PPC Domination

Has This New Zealand Computer Scientist
Really Discovered The Secret
Of Generating Unlimited
Free MLM Leads
With Google AdWords?

Or is this just more
typical marketing "hype"?

In your special report below: 

          The fascinating story of a whole new way of using Google AdWords to   find  an almost limitless number of qualified MLM leads in 3 minutes per day —even if you're brand new to MLM or AdWords now...
  • So powerful, it lets you almost effortlessly generate hundreds of free leads per month , who are eagerly and relentlessly pursuing you ... instead of you pursuing them.
  • So easy, even total Internet and MLM "newbies" can learn it in a few short hours —with no big learning curves or frustrating "techie" rules to memorize.
  • Created by a computer scientist, and based on the same "search engine science" Google uses— making it almost impervious to Google's infamous "algorithm" changes and "slaps."
  • Plus, for a limited time, you can use this system without any risk and even FREE , if you want.

Dear Network Marketer,

          If you would like to generate hundreds of super-qualified, "ready to join your business NOW" leads per week  using Google AdWords... and do it in just minutes per day, and without spending a single penny ... then this letter will show you how.

          Here's the story:

          My name is Mike Dillard.  I am an MLM sponsoring and lead generation coach with over 100,000 students in 65 different countries.  Many of my students generate hundreds—sometimes even thousands —of leads per WEEK using my methods.  And even my smaller websites get more traffic and leads than most of the major MLM company sites combined.

          Anyway, here's why this is important for you:

         For the last 6 months, I have been using Google AdWords in a secret way (created by a computer scientist) that is so simple and powerful ... even total MLM and pay-per-click "newbies" can use it to....

Generate Up To
150 Leads Per Day .
  • Without losing a single penny.
  • Without spending more than a few minutes per day.
  • And without needing ANY prior AdWords, Internet marketing or computer experience.
          Plus, not only do you generate these leads 100% FREE... but they are so  qualified and "eager" to get started... that many of them...

Will Actually Pay You
To Pitch Them
Your Opportunity.

          How is this even possible ?

          To answer that question I have no choice but to tell you a story many of the AdWords "gurus" do NOT want you to hear.

          In fact, what I'm about to say will probably shock (in a good way) any network marketer who wants to use AdWords, but is scared to lose money... or who is tired of listening to the AdWords "experts" with no results.


          About a year ago, I met a New Zealand computer scientist (turned network marketer) named Jim Yaghi who has a reputation for sponsoring new reps extremely fast —without going to meetings, making cold calls or bugging his friends.
How This Computer Scientist Generates Hundreds Of Free MLM Leads Online Each Month
And how you can, too.

     Jim Yaghi is a computer scientist, 6-figure network marketer and "in house" AdWords consultant for Magnetic Sponsoring—the world's largest network marketing training site.

     Jim started his MLM business in 2006 while studying for his PhD in computer science.  Being extremely introverted and shy, Jim
quickly realized he hated cold prospecting and selling, and turned to Google AdWords to find leads.  

     However, Jim soon disovered what everyone in MLM realizes when using AdWords:

     The usual "tips and tricks" from all the popular AdWords books and courses don't work for MLM.

     In fact, they often backfire
and can sometimes even get you blacklisted by Google!

     Then one day, Jim figured out a way to combine his computer science knowledge with AdWords to create a unique method (just for network marketers) for generating literally hundreds of leads per week.

     But these were not "ordinary" leads. These leads were extremely qualified... and some were even ready to sign up on the spot!

     Jim almost couldn't believe it.  And he thought maybe it just works for him, and would not be practical for anyone else. So he decided to test his method with his downline to see if it was "duplicatable."

     To Jim's surprise, they were able to use his method to make money just as quickly and easily as he did
even though they had never used AdWords before!

     Since then, Jim's AdWords "miracles" have become near-legendary among network marketers "in the know."

     For example, he recently
generated 14,052 leads and made $65,203 in sales in just 79 days... and it didn't cost a single penny. 

    After this, it did not take long for Jim to catch the attention of world-class network marketer Mike Dillard—who was so frustrated with his own AdWords campaigns, he had hired a prestigious pay-per-click service to do his campaigns for him.

     And after seeing Jim Yaghi's amazing AdWords results, Mike Dillard tested him against the high-paid, well-established pay-per-click service he was using.

     The result?

     Jim blew the other pay-per-click service away
and was made Magnetic Sponsoring's official "in house" AdWords consultant.

     Recently, Jim Yaghi decided to share his secrets, and author an AdWords course with the help of a friend who has a PhD in education ("To make sure it is 100% "newbie proof," said Jim).

     The result is an interactive, audio and video-based AdWords system called:

"PPC Domination"

     PPC Domination is the ONLY AdWords course of its kind exclusively for MLM.  

     It shows you exactly how to  generate dozens of free leads and make big profits every single day using Adwords.

     And the best part is, for a limited time, you can try this incredible course at a low introductory price... and with zero risk.

     In fact, if you don't immediately start generating at LEAST 10-15 leads per day, you get your money back, plus you can keep the downloadable audio portion of the course just for your trouble .

     As Mike Dillard says:

I've never seen anything like Jim Yaghi's AdWords system.  It's like putting a slot machine in your living room that pays you EVERY SINGLE TIME you pull the lever.  And it is the only tool you will ever need to produce an endless amount of free, super-qualfied MLM leads online."

          Instead, Jim almost exclusively uses Google AdWords .

          But, he does NOT use AdWords the way that's taught in all the popular books, courses and seminars. 

          No... Jim's way is...

Almost The Exact Opposite
 Of What All The AdWords
"Gurus" Teach.

          It's also a whole lot easier and cheaper , too.

          Especially if you are intimidated by technology and computers.

          And especially if you are a new distributor looking for qualified leads who sign up without a lot of objections.

          You see, when Jim first started MLM, he was a broke, extremely shy college student on scholarship getting his PhD in computer science.

          And not only did he dread cold prospecting and selling... but he lacked the money to advertise with post cards and newspapers, or buy leads.

          And since he was studying 10+ hours per day for his PhD, he didn't have the time to sit on social media sites, post in forums, write articles & blog posts or create content.

          So with no other options, he decided to try Google AdWords.

          Now, if you've ever used AdWords for MLM, you know it is NOT always easy.

          In fact, almost nobody in MLM really "gets" Google AdWords—and even the world's top AdWords expert admits he can't help network marketers

          MLM is simply a different "animal" than other businesses. 

          The bids are super high, the competition is fierce, and even network marketers with deep pockets don't last long. 

          Which is what Jim discovered, too.

          No matter how closely he followed the usual AdWords advice and tips...

They Would Not
Work For MLM!

          Which really disappointed him.

          Because, again, he hated cold prospecting. And he didn't have the money to advertise the traditional ways.

          Then one day... while attending an advanced computer science class, Jim got an idea for using AdWords the books and courses were NOT talking about.

          It actually went almost completely against  what many of the AdWords gurus taught.  But, since it was based on computer science (something Jim knows a LOT about), he was sure it would work anyway.

          In fact, he was so sure it would work, he gambled the last $50 of his PhD scholarship money to test it!

          What happened?

          Within minutes... he started getting hundreds of clicks on his AdWords ads and leads  poured in from around the world.  

          And instead of these leads costing $10 or $20 a piece (like most do when using AdWords with MLM), his were only $1 or $2 each—and were actually "free."  

          In other words... after he paid his Google bill, he had a profit from all the leads who ended up either joining his business or buying his product.

          Plus, these leads were extremely qualified .

          They were like every network marketer's fantasy —leads so qualified and "in heat" to get started... many of them called HIM to ask if they could join...

Without Even Knowing
What The Product
Or Company Was!

          Jim almost thought it too good to be true.

          Could it really be THIS fast and easy to make money in MLM?  

          So he ran another campaign.

          And sure enough... just like the last time, he got  dozens of leads and sales easily and automatically—without any frustration or rejection. 

          All with just a few minutes of "work."

          And without doing any cold prospecting.

          It was incredible.  

          Just days before, he was struggling to make his little business work—calling hostile leads, dragging his friends and family to meetings and constantly being told "no."

          But now, he was sponsoring people so quickly and easily it almost didn't seem real .

          His methods worked so freakishly fast and consistently ... he wondered if it was some kind of "fluke."

          I mean, sure, it worked for HIM.  But he was the guy with all the advanced computer science degrees and training.

          What about the average networker—the people he was sponsoring?

          Could they use this?  

          And was it "duplicatable"?

          So, using a few of his new reps as "guinea pigs", Jim showed them his formula and...

They Started Sponsoring New Reps
Just As Quickly And Easily
As He Did!

          Since then, Jim and his students have been killing it in MLM.
  • Without making a single cold call or talking to their friends and family.
  • Without having to leave their homes or even get out of their chairs .
  • And without spending more than a few minutes per day.
          Which is the real beauty of Jim's system.

          There's no chaining yourself to your computer all day.

          Instead, you just turn on your computer, log in to Google, write a few lines of copy (using Jim's unique methods) and—BAM!—the lead machine starts "cranking"... and you can spend the day golfing, traveling, getting massages or whatever you want.  

          Anyway, would you like to learn Jim's amazing AdWords system?

          And would you like to learn it without any risk whatsoever—and even FREE?

          Then check this out:

          A few months ago, I presented Jim with an unusual idea.  I asked him, "Jim, why don't you create an AdWords video course for the average network marketer, who has never used AdWords or who struggles with it now?"

          Long story short... Jim agreed and (for a limited time) it's available to the public.

          He calls it:

"PPC Domination "

          And let me tell you... these videos are valuable almost beyond belief.

          Their lead generating "magic" works quickly, easily and for ANY kind of MLM product and opportunity.  

          It doesn't matter if you're brand spanking new to MLM.  

          It doesn't matter if you know anything about AdWords now.  

          And it doesn't even matter if you're new to the Internet.    

          Jim walks you step by simple step through his entire system:  

          From setting up your account... to writing your ads... to choosing the right keywords... to putting up your landing pages... and everything else you need to quickly generate qualified leads with AdWords—all in "plain English."

