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Authority S&H

Discover how to get immediate credibility with your customers by making physical info products they proudly display

The January extra for the Super Traffic Machine is about the ins and outs of print publishing and physical info products. From conception to authoring, design, printing, shipping, and delivery.

I bet you’re wondering why, in a digital age, you’d want to have a physical product. 

There’s plenty of advantages to selling a physical info product that you and your customers would both miss with a digital one.

Let’s get right to it.

Here are 12 advantages physical info products have over digital:

1. They give you instant credibility

Physical products, especially printed books, make you a real author and an expert in your customers’ eyes. So they’re more likely to pay attention to you, to learn from you, and to buy again from you.

2. They're more prestigious

Getting a package in the mail is like getting a gift; it’s exciting to receive, and it’s exciting to open. When customers look forward to getting your products, they’re more likely to use them, which in turn means they’ll spend with you again.

3. They're better for tangible interactions

A physical, real-world object is often better suited as a teaching aid, for example, when teaching electronic circuit building, cooking, or mathematics. Unlike digital products, you can include timers, flip charts, flashcards, components, posters, ingredients, and stickers. You can’t do this with a digital product.

4. They're more helpful and offer complete solutions.

You can incorporate complementary materials that make your product a complete, all-in-one solution. Imagine a cookbook with the necessary spice mix. An electronic circuit kit, complete with boards and components. A diet plan with a calory tracker, shakes, and supplements. A dog training manual with a training collar. If you’re able to serve your customers with a more helpful physical product, why wouldn’t you?

5. They give you more freedom to be creative

You can create exciting solutions that are fun to imagine, design, and sell. Your customers are, in turn, more excited by your solutions. Which means they buy them more readily and feel happier with their purchases. 

6. They're better to consume

Digital products are overly abundant, and customers usually skim or don’t bother opening them at all. The delivery of physical products, on the other hand, is a reminder to consume them. They occupy physical space in a customer’s home, so their constant presence is a reminder. Plus, people still prefer to read books on paper. It’s also easier to follow instructions in a printed manual while working in a kitchen, workshop, or at a computer. Higher product consumption leads to higher retention rates (i.e., fewer cancellations), fewer refunds, stronger loyalty, and more repeat purchases.

7. They're harder to pirate and illegally distribute

Digital product piracy is too easy; some customers might share your product without realising they’re doing anything wrong! On the other hand, pirating printed materials is a lot of work. Better yet, if your product includes teaching aids and complimentary physical elements, pirates can’t clone those. So what they share isn’t complete and isn’t nearly as useful as the original. 

8. They're more valuable in the eyes of customers

Customers instinctively consider digital products as less valuable than physical ones because they can’t touch them. An eBook containing the exact text as a printed book will often sell for less. (Think Kindle editions vs paperback!) With a physical product, customers will pay more. So if your information is genuinely helpful, distributing it as a digital product devalues it. On the other hand, selling it as a physical product retains its prestige.

9. They're more provable in fraud claims

Online customers are notorious for filing fraudulent chargebacks. For instance, rather than politely asking you for a refund, they call their bank and claim they did not authorise a purchase they made. These claims hurt small online sellers like you and me because they cost us penalties and risk the closure of our merchant accounts. With physical products, there’s evidence of their delivery. This evidence means you can contest the customer’s fraudulent claim and win.

10. They're more collectible

Physical products take physical space in a person’s home or office. Your product is likely to find a spot on your customer’s bookshelf where it will constantly remind them of your business. Also, it’s a reminder of what you gave a customer in exchange for their money. So they’re less likely to refund or cancel your products and more likely to make use of them.

11. They're more show-off-able

People love sharing photos and videos of the physical packages they receive. (Think of the unboxing video rage). These shared photos and videos are free word-of-mouth advertising for you.

12. They're a better source of pride

Like your customers, you’ll probably put your physical product on display in your home or office. You’ll show them to and share them with your friends, family, partners, colleagues, or potential employers with pride. “I wrote this,” you’ll say. People will be impressed and immediately think of you as an authority. You can’t get the same effect with a digital product, even if you write a 1,000-page eBook.

