buying and then being overcome with buyer remorse. If you have to borrow money or scrape it together, find something else more in your price range.

I don’t need your money.

Yes, i get to be a jerk about it because i paid my dues and earned the right to be arrogant.

This information is based on years of trial and error, lost money, and bad health. I’ve got painful irreparable problems in my bones, my joints, and my muscles...I’ve killed myself to discover the information I’m sharing here.

Also, this program is not for beginners.

Not because it’s complicated, but because beginners are still in a daze.

They don’t want to believe that Affiliate marketing isn’t as easy as “drive traffic and get rich”.

To realise this, you’re going to have to try and fail in a few marketing programs before you're ready to do it my way.


You have to be able to think outside the box.

The “make money” crowd has a tendency to always target the same obvious audiences and they repeat cliché marketing messages used by the entire “business opportunity” crowd.

They like swiping, copying, and stealing from their betters.

They're incapable of producing a single original thought.

If that sounds like you, please leave.

Otherwise, if you fit my criteria...

Then get ready to become a Super Affiliate.

If you implement these 8 components and finish all their checklists, you’re going to be in my debt forever. Let me know when you’re a Super Affiliate and want to repay that debt — I’d want to partner with you on a very lucrative project 🙂

How Do I Know This is Legit?

You don’t.

Of course if you do nothing with this training, it won’t do a darn thing.

Then again, I don’t expect you to take my word anyway.

I mean, I could easily tell you that I’m a friggin boy-scout, and that I help old ladies cross the road. But you’d be an idiot to just take my word for it.

I’m no boy-scout. I’m a seriously impolite, arrogant, yet knowledgeable prick.

When it comes to Marketing Online, I know my stuff. And I’m an incredible teacher and consultant.

Do your own research. Run a search for my name in Google - “Jim Yaghi”. Read up everything you find there. I don’t know what you’ll come across.

What I do know is...

My thousands of happy customers and clients rave about my training in every corner of the globe. I’ve trained people, serviced clients, and practiced online marketing for years. You’ll even find (if you look for it) an Amazon review I gave a Mathematics textbook when I was an undergraduate baby. That’s how long I’ve been around.

Everything about my life is published online.

You’ll discover that I’ve sold a lot of training products that were “best sellers” and that I’m the go-to-guy for big traffic. The Last Man Standing on Google.

Everyone wants Jim Yaghi to solve their traffic problems.

If you get past the first few pages of Google, you’ll even find my old scientific publications and academic works.

But none of these things means this program will definitely work for you.

That’s a decision you have to make.

Can I Refund
If I Change My Mind?

No. Here's a novel idea...

Why not do all your thinking, considering, and deciding BEFORE buying?

This way, you'll never need a refund.

You can of course CANCEL any time you like. But please don't ask for refunds, because it costs us a lot of money to produce each kit and send it to you.

I don’t believe knowledge can be refunded; all sales are final.

Decide carefully; i won't give you the chance to “keep this for a little” while and wait to see if you ever get around to making use of the program.

I’m sorry, you don’t get to decide if it works.

I know it does.

7 years and hundreds of clients say so. If that’s not enough for you, SCRAM.

If you lack the self-confidence to make use of such a gift as the Super Traffic Machine, there is no hope that ANY program will be of use to you.

The only person worse is the little insect who thinks he’s going to pick and choose which parts of MY training program are useful to him.

Everything is useful.

I expect you to take IMMEDIATE action and implement my instructions exactly, fully, and in order.

Do NOT skip around picking and choosing which “tricks” you’ll use.

None of them will work on their own.

You cannot mix and match my techniques with any of the bullcrap you've learned from the pretend-trainers out there. Forget about it.

This toolkit is to be used as a complete Super Affiliate transformation machine from A to Z.

It will never work any other way.

So either follow the program exactly as I instruct and keep it for reference...or do us both a favour and don't buy.

What Does It Cost?

The cost of the Super Traffic Machine is only $199/month.

No discounts or special deals.

The information contained here is our trade-secrets. I'm crazy giving it away like this--it's been worth millions to us and even when i originally developed this material, i intended to use it as a licensing program for a $10,000 sign up fee and then a sizeable and ongoing royalty.

We decided to implement the licensing program differently and it turned out it would be better to make this material accessible to more people.

But the material remained mostly in its original form. We didn't cut it down or make it less remarkable to account for the low price.

Just Tell Me How To Get It!

If I successfully scared off the time-wasters...

Then hopefully you’re reading this section because you have the required characteristics of a Super Affiliate.

You understand why you need me, you’re prepared to do exactly what i tell you, and you’ve decided to get started.


Now here’s what you do:

Pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself on passing my arrogance-test ...

...and then proceed to click the order button below.

Fill out your payment information.

Provide your mailing address.

And wait for the one and ONLY Super Traffic Machine Kit's FIRST MODULE to arrive at your door-step.

Super Traffic Machine

A Complete Web Traffic Building DIY Kit
$ 199
  • Every Month

I look forward to helping you get ahead in your affiliate program and seeing you at the top as its biggest Super Affiliate!


~jim yaghi
CEO of YaghiLabs
“Inventor of the Internet”



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