          In fact, to make SURE anyone could make money with his system, Jim even:

1.  Had it reviewed by a PhD in education.

          During his time at the University, Jim became friends with one of the world's top researchers in how the human mind learns and processes information.  

          And as a special favor to Jim, this learning expert:  
  • Analyzed Jim's system for clarity and ease of use.
  • Helped install a special "quick learning" mechanism into it so anyone —even if you know nothing about the Internet or AdWords now—can absorb the information as  fast as possible.
          These videos are literally "designed" to be learned—and mastered —by even brand new distributors in just a few hours .

2.  "Field tested" it with a computer newbie.

          Next, Jim tested his system on someone who was so new to technology... she could barely work her computer's mouse .

          And sure enough...

          ... shortly after going through it, she started generating a steady flow of 15 to 20 leads per day ... and making real money in her business—

Even Though She Knew Nothing
About Internet Marketing
Or AdWords Before!

          Here is just a taste of what you will learn when you watch these videos:
  • How to "glide" through setting up your first AdWords account in 13 minutes or less—even if you've never used the Internet before.
  • A simple "short cut" that makes learning and profiting from AdWords twice as fast.
  • The easiest way to make money with Google AdWords when starting out. 
  • How to make your AdWords advertising 100% FREE.  (And, in fact, actually make you money every time you run your ads!)
  • A sneaky way to use AdWords to get dozens of MLM leaders to eagerly send traffic to your websites.  (And without having to speak with them, make any special deals with them, or pay them anything.) 
  • A neat little way of using your computer's spell check function to make your Google ads draw twice as many clicks. (And no... this has nothing to do with actually checking your ad's spelling.)
  • The only proven-effective way to take almost 100% of the risk out of AdWords advertising.  ( This is perfect if you hate risking money .)
  • Why even "professionally" written Google ads—created by pro copywriters—often bomb .  (Believe it or not, with Jim's system, people with no prior copywriting experience have a HUGE advantage over experienced copywriters.) 
  • Jim Yaghi's famous "3-minute work day" secret. (Probably the fastest and easiest way to make money with Google ever invented.)
  • How to "legally steal" the branding power and name status of bigger, more "cash flush" competitors.  (When Jim first demonstrated this to me, I almost couldn't believe it.  Jim actually shows you how to "steal" the top Google spots by using the names and branding of big name networkers in your ads—without breaking any laws or doing anything unethical!)
  • A quickie "crash course" on writing Google AdWords headlines.  (Your headline is the single most important part of your Google ad.  Here's how the world's top AdWords marketers create their headlines—and how you can, too.) 
    "150 Leads Per Day
    Of $4.45 Each"

         Using Jim Yaghi's system, I have been "killing it" with Google AdWords over the past 6 months.
         I'm producing over 150 leads per day at a PROFIT of $4.45 each.
         That means after I pay the Google bill, I'm still putting $4.45 in my pocket every single time I produce a lead.
         That's $667.00 per day, which is $20,016.00/Mo... AND 4,500 new leads for my business.
         So as you can imagine, we're trying to spend as much money as possible on our AdWords campaign because we're getting back $4.45 for every $1.00 we put into it.

    -Mike Dillard
    7-Figure Network Marketer
    Founder Of The World's Largest Social Marketing Site For Network Marketing Professionals

  • Why you should almost never send people from your Google ads to your home page!  (This goes against what a lot of AdWords marketers are doing.  Which is why most of them are broke and pulling their hair out.) 
  • How to make your prospects excited about visiting your site... before they even click your ad.  (This is one of Jim's most reliable ways to get leads that are so hot, they sign up without even knowing what your product, opportunity or comp plan is!)
  • How to get extremely good at writing Google ads fast —even if you hate writing and find it painful now.
          And speaking of writing your ads...

          Jim is NOT a naturally gifted writer.

          And because of this, he was forced to invent a way to write profitable Google ads that:

1.)  Do not take a lot of time.

2.) Work even if you are in a hurry ... or have "brain fog" and can't think of anything to write.   

          Some of Jim's "easy speed writing" secrets include:

          How to use simple "mind maps" to write multiple Google ads in 5 minutes or less... The only known "newbie proof" way to quickly write strong AdWords ads... A special key on your computer's keyboard that lets you instantly grab a distracted Google searcher's attention... and even...

How To Change The "Color"
Of Your Google Ads
So They Stick Out
From ALL The Other Ads 
On The Page

          This is HUGE.

          Not 1 in 1000 AdWords marketers—not even most of the so-called "gurus"—knows about this.  But after analyzing Google's software and keyword analysis patterns, Jim discovered a way to change the "color" of his Google ads so they stick out like a red car in a lot full of white cars.

          This almost guarantees your ads get maximum clicks (and maybe even be the ONLY ads that get clicked on the page)—even if your ads are weaker and less "polished" than your competition's ads.

          You can learn this incredible secret in video #10 of PPC Domination now —without ANY risk—by clicking the button below:

PPC Domination

Introduction to Google Ads for Network Marketers
$ 497
  • One-Time

          Here are some more of the insider AdWords secrets you'll learn:
  • Which exact words, phrases and ideas instantly grab the attention of the BEST network marketing prospects.  (Works even if your ad is poorly written!)
    "Ad groups Are
    Pulling Over 11%"

         Jim, thank you for your guidance in the PPC Domination Course.

