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If you’re like most online entrepreneurs, you’re paying for an ever-growing list of monthly software services, crucial to the operation of your business.

From hosting, to autoresponders, to funnel builders, to shopping carts…you  name it. If there’s a need for it, someone’s selling an overpriced service for it. And if you aren’t very technical, chances are you have no choice but to subscribe.

But let me ask you something…

Do you think companies like Netflix, Facebook, or eBay are also subscribed to the same services as you?

I mean, surely, they use email marketing, transaction and payment processing, and so on. But they’re not using the services popular in our line of work. And it’s got little to do with the cost and a lot to do with something else much, much  more important to any serious business…

Data Ownership!

While the “software as a service” business model of these providers is not in itself evil, the problem is it locks you in and holds you hostage by your data.

Your online business is probably a hack-job of multiple software services held together with spit and a prayer. Each time you add a service, you introduce a new bill and give up control of some piece of your business, for example, customer and lead information, or marketing and premium content you’ve worked hard to create.

That is your business data.

When your business is online, it is a virtual business. So DATA is the entirety of your business existence.

Imagine what would happen if you were to lose, say, your mailing list.

If you’re like me, you’ve invested huge sums of money and time over the years into growing and nurