Traffic + Copy + Offer = printing money These are the 3 Elements of a Successful Online Business and If You're Not Cruising to an Easy 100k a Year, Then You're Missing One of Them!

Imagine having your business dialled in over the course of an intensive weekend. A live workshop we’re calling the “Get S*** Done Weekend”, where Jim & Adil fast-forward you to build, launch, and scale your business!

After just ONE weekend you spend with us, you’ll walk away with:

  • Your offer and copy tweaked by a 9-figure copywriter
  • A deep understanding about the psychology of ad buying from a super traffic monster
  • An attractive offer people want to buy and a traffic campaign that puts interested eyes on that offer 
  • Everything you need to profitably run and scale your business going forward
  • New friends and colleagues who are on the same journey as you, allowing you to build partnerships and friendships.
  • And so much more…

We don’t have all the details yet. This page summarises what we know so far and we’ll keep you posted by email as we nail down more. 

What Exactly Is It?

The Get S*** Done Weekend is a workshop-style, LIVE and in-person event.

Meaning, you might need to travel to attend–hopefully that’s a given, but just in case you weren’t aware.

The fact that it is a workshop means no one will be standing on stage talking at you. It’s going to be an intimate setting where we all sit around a table working together on our laptops. Getting stuff done.

There will be a series of these workshops that we’ll run on different weekends with different groups and group-sizes. This page describes YOUR weekend experience.

Who Is It For?

There’re two categories of people we anticipate will attend the workshop weekend. We will try to separate you into different groups on different weekends if possible.

The groups are:

  1. NOOBS – This is you if you’re thinking of starting an online business for the first time, or do not yet have an offer, or have no significant business results.
  2. NOT-SO-NOOBS – This is you if you’re an established business owner, have worked for yourself more than a year, or have a somewhat working offer.

If you’re a NOOB, the workshop will give you all the building blocks you need to start a profitable business that’ll allow you to have the freedom you desire.

On the other hand, if you’re a NOT-SO-NOOB, then this workshop will help you deconstruct what’s working and what isn’t in your business while unlocking the keys of better quality traffic and higher conversions.

WARNING: regardless of any existing progress you might have, if you have a junk offer, you will have to change it. It’s our duty to point you in a positive direction and that means you’re either willing to sell viable, reputable products or don’t attend.

Where Is It?

We’ve decided to hold this round of workshops in London, United Kingdom.

We don’t have a specific venue yet because we don’t know how many people will be attending and how many weekends we’ll be putting on. Our goal, however, is to find somewhere central and within walking distance of all amenities, and where you can get a good nightly rate. As soon as we have a venue sorted, we’ll email you so you can book your stay.

When Is It?

We’re thinking we’ll start on consecutive weekends in late January, 2023. As soon as we confirm YOUR exact date, we will tell you so you can start making travel arrangements (if you’re traveling).

How Long Is It?

Three days, officially. Friday to Sunday.

You’ll arrive Thursday night and everyone will get together for a commencement meal. Friday we’ll get up bright and early to begin work. And work continues all the way until Sunday, late afternoon. On Sunday, we’ll finish early for a goodbye dinner and you can head home.

If you can’t get enough of us and want our undivided attention, you can book us in advance for 2 hours on either Sunday evening or Monday. But time-slots are very limited. Reach out to Jim <> by email to book a slot.

What Should I Bring?

You should bring at least a working laptop with the ability to connect to a wireless network (WIFI).

It doesn’t need to be a powerful one. A netbook, for instance, is sufficient if that’s all you have.

You can also bring with you anything you think will help us understand your busniess better. Including sales materials, product samples, etc.

So What's The Plan?

Here’s a rough breakdown of how we think the schedule will look, day by day. Some of this might change as we flesh out the schedule further.

Thursday (night) - Arrival & Welcome Dinner:

We expect everyone to arrive at different times on Thursday, depending on where they’re coming from. But we hope you’ll be there by the evening.