         It was OVER DELIVERY to say the least. My current campaign is getting an overall CTR of about 3%... and some ad groups are pulling over 11%. 

         Just a little tweak here and there and it runs along nicely. 

         I NEVER would have gotten to that point had it not been for your course.

    -Peter J Cruz, RPh
    Network Marketer
    Houston, Texas

  • The ONLY type of prospect you should target in your first AdWords ad.
  • What you must NEVER do in your Google ads... even though you see other people doing it.  (This is another "classic blunder" most AdWords marketers make. Whatever you do... DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE.)
  • A clever (and very sneaky) way to use AdWords to secretly "recruit" a Google searcher's friends and family to help you sponsor them!  (Yes, this is possible, once you know this secret.)
  • The right (and wrong) way to market your MLM product with Google AdWords.
  • The right (and wrong) way to market your MLM opportunity with Google AdWords.
  • How to find the perfect keywords for your AdWords campaigns... and how to test them dirt cheap.
  • The 3 best kinds of prospects to target with AdWords.  (You can build a downline very fast ... and with almost no effort whatsoever... when you know how to find these exact prospects on Google.)
  • How to use AdWords to "judo flip" the objections and concerns people have about MLM into new sales and reps.
  • What the Google "stupid tax" is... and how to make sure you never have to pay it! 
  • What to say in your Google ads that makes them up to 100 times more likely to be clicked.
    "75 Leads In One Week"

         I loved how fast and to-the-point the videos went.  In one week, I gathered 75 leads and converted two of them to product sales recovering half of my advertising cost. 

         And if they stay on the product, I will have recurring residual income from the sales, as well.

         I haven't even called half the leads, yet, so there may be further results in the future.

    -Lisa Bryan
    Network Marketer
    Dallas, Texas
  • A top secret bidding strategy that will get you more leads at a cheaper cost... every single time!  ( This is probably Jim's most jealously guarded AdWords secret .  You will likely not find it in any "guru" courses and books.  And the best part is, it's simple .  So simple almost everyone misses it.)
  • The #1 WORST "sales killing" mistake you can make with AdWords.  (Even expert AdWords marketers get this wrong—and leave a LOT of money on the table.)
  • How to use your MLM company and product name with AdWords... without running "afoul" of your company's rules. 
          By the way.... here's a "free hint":

          Using your company and product name in your AdWords ads is a "fool-proof" way to find leads ALREADY looking for your exact opportunity.  You do not have to explain what MLM is or what your product does to these leads.  

          And, in fact, they will many times...

Sign Up On The Spot!

          Only problem is...

          ... most MLM companies will NOT let you use their business or product names in your ads.  And if you do use their company or product names in your AdWords ads... you can get kicked out of your MLM company or potentially even be prosecuted .

          However, after much research, Jim found a "loophole" in the rules (of ALL MLM companies) so you can use their business and product names legally and ethically.  

          You can learn how in your 1-year PPC Domination "test drive" by clicking the button below:

PPC Domination

Introduction to Google Ads for Network Marketers
$ 497
  • One-Time

          And guess what?  That's still not all.  Here are even more of the secrets revealed in these fascinating new videos:
  • Why you should always be trying to "turn off" as many people as possible in your Google ads.  (I will admit, this tip is kind of bizarre.  But it works like gangbusters  if you know how to do it.)
  • The best keywords for finding highly-qualified, "super prospects" who’ll sign up in your opportunity with little or no effort.  (Just plug these exact keywords and copy into your ads and fire away.)
  • When to use the word "MLM" in your Google ads... and when NOT to.  (Not knowing this is yet another reason so many networkers fail at AdWords.)  
  • The AdWords "leap frog" secret that lets you "position" yourself as being even more valuable than big name MLM gurus, celebrities and trainers. (This is perfect if you want to rise to the top of your company's comp plan as fast as humanly possible.) 
  • When to use (and, even more importantly, when NOT to use) your company’s replicated website with AdWords.
  • The single best thing to sell with AdWords if you are in MLM.  (Hint:  It is NOT your product or opportunity.)
  • How to make a small fortune with AdWords by purposely having your ad farther down the results page.  (Almost nobody else knows how to do this except Jim.  And it's one of the most profitable "stealth" Google AdWords secrets you'll ever see!)
    "Unheard Of"

         Jim Yaghi has been able to generate leads at a profit with Google AdWords in one of the most competitive niches in the world—which is the "make money" niche. 

         And that's just unheard of.

    -Tim Erway
    AdWords Coach And Split Testing Consultant To high-profile marketers like Stephen Pierce, Mike Dillard, and other million-dollar marketers.

  • How to get a series of "discounts" from Google for your AdWords campaigns.  
  • How to attract leads to your Google ads by purposely creating suspicion about your MLM company and product. (This is another weird one. But if you do it Jim Yaghi's way, it works so reliably and consistently it's almost spooky.)
  • When never to change your Google ads.  (Even if they aren't pulling a lot of clicks.)
  • A secret way of using one of Google's "company mottos" to make your ads dramatically more persuasive and profitable than they would otherwise.  
  • How to uncover the "big money" keywords that bring lots of targeted traffic... but that nobody else is bidding on!
  • A little-known website where you can find hundreds of thousands of targeted keywords to test... FREE. 
  • The fastest known way to multiply your AdWords sales without spending more money on clicks or rewriting your ads.
  • How to sell multiple products... and make 2, 3 even 4 (or more ) times as much money...
With Just One Click! 

