Turn your business website into a SLEEPING GIANT, cruising on a tiny, cheap server, but at the first sign of a spike in traffic, it's ready to wake up and...

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Sorry, you've missed the deadline! We do a new killer bonus every month.
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The Super Traffic Machine is already a bad ass curriculum. It’s comprehensive, step-by-step, and an instructional internet marketing program, to get you from where you are now, to owning an affiliate brand that works like a MACHINE. A machine that takes traffic as input and turns it into cashflow and commissions as output. 

You receive the training as a kit composed of 8 modules shipped physically to you. Each month, you follow the instructions provided to build one of the components. When you’re done, everything fits seamlessly together to make the ULTIMATE Super Traffic Machine.

If you don’t know the core offering, read the full details about the Super Traffic Machine program here and learn about the instant access extras that come with it, regardless of any deadlines.

Otherwise, swipe/scroll down for details about the Sleeping Giant extras expiring soon…

This page describes a different set of extras you automatically qualify for if you join before the timer expires. They’re designed to make your decision to join us even easier. 

Here’s what i’m ALSO giving away JUST until March 31st before the clock runs out…

Three killer extras to launch your website: (1) The Sleeping Giant - Video Course (2) High Volume Email Sending - Printed Manual (3) and, Business Command Centre - Quick Reference ALL FOR FREE When You Join the Super Traffic Machine In The Next...

Sorry, you've missed the deadline! We do a new killer bonus every month.
Read here to learn how our bonuses work.


I am a first time subscriber

*No matter which button you use to subscribe, you’ll automatically qualify for all the promised extras, as long as you join before the timer runs out.

EXTRA #1: The Sleeping Giant

Video Course

Imagine you or your web business has just been covered in the news, or an influencer impressed with your products mentioned you to his 1 million followers, or you’ve written a guest post on a popular site…

That would be a good day, right?

For most online entrepreneurs, the answer is a surprising, “NO!”

That’s because when an unexpected surge of traffic hits their website, they’re not going to build their list, they’re not going to sell any products…No…Their website is going to…


And by the time they realise this, it’s too late.

In the brand new video course, “The Sleeping Giant: Infinite Horizontal Scaling,” i show you how to take advantage of unexpected traffic spikes by preparing your website for them.

The problem, unfortunately, for most people is they have two options: (1) pay a large monthly fee to a hosting provider to have a large enough server to handle tons of visitors, but let the server sit idle waiting for that big happy day….or (2) pay peanuts for a crappy small hosting that handles the stragglers their website will receive 99% of the time…but take the risk their website will BUCKLE if they ever get their big break.

So most online entrepreneurs choose the latter option, because it’s the “cheaper” way.

But the method i teach you in The Sleeping Giant: Infinite Horizontal Scaling will enable you to have a server that automatically and dynamically adapts to any load.

Most of the time when you’ve only got stragglers, and your website is barely getting any visits, you’ll pay $0.00 for at least the first 12 months and $0.01/hr beyond. But if ever a sudden spike of traffic hits your site, your webserver will roar. It will adapt no matter the load and turn into a mammoth machine capable of handling even a million hits, without ever breaking a sweat. You’ll pay for the resources and hours you use. And as soon as the traffic spike dies down, your server will also automatically shrink to its original, tiny, inexpensive size.

Like this, you aren’t paying for resources you’re not using most of the time. But you’re prepared to handle ANY load that comes your way.

No Matter How Big You Get!

This is an otherwise VERY hard, complex, technical task. In fact, all the tutorials online are written for programmers and devops. With all my own tech experience, it still took ME months to sort through it for my website. I eventually had to hire the help of two experts to figure it out–and even THEY struggled and it was only with our combined experience that we found a solution. 

Now that i know how to scale my own website infinitely, i’m in a position to share this information with my subscribers in THE MOST non-tech treatment of such a technical topic you can possibly imagine.

In the video modules i’m releasing on March 31st, you’ll see exactly how to setup your website to scale infinitely and cheaply, with step by step instructions. You won’t have to waste your time figuring anything out on your own.

Click here. Click there. Do this. Do that. That’s how simple the instructions are.

And i know my instructions are simple enough most regular people can follow along because we’ve already done it with two other tech-heavy topics…and the results our students had were remarkable!

Plus, i’m offering plenty of support in case anyone gets stuck. More on this shortly.


I am a FIRST TIME subscriber

*No matter which button you use to subscribe, you’ll automatically qualify for all the promised extras, as long as you join before the timer runs out.

EXTRA #2: High Volume Email Sending

Printed Book Version

Some of the coolest things i’ve been able to figure out how to do are to self-host my own email marketing, to get emails to land in my subscribers’ inboxes, and to do it without anyone controlling me or my subscribers other than me. I shared exactly how to do this in a video course i released on Feb 28th, 2021 to Super Traffic Machine students.