We’ll host a dinner somewhere nice in London and get to know each other a little, in an informal setting. We’ll provide transport to and from the hotel to the dinner venue. It’s a chance to see a little of London and to get to know your peers and instructors. Having friends in the business gives you enjoyment, inspiration, partnerships, and help along your journey.

We recommend a good night’s rest after dinner though.

Friday - Preparing Your Offer:

We’ll begin gathering in the meeting room around 9.30 am.

We’ll start by evaluating your business and, togher, understanding what’s working and what needs fixing.

IF you’re just starting and don’t really have much working, this would be the time we help you figure out what to offer. This way you’ll be able to get a strong footing before running down the trial and error route.

By the end of Friday you’ll understand:

  • What to offer your audience so they’re begging you to sell to them.
  • If you already have a working offer, we’ll determine what needs to be done to scale it.
  • The 18 steps needed to write a winning promotional ad and how to do it in record time
  • The biggest mistakes to list building that will keep you stagnant for the rest of your days. (And it’s not what you think).
  • Why people want to buy from you and how to ethically position your offer to serve your audience.
  • And so much more…


At the end of the day, if anyone’s up for it, we’ll go out and unwind.

Saturday - Implementation:

We’ll split you into two groups. One group will work with Adil, the other with Jim for half the day, and then we’ll switch.

With Adil, you’ll work on your offer and copy to ensure you have everything needed to sell to any incoming traffic. And with Jim, you’ll work on traffic, building new campaigns, tweaking existing ones, or exploring new media buying channels.

We’ll hang out afterwards and kick back and relax after a hard day’s work.

Sunday - Launching & Goodbye:

This is the day where we want you to head home with a fully working sales machine for your business. All your objectives for the weekend are met, and your campaigns are launched and running.

By the time we’re ready to say goodbye you’ll have:

  • Offer dialled in for your audience
  • Copy transformed into a powerful message that resonates with your market
  • Traffic systems all in place, growing your business.

You’ll have a chance to troubleshoot your entire process with us around. And there’s a Q&A at the end where you can get clarifications and answers to any burning questions on your mind.

Sunday will be a half-day leaving enough time for a goodbye “late lunch” or “early dinner”. You’re free to book your return travel for Sunday from about 3pm onward.

Alternatively, if you want an extra day in London to explore on your own, you can do that too. Also, if you booked with us an extra one-on-one session, it will be either on Sunday evening or Monday. And that’s one more activity for you to do in London!

Any Help After the Workshop?

Yes. There’re two calls.

By Sunday evening, the goal is for you to walk away with a business that’s getting traffic and getting results. But running a business is an ongoing process of improvement and tweaking.

So we’re offering you two follow-up calls. The first will be 30-days after the event and the second will be 90-days after the event.

This way, we can see where you’re up to and help you in case you ran into any issues along the way.

Meaning we’ll be there to support you no matter what happens, 90 days after implementing the systems we work with you to create.

Anything Else You Should Know?

Here are some things we thought important enought to point out before you make a final decision.

Not paying attention is not an acceptable excuse.***


In addition to your investment in your admission ticket, you will need to cover your own travel expenses for at least three days.

This includes flights, visas, hotels, airport transfers, city transport (except what we cover), entertainment, and meals (except what we host).

We will of course support you with any visa procedures if we can. We’ll also assist you by getting everyone a discounted hotel rate.

Downpayments & Payment Plans:

If we’ve agreed to give you admission to the event with a payment plan, here are the conditions:

  • Any downpayment you pay is not refundable.
  • Any partial payment you make is also not refundable.
  • Deadlines are strict and automaticly handled by the system.
  • If we’ve agreed to hold the discounted single payment ticket price for you, and you miss the deadline for making the full payment, you’ll automatically continue with the  UNDISCOUNTED payment plan.
  • If we’ve agreed to hold the discounted single payment ticket price for you, your downpayment is not returned nor does it count toward your total. We simply cancel future charges once we’ve received your full payment.
  • If you default on or cancel your payment plan, you agree that there are no refunds for any partial payments already made.