          Jim discovered this secret after studying one of the Internet's most successful "super affiliates." 

          Frankly, this secret is so powerful... and can make you so much money (fast)... Jim almost didn't include it.  In fact, he may even cut it from future versions of this product and sell it on its own.

          But if you act today , you can learn this secret in the next 5 minutes with your free  PPC Domination "test drive":

PPC Domination

Introduction to Google Ads for Network Marketers
$ 497
  • One-Time

          And that's still not all.  Here are even more secrets you'll get:
  • The #1 most essential skill you MUST know if you want to nab the maximum number of free leads with Google AdWords. (Believe it or not, learning this skill is as easy and pleasant as playing a video game!)
    "No More Pulling
    My Hair Out"

         For years I've been trying to wrap my head around Google AdWords. 

         Jim's is the first AdWords training that is not only easy to learn... but solves a lot of problems about quality scores, writing the ads, and making it all work without pulling my hair out.

    -Ben Settle
    Affiliate marketer
    & Copywriter

  • A secret, "back door" way of getting Google to reduce your pay-per-click fees... without even logging into your AdWords account!
  • How to increase your sales and opt-ins by making a simple "adjustment" to the links on your landing page. 
  • A fast (and 100% free) way to supercharge your AdWords results starting right NOW. (Almost everyone who tests this reports immediate sales spikes.) 
  • The "magic" number of times to use major keywords in your Google ads.  (Use them too often, and you will shoot yourself in the foot.  Here's how to work your keywords in the right way... and in the right amount.) 
  • How to "hijack" your competitor's traffic (legally) and "re-direct" those buyers to YOUR websites. (It's sneaky, but works like a charm and is completely "fair" and ethical.)
  • A hidden "twist" in Google's site rules that lets you bid on expensive keywords for mere pennies
  • How to "side step" the next Google slaps.  (Jim actually made out like a bandit during the last Google slap.  Instead of it costing him money... he actually MADE money from it.  And you can, too—once you know this secret.)

         That bit about using Alexa and the 3 phases of PPC are awesome. 

         I'm not sure why I never thought of it that way.

    -Joseph O'Day
    Network Marketer
    Los Angeles, CA
  • What you MUST know about picking a domain name if you sell an arthritis or joint related product.  
  • An almost fool-proof way of using "Yahoo Answers" to  find people who are already looking to join your exact MLM company.  (Even though this has nothing to do with Google, you can still use this knowledge to “tweak” your AdWords campaigns.)
  • The FIRST thing you need to do if Google starts raising your bids. (And no, it's not what you think!)
  • Why you should usually NOT use the keywords in your Google ads on your landing pages. 
  • How to use an ordinary stopwatch to know... with almost pinpoint precision... if your site is going to be "Google friendly" or not.  (Being "Google friendly" means dramatically lower bids and significantly higher profits.)
  • And much, much more.
          Including... The one kind of website you should NOT promote with AdWords...  Why you should never use the word "and" in your Google ads ... A secret way to use your telephone to improve your AdWords response... How to protect yourself from "curiosity clicks"... And even...

9 Ways To Have The Highest Possible
Google AdWords
Quality Score!

          In some ways, this is the single most important part of the course.

          You see, the higher your quality score, the lower your bids and costs are.  And the reason so many people are stuck with $10 and $20 clicks in MLM is because...

          ... their quality scores are horrible and Google is penalizing them!

          However, after months of examining Google's rules and the way they compute their search results... Jim has discovered 9 little-known ways you can use to almost immediately send your quality score through the roof... AND get dirt-cheap clicks.
"You'll Learn Something New Whether You Are Totally New Or A Seasoned Pro"

     Jim Yaghi doesn't just gloss over the general steps you need to become highly profitable with AdWords, he goes in GREAT details on the exact steps you must take along with the "why". 

     He makes sure a brand new AdWords user is able to follow along just fine while also shedding light on intricate details most experienced users miss out on. 

     Trust me, you'll learn something new whether you are totally new or a seasoned veteran.

-Raymond Fong
Network Marketer
Co-Creator Of
"Seduce AdWords"

          Some of these 9 secrets include:

          An "almost magic" way to bump your quality score with a small "tweak" to your headlines... Why some  popular quality score "tricks" can actually get you blacklisted by Google ...  A secret way to increase your quality score within just a few hours ... How to almost instantly improve (and protect ) your quality score without logging into your AdWords account... What you MUST do to your landing page before sending users there... and more.  

PPC Domination

Introduction to Google Ads for Network Marketers
$ 497
  • One-Time

          Anyway, here's the "bottom line":

          PPC Domination is... by FAR... the most complete, "user friendly" Google AdWords course ever created for network marketers.

          These interactive videos and audios teach you everything you need to sponsor more reps and sell more products—no matter what MLM company you're in or how little you know about the Internet now.