This month, we’re in the process of creating the PRINT version of this material which we expect to complete and begin shipping on March 31st. YOU will get a FREE copy of this printed manual if you join before the deadline.

This advanced training will equip you with everything you need to set up your own robust email marketing system with which you can use to send all the marketing emails you want without the usual costs, and without the usual interference of commercial email marketing services.

For the first 65,000 emails of every month, you’ll pay NOTHING

That’s enough to have a mailing list of 2,000 subscribers and email them once per day, all month long, and STILL have 5,000 emails left over. This deal is a “forever free” offer from the #1 cloud service provider in the world. The cost after the first 65,000 emails when you become a serious sender is $0.0001/email.

The CHEAPEST price available anywhere.

In fact, i recently did a price comparison on our Facebook group with email sending services popular among internet marketers, just to show how badly everyone else is getting screwed. You can check out the price comparison here. I compared BOTH low and high volume sending scenarios. And with the method i show you in this training, our method was the clear winner in price, with a cost 2.5x CHEAPER than the next best option and about 13.5x cheaper than the worst (MailChimp…fuuuuckin MailChimp).

I also show you…

  • How to ensure your emails hit inboxes, not spam.
  • How to build that coveted “relationship” with ESP’s that the email marketing platforms are always rubbing in our faces and sighting as the main reason you should go with one of them over the other.
  • How to get approved to send as much as 50,000 emails / day at a rate of 14 emails/second…
  • as well as, for fun, How to get approved to send 1,000,000 emails / day at a rate of 80 emails/second as i have done.

This training has been completed and delivered as a video series and you missed that deadline already. However, when you join before March 31st, you’ll be right in time to get the printed version free, which is arguably, a more refined, better version of the training.

The instructions are step by step, in text, and there are screenshots to help you check your work and see where to click and when. It’s easier to follow along in a printed manual while you work, than to watch in a video which you have to keep pausing and stopping.

an example from a previous month’s printed book version


I am a FIRST TIME subscriber

*No matter which button you use to subscribe, you’ll automatically qualify for all the promised extras, as long as you join before the timer runs out.

EXTRA #3: Business Command Centre

Printed Quick Reference

On January 31st, i conducted a killer video training that spanned 5 hours on how to create a full-stack marketing website with EVERYTHING you need to run a business online including transaction and payment processing, invoicing, shopping cart, customer and order management, funnel building and upsells, visual page builder, and email marketing. All in the cloud. All for absolutely free for 12-months and negligibly priced ($0.01/hr) thereafter.

The details of that training, you’ll find on its original sales page.

If you join before March 31st, you’ll get the printed Quick Reference for that training. Nobody else who joined after the Jan 31st deadline has access to the video course, and after Feb 28th no body has access to the printed book version of that phenomenal training. So unfortunately, you won’t get either the video or the book version.

This is what you missed last month

However, the Quick Reference is a brief TLDR of approximately 20 pages giving you JUST the summary of the 5+ hours of video training and the approximately 260 page printed book version we shipped out early this month. The Quick Reference is the notes that i followed while giving the presentation and has all the important settings, reminding me of which options to turn on, what to type, and which setting to use and in what order.

Also, and ONLY if you subscribe by March 31st, there is a way to get the parts you missed–if you ever decide you want the video and book versions, you’ll be entitled to back-issue them for a heavily discounted price. 

You can read the original sales page for the Business Command Centre if you want to know what you missed and what the Quick Reference represents. Otherwise, if you know what it is, click a button below…


I am a FIRST TIME subscriber

*No matter which button you use to subscribe, you’ll automatically qualify for all the promised extras, as long as you join before the timer runs out.

What Happens After The Deadline?

Before March 31st, if you join the Super Traffic Machine, you qualify to get the three extras I described above FOR FREE. The video course will be posted to your back office and the print materials will be shipped to you shortly after the deadline. You’ll get the Super Traffic Machine’s first module in the mail as well. You can email me to get a tracking number if you need one.

After March 31st, however, the extras described above become inaccessible to anyone new for a while, and then we’ll make them available to future enrollees as back-issues for $999 per module…which is still a steal (each includes a video course, a printed book, and a printed Quick Reference). Meaning, the total for all three courses comes out to just under $3,000.

Why am i giving all this for free when i could charge the full $3,000 now? Because…

  1. Well, i can’t actually charge $3,000 for these courses right now…all the material i need to make them into a complete package isn’t ready. I’m currently building the Quick Reference for Extra #3, the book for Extra #2, and the video course for Extra #1 as we approach the March 31st deadline. I have yet to start writing the book version of Extra #3 and the Quick References for Extras #2 and #3. So i’m not ready to sell at full price yet.
  2.  These three mini-courses are actually three-months worth of PAID content for Super Traffic Machine CLUB members who completed the core training. Because of this, the material is top notch, specialised, and hard to find anywhere else. But it was always my intention to also use this content as incentive to entice you to join the Super Traffic Machine and make the deal so irrisistable, that if you say NO, you’re either not an internet marketer and got on my list by some freak accident…or you’ve been dropped repeatedly on your head. 🙂

This adds up to a major advantage for you

If you act now, you can get everything i described, for free with a Super Traffic Machine subscription…and much more is yet to come. Because each month there’s a new extra module you get, on some topic of interest to me that i think you’d benefit from too.