Refunds & Cancellations:

We have a strict NO REFUND policy.

The reason is that once you claim a seat in one of the workshop groups, we make plans against that occupancy. Specifically, we oragnise with service providers (hotels, transport, restaurants, meeting rooms, etc) for a specific number of people. This means we expect you to make a careful, professional decision BEFORE you make the commitment to join. 

Ask your questions, do your due diligence and be sure you’re able to move forward. Once you lay a deposit or make a payment, you’ve occupied a seat. And we expect you to honour your commitment.

If you’re on a payment plan and choose to ignore this warning and default or cancel payments, you will not get back any paid balance. Consider it a penalty for the inconvenience you cause.

Also, if you came here looking for this section, it’s probably a good clue you should cancel BEFORE buying your ticket. Keep your money. This workshop is for entrepreneurs who make investment decisions carefully and CONFIDENTLY.

Business Partners:

We appreciate you might have a business partner or several. They’re welcome to come along for an extra (discounted) fee.

The conditions:

  • You and your partners must be working on the same business and offer.
  • No more than two business partners may attend otherwise the group size gets too big to be intimate.
  • You need to clear this with us ahead of grabbing your tickets.

Please email Jim <> for more info. 

Spouses & Kids

It makes sense to turn the event into a working holiday, if this is what you’re thinking. Spouses and kids are welcome to join for an extra small fee to cover expenses. If you have more than one spouse, ALL of them are welcome 😉

The conditions:

  • Young kids can only join the social segments
  • You should clear it with us first

Email Jim <> for details.


Ready to Roll?

Your total investment for the group admission ticket is $6 479.

If you want the extra One-On-One with Jim & Adil, your investment becomes $9 597. 

But if you’re prepared to pay in full today, you lock in a 22% discount and it’s only $7.5k! That’s a total saving of ~$USD 2,100!

You can also divide your investment into smaller 6-month instalments of $1.5k / month. All you need to do is make a $597 downpayment today and the system will wait two weeks before charging your first instalment.

Claim My Ticket For The Get S*** Done Weekend with Jim & Adil

6 Easy Instalments


One-Time Investment

For questions & support, contact Jim personally at

Who's Instructing?

Adil Amarsi

Michaelangelo of Offer Creation

Adil Amarsi is a copywriter turned copywriting mentor and marketing consultant best known for coming up with copy and deep marketing concepts on the fly.

From 2008-2022, Adil has helped his clients generate over $900 million in sales from his work and advice alone.

While also being the quiet guiding hand to some of your favourite marketers and copywriters today.

Being known as the “underground A-lister”, Adil has worked in over 400+ markets and industries, personally run nearly 16,800 marketing campaigns, and helped thousands of businesses along the way.

His ability to draw upon his copywriting experience, psychological insight to how people think, and decades of behind the scenes work will leave you with actionable steps to apply to your business right away.

Having worked with, helped, or influenced many of your favourite marketers and business owners like… Jay Abraham, Jon Benson, Jason Hornung, Adam Lyons, Jenna Faith, Trevor Crook, Cassie Howard, Alex Charfen and COUNTLESS others…

Jim Yaghi

Traffic Monster

Jim Yaghi is a Computer Scientist, Mathematician, and entrepreneur who once built search engines for a living. His deep understanding of how search technology works gives him a unique perspective on growing businesses quickly and with tremendous volumes of traffic.

He’s best known as the “last man standing” because he survived (and continues to survive) Google’s strict ad reviews at a time when the entire online marketing industry was booted off. He’s also known for hatching the first industry-wide viral campaign to reach all major social networks, for hosting a top-10 Internet radio show for entrepreneurs, and for shattering industry sales records with his best-selling courses PPC Domination, PPC Supremacy, Traffic KickStart, and Super Traffic Machine.

Today, he selectively takes on occasional traffic clients and passes on nearly two decades of experience in generating traffic in brutally competitive markets.

He lives in Germany with his wife Aya and their son Adam. Here he’s developing an email marketing system driven by Machine Learning.


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