          With no tedious, "techie" stuff to learn. 

          No frustrating "learning curves" to fight through.

          And no writing skills necessary. (If you can write a grocery list, you can do this!) 
          Instead, you simply watch the videos on your computer, follow Jim's simple instructions (at YOUR own pace) and, before you know it... you have dozens of red-hot leads and prospects competing for your attention within hours—and sometimes just minutes .

          And again, these are not "ordinary" leads that have been passed around to 20 other networkers already.

          These are like "fantasy leads."

          Leads  exclusive  to you—and you alone .

          Leads that are often already "pre-sold."

          Leads so qualified and "ready to go"... 

 They Will Sometimes Insist
On Joining Your MLM Opportunity
The First Time You Speak With Them.

          With no annoying "hemming and hawing", or questions asked.

          And here's the best part:

          Jim's system is truly "evergreen."

          In other words... you do not have to come back next year and buy an "updated" version just because Google changes one of their rules.

          Jim's system is based on hard computer science ... and what Google WANTS from you.  It is not an endless series of "tips and tricks" that go obsolete within a month of being introduced.
"Better Than Any Of The People I Have Studied Within The Past 2 Years"

     Jim, you know PPC better than any of the people I have studied within the last 2 years and those are quite a few!

-Denis Foley
Network Marketer

          And guess what?

          Even if Google does change something that affects Jim Yaghi's system, you still don't have to worry.

          Because, included with your course is...

Free Lifetime Updates!

          For as long as you own your system, you will be able to access a password protected site and grab any new updates as they happen.

          Plus, you will also be able to participate and ask questions in our private, "members-only" forum.  That means, if you are ever unclear about anything in Jim's course, just log in and ask.

          Many of the people in the forum are other students trying to learn.

          But there are other experts who use Jim's system hanging out in there... and so is Jim himself.

          Anyway, so what does PPC Domination cost?

          If I hear from you today ... your investment is just $197.

          But really, the price doesn't matter.

          Because it also comes with a guarantee that puts all the risk on MY shoulders, and none of it on YOURS:

If after just the first time you use Jim's system
you don't
immediately start generating at LEAST 10-15 leads per day...
and at zero cost, or even a profit ... then simply call or email my office
and I'll refund your money with no questions asked.

          Since it's a digital product, you risk nothing .  

          Plus, you can even keep the MP3 part as my "penalty" for wasting your time.

          You can't get more "risk free" than that, can you?

          In fact, this means...

You Can Literally Use It
100% Free If You Choose!

          But time is short and you must act now .

          The few networkers who have this are going to kill it in the coming months.

          And there is no way it's staying this inexpensive much longer.

          So don't file this letter away or put it off to "think about it" later.

          There's nothing to think about, anyway.

          Especially since... you have zero risk, and can basically use it free.

PPC Domination

Introduction to Google Ads for Network Marketers
$ 497
  • One-Time

                                        To Your Success,

                                        Mike Dillard

P.S . One more thing.  And it's very important, so please listen carefully.  

After reading this letter, it may sound like Jim's system is some kind of "miracle" Las Vegas slot machine, where you pull the lever, and money magically spits out each time.

And in a way... I suppose it is.  I have never seen anything like Jim's system in my life. And the results can be truly spectacular if you follow his easy instructions.


As reliable and profitable as Jim's course is, there is something you need to know:

While most people can use Jim's system (even brand new distributors or "technophobes"), there are some people who should NOT buy it, because they do not have the right "mindset" for AdWords.

And those are people who are cheap and lazy .

If you are cheap and lazy... then you should NOT buy Jim Yaghi's course or even have anything to do with AdWords.

After all, you must be willing to spend at least "some" money to get started.  And you must have at least "some" patience in order to follow Jim's system correctly.

On the other hand...

... if you are not cheap and lazy, and if you are willing to follow Jim's exact instructions... then I highly suggest you grab PPC Domination right now —while you still can.

Not only are we going to dramatically raise the price (to as much as $999.00 or more )... but we may even yank it off the market for 6-12 months.  

This product is hot .  

And by restricting access to it, we can make sure the information is not abused or shamelessly copied by a competitor.  Plus, it's a great way to reward "action-takers."  

So if you have any interest in possessing the peace of mind that comes with the ability to generate super qualified MLM leads "out of thin air"... do NOT delay.

With our special no-risk gurantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose... and a TON of new leads and reps to gain.

Hurry .

PPC Domination

Introduction to Google Ads for Network Marketers
$ 497
  • One-Time

See What Others Are Saying About
PPC Domination...


...Went From 0 to 50 Leads With
3 Hours Of Work

- Jesse Ali

ANOTHER Quality Product...

- Kirk Paterson

...Pieces That Were Missing From My
Campaigns Before Fell Right Into Place.

- Melanie Milletics

Jim Has A Knack To Take The
Complex And Make It Very Simple.

- Mari Ann Lisenbe, Houston, TX

Advertising Costs Have DRAMATICALLY Decreased
And Leads Have Doubled...

- John Wallace, Whitstabl, UK

...Went From 5 to 7 Leads a Day to
25 to 30 Leads A Day!

- Valentyn Murashko

Jim Yaghi is a Complete Master of PPC...