So with all these good reasons to create physical products, what’s Authority S&H going to do for you?

Here's What You'll Learn in Authority S&H

How to conceptualise and plan excitement for your customers

Receiving a physical product is an experience. As such, you have to envision how that experience will unfold for your customers. By planning every component in the shipped package, you become the conductor of their emotions. You’ll learn how to create child-like glee in your customers as they open, unpack, and use your delivered package. 

How to produce a book quickly that almost writes itself

Starting from a blank document, I’ll show you how to fill it with pages of content using my prompting technique. It helps you create well-structured text of ANY length. It almost feels like your book is composing itself.

How to create a document that prints beautifully and is a joy to work on

Let me help you avoid most people’s common mistakes when writing in a word processor. In a short document, they wouldn’t normally be a big deal. But as your text grows with sections, chapters, and figures, even small changes become tedious and repetitive. I’ll show you how to professionally format your book using a simple open-source word processor. I’ll help you impose a standard for all elements systematically applied throughout your document. And I’ll show you how you can change your mind about a style, change it in one place, and see it spread everywhere. While most people will be pulling their hair from all their earlier blunders, you’ll have an easy to navigate document, that’s a pleasure to work on. And your writing will be more efficient and streamlined.

How to design functional artwork and visual teaching aids that are print-ready

While you can hire a designer to do your artwork, you might not have the budget for it. I’ll show you some basics to help you start designs for cover pages and teaching aids. Besides the design itself, several essential factors to consider are resolution, file format, typography, guides, bleed, and cut lines. I’ll help you through all the tricky parts so you can produce print-ready graphics you can send directly to a printer with minimal fuss.  

How to check your work looks as good in print as it does on your screen

On-screen graphics and type don’t necessarily look the same when printed. Scales change. Details differ. Before printing 10’s, 100’s, or 1,000’s of copies, you’ll want to know what your final prints will look like. I’ll point you to the potential problems, share with you solutions, and help you ensure no surprises when you’re ready to print.

How to select paper type, colour, and size for quality prints that make you smile

Paper comes in varying thickness, colour, texture, and shine. You can cut it to any shape or size. Depending on what you want to print–a poster, a book, a sticker, a flashcard, a certificate–you’ll want to choose well. And if you’re publishing a book, your binding might impose some upper or lower limits on the number of pages. I’ll share pointers on optimally making these decisions for quality prints that come out exactly how you want.

How to save time by outsourcing fulfilment to professionals

You might prefer to DIY your fulfilment. This can save money long-term, give you more control over your product’s final look and feel, or allow you to try your idea out before getting more serious. Whichever the case, there’s some equipment, skills, and services you’ll need specific to each option. I’ll help you find the best prices and figure out the economics of your decision.

How to get more control and better profit margins by printing, publishing, and shipping in-house

Dedicated businesses print, produce, source, and ship for you. Which are most suitable for which kinds of products? Which have no minimum order sizes? And which can print on demand and only charge you for sales you’ve already made? I’ll answer these questions and help you choose the best options for you.

How to simplify fulfilment and tracking with WordPress

Keeping track of which products need to go out to who can get out of hand fast. If you use WordPress to sell your info products, some excellent solutions can help you streamline your physical product fulfilment. They track inventory, print shipping labels, and notify customers when you ship their orders. Some will even interface with your shipping provider to provide tracking numbers. I’ll show you how to set up your website to systematically and efficiently manage the fulfilment process.

How to ship prestigious digital material

Just because you’re sending a physical info product doesn’t mean you can’t have digital documents, videos, audio, or software. Simply use a thumb drive. But a thumb drive can feel “cheap”. I’ll show you how to incorporate physical media with your package in a way consistent with the experience you’re designing. I’ll show you some design options for packaging and branding to make your digital components feel valuable and look beautiful. You’ll find out where and how to get it done right without it eating off your margins.

And soooo much more!

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