Some upcoming modules topics we’re bouncing around now are: Google Ads, Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Quora Ads, Print Publishing, Creating a self-hosted Zapier clone, Creating your own Webinar server, and lots, lots more.

So what’s up with you? are you gonna just close this page and let all these goods pass you by? Or are you gonna be clever and click an option below to get started before the clock runs out and regret sets in?



I am a first time subscriber

*No matter which button you use to subscribe, you’ll automatically qualify for all the promised extras, as long as you join before the timer runs out.

Support Galore

Oh i almost forgot to tell you about all the support you get when you’re a Super Traffic Machine subscriber. We do two live meetings every month where i take your questions, give you advice, help you through anything you need help with from inside the materials or from outside.

We run a Facebook support group where you can ask for help any time, technical, marketing, specialised or otherwise…and i’ll either answer you in text, or shoot you a video if that makes more sense (sometimes i’ll even do a demo for you).

And while our subscriber base is still reasonably small, i’m even willing to get on a call with you personally to help you through any thorny bits. I’ve done a few already and people have been quite pleased.

You can also write me a personal message in the Learning Management System about any of the online course content and i’ll happily respond.

You’re also encouraged to make friends with other subscribers and collaborate together, which you’ll find is the best way to move forward fast.

So you’ll never feel stuck. You’ll never feel alone. As long as you’re a Super Traffic Machine subscriber, you’ve got me and my team on your side.

Click the appropriate button below…


I am a FIRST TIME subscriber

*No matter which button you use to subscribe, you’ll automatically qualify for all the promised extras, as long as you join before the timer runs out.

How can i get it?

To get access to these extras, you must subscribe to the Super Traffic Machine before the countdown timer at the top of this page runs out.

Read these instructions carefully and follow them.

If you were originally subscribed to the Super Traffic Machine and your subscription has lapsed, whether it is because you have completed all 8 modules or some other reason, you should reactivate your subscription before the deadline.

If you did not complete all 8 modules, we will continue delivering your modules where you last left off. If you have completed all 8, we will not send them again, as that would be pointless. However, your active subscription entitles you automatically to this and all future trainings we release.

In either case, click the GREEN button below to reactivate.

On the other hand, if you wish to subscribe for the first time, please read the presentation for the Super Traffic MachineMake sure you want it. If you don’t see value in being subscribed to the FULL Super Traffic Machine program, for the entire 8 months and beyond, close this page, and do not proceed. Even though our bonuses are attractive (and deliberately so), i insist that you ONLY join if you are interested in the core Super Traffic Machine curriculum. 

Click the ORANGE button below to read about the Super Traffic Machine and subscribe normally from that page.

When you’re ready, click the appropriate button below…


I am a first time subscriber

*No matter which button you use to subscribe, you’ll automatically qualify for all the promised extras, as long as you join before the timer runs out.

What if i want to cancel or i don't like it?

You may PAUSE your subscription any time: You will always have the opportunity to pause your subscription if you cannot afford it on a particular month. You do not even have to contact us and you can manage your subscription on your own from your “My Account” settings as you wish.

You may CANCEL your subscription any time: Also, you’re free to cancel your Super Traffic Machine subscription at any time, again without even contacting us. You have full control over your subscription. However… 

***Read This Warning Carefully:***

If you cancel soon after you receive our bonuses, i WILL hold it against you and i will blacklist you from returning, on suspicion alone.

Here’s why…

I’m only offering this and future bonuses free to Super Traffic Machine subscribers, because i want to reciprocate the LOYALTY of my customers. if you do not plan to be a loyal subscriber but still try to get the bonus, even though you know it is not meant for you, you’re being deceptive and dishonest.

If you want the bonus but don’t want the Super Traffic Machine, you’d also be doing yourself a disservice because the material is advanced and it adds to what i am assuming you learned or will learn in the Super Traffic Machine.  It is infinitely more useful when combined with the marketing principles i teach you there.


If you ask for a refund, you will NOT get it. All sales are final. This has always been my policy. This is also in YOUR interest so your buying decision is careful and not impulsive.

My advice:

If you’re not sure if the Super Traffic Machine is right for you, don’t subscribe, don’t take the bonuses. Do your due diligence, ask your questions, study what you get, read more of my emails, ask around about me. And only when you’re happy and feel completely comfortable with your decision and can afford it for at least the next 12 months, without overextending yourself, subscribe.


I am a FIRST TIME subscriber

*No matter which button you use to subscribe, you’ll automatically qualify for all the promised extras, as long as you join before the timer runs out.


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