Peter CruzThank you for creating another opportunity for us hungry network marketers to improve ourselves. Before Jim's course, I took a stab at Google PPC blind...and failed MISERABLY.

I had lots of impressions...but no clicks. Of course I had tons of keywords and that was my problem.

Jim Yaghi is a complete master of PPC and his instruction, and advice have proved truly valuable.

I have turned a pre-PPC course campaign of 0.04% CTR and a waste of money and time.. into a new campaign that's making me money...and has a CTR of about 4%. Wow!!

I have AdGroups in the campaign that are pulling CTR's in the teens. I never would have accomplished this complete a turnaround so quickly had it not been for Mike Dillard and Jim Yaghi.


Become the envy of your network marketing friends, and take this course...and dominate your niche on AdWords...and have prospects flying to you and your opportunity (or whatever you decide to use PPC for)...Everyone will be asking you for help with THEIR PPC Campaigns. =)

- Peter J Cruz, RPh

...incredible content...

Tim DavisI just would like to thank you both for the incredible content that I found in the “PPC Domination” course. I only wish that I had the information 6 months ago.

I started into the PPC world thinking that it would be somewhat easy and that the leads would start coming in faster than I could prospect them. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

I fell into doing exactly what Google and yahoo suggested I do, up the price for my specific key works to gain top ranking. All that seemed to happen was that I was racking up a huge credit card bill with no leads or success to speak of.

After following the step by step videos and taking the time to study what I was really doing my ads are now being place at the top of the search page without racking up a huge bill. I now understand how Google and other search engines work.

I will continue to go over the “PPC Domination” course because I’m sure that there are more lessons to be learned. Practice makes almost perfect.

Thanks guys for keeping integrity within the network marketing industry.

- Tim Davis, Salt Lake City, UT

This Course Has Really Saved Me!

Mike & Jim's PPC Domination course is THE BOMB! I'd been considering taking similar courses, but I chose this one because Mike always delivers.

Other courses out there only teach how to use Google Adwords, but this is the ONLY one that walks you step-by-step through how to run a SUCCESSFUL ad campaign.

From creating effective ads that target, to testing everything (and how), to how to keep it profitable but not time-intensive, to tools to use for better results, to avoiding common costly mistakes of amateurs.

The best part is being able to email questions and problems to be addressed in the live calls!

This course has really saved me! I'm definitely telling all my colleagues that if they're considering a PPC training, this is THE ONE that's worth the time and money! (Don't tell Mike, but it's worth more than he's charging!!)

Thank YOU, Jim!!!

- Dannielle Wood Hixson

I've Got My Blackbelt in PPC!

I just want to say how impressed I am with Jim's course.

He explains everything so well and the video makes the concepts easily understood for those of us who are visual.

I felt like a real pro as I learned all the tactics he shared and I am so glad I jumped on the chance to be a part of this inaugural launch of his unique training.

We can't go wrong with this. I've got my Black Belt in PPC!!!

- Molly Chapman

..Consistantly Generating Google
Leads on a Daily Basis...

Before purchasing project PPC domination I was a total Google greenie. I viewed the search engine powerhouse as the great intimidator, waiting to wipe out my marketing budget. After watching the PPC domination videos and webinars, my attitude towards google has completely changed.

Thanks to Jim Yaghi's training in Project PPC Domination I'm now consistently generating google leads on a daily basis. My CTR's, and lead conversions are constantly improving.

Jim really gets into the specifics of not just PPC, but understanding the sales funnel, the mental stages of the buying process, and how to write ads that will get your prospects to take action.

Now that I understand how to manipulate google I can put my message in front of highly targeted prospects based on what they are searching for.

This makes the leads I have learned to generate on google, some of the most quality leads I've ever generated online.

-Adam Chandler

...Clueless Before I Found Your Course.

When I started the course I had very little money to start with because I had spent so much in Pay Per Click before but the course helped me understand how to use my money wisely.

I was really excited when I saw that you had information for everyone from those with little money to those who had a lot. This was a godsend for me because I was clueless before I found your course.

My leads and friends are waiting for the program to open up again so they can take advantage of it.

I have really talked about the straight forward manner that you use and your no holds barred approach.

I have also told them about how easy your course is to follow and the different types of lessons that made the course worth it for me.

- Arthur Schenk

The PPC Domination Course Will be Worth Over
a Hundred Thousand Dollars Per Year To Me.

...PPC advertising has been at the core of my business for about 5 years now. In fact, I often tell people if it wasn’t for Google Adwords, I’d have to get a job. I’d go so far as to say I make my living from PPC advertising.

As soon as I heard that Mike Dillard and Jim Yaghi were putting out the PPC Domination course, I knew it was just what I needed to move my business ahead.

I’ve been a customer and affiliate of Mike Dillard since his first course, Magnetic Sponsoring, and I know he always over-delivers on all of his products. And it was no different with PPC Domination.

I’ve bought many PPC information products over the years, but Mike and Jim’s PPC Domination goes way beyond any of the others. Most PPC information products are incomplete, only covering the ad part of the process. PPC Domination begins at the beginning of the sales funnel, way before you place your ad.

PPC Domination teaches the complete sales process of a PPC campaign, beginning even before you place the ad, from how to define, categorize and talk to your prospects from where they are in their decision making process, to choosing your domain name and building your landing page, and going through all of the steps to the sale and more.

There’s a lot more to winning at PPC than just putting an ad up.

Before I had even gotten deep into the course, I was saving around $200.00 per week on my ad cost and increasing my conversions.

I’d say the PPC Domination course will be worth over a hundred thousand dollars per year to me.

Would I recommend PPC Domination?

Only to my downline, not to my competitors. (Just kidding.)

- Mike Stokes, Baton Rouge, LA

...Received 30 Leads...

I had seen many other PPC training courses on the Internet. Some for a low cost and some very expensive, and then I came across PPC Domination from a name I knew and trusted, Mike Dillard.

I purchased two of Mike's other products (Magnetic Sponsoring and Building on a Budget), and the information was great! I knew PPC Domination was going to be of the same high quality as Mike's other products.

I had tried PPC previously. I spent about $80 getting one lead with about a 2% clickthrough at a cost of more than $0.50 per click. I was doing horribly so I decided to give up.

But then I got PPC Domination.

With PPC Domination my ads were doing so well from the techniques I learned in the video, I was getting an 11% clickthrough at $0.29 per click! My clicks cost me about $92 for the month (Budget of $100 per month). I received more than 30 leads and 1 sale which paid for my advertising cost!

I would definitely recommend PPC Domination to other Network Marketers.

- Peter Rabasa, Honolulu, Hawaii

...This Was The Best Investment All year...

After reviewing numerous courses on ppc I was extremely excited when I first recieved the email that you were doing a ppc course.

Being and avid follower and promoter of your products for close to 3 years now, it was a no brainer for me to get the course immediately and start studying it.

Well I must admit, as always you guys have over delivered.

The whole course was extremely powerful, but the split testing techniques I learned has taken my business to new heights in a very short period of time.

Before the course my highest "click thru rate" was 2.4%. After the course I have seen my click thru rate as high as 6.2%!!!

This is a result all from the split testing techniques you teach in your course that I was not even aware of.

I am so glad I answered that email and didn't second guess buying the course---- It was the best investment I made all year in 08 regarding PPC!!

Thank You Jim and Mike for putting together this course!

- Cedric Harris, Tampa, FL

...A MUST For Any Serious Network Marketer.

PPC Domination was the first Network Marketing specific pay-per-click training program offered out there and I jumped at the opportunity to buy it.


Each advertising "niche" online has its own nuances and Internet MLM is no different.

The chance to learn from Jim Yaghi, Magnetic Sponsoring's top affiliate, is priceless. He generates around 150 leads per day advertising on Google Adwords alone. Learning the tools and thought processes of generating that many of the most targeted Network Marketing leads on a daily basis is a must for any serious Network Marketer.

The most valuable part of the course was the "mind map" exercises that Jim took us through. The value in learning how to research and brainstorm keyword ideas is INVALUABLE. There is much to keyword research than just getting keyword ideas from a website.

PPC Domination has already helped me take my business up a notch. It has enabled me quickly tap into the most targeted leads available for any Network Marketing business, Google Adwords. I can now at a minimum generate 20 targeted eager leads each day shortly after going through what was taught in this course.

I would without hesitation recommend this course to any serious networker. Anyone who is interested in truly looking to ramp up their lead generation campaign with the most targeted and responsive prospects....MUST get this course. It's essential to learning how to properly start using the most flexible and hottest advertising medium on the planet.

- Kurt Henninger

...Even A Child Could Understand This.

What I liked most about Jim Yaghi's "PPC Domination" is the step by step information.

Jim starts with the basics to help you understand PPC before he even starts training on how to write an ad, etc. so this helped me to have a better understanding of the entire process.

It was like PPC for dummies, even a child could understand this. I felt like I was watching over his shoulder & learning, very simple & great!

Jim not only helps with the basics of picking a good domain name, but he then shows you quick & simple things to do that not only saves you money but improves your profit when doing PPC.

This will definitely help me and my business because this in knowledge I didn't have before and I get it now:0) I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who wants to Dominate PPC!!

- Misty Ward

...Changed My Business Forever.

I want to thank you for producing this PPC Domination course. I have purchased other courses and read many articles on how to properly manage my PPC campaigns. No real success.

After taking Jim Yaghi's course, it has changed my business forever. I now have the tools and mindset on how to dominate my markets via Pay-Per-Click marketing.

I am a visual person. I learn better by seeing and then applying. Jim's videos were spot-on. Jim took me step-by-step to help me produce Adwords campaigns for lazer targeted traffic.

If anyone is looking to grow their business by using Pay-Per Click, then Great. But they better buy your PPC Domination course first, OR they may loose tons of money and time.

I am a huge fan of Magnetic Sponsoring. I have all of your courses. I do not know how you do it, but everything Magnetic Sponsoring produces keeps getting better and better.

Jim Yaghi - You Rock

Mike Dillard - You Rock

Thanks for helping me explode my business,

- Scott Mosteller

PPC Domination

Introduction to Google Ads for Network Marketers
$ 497
  • One-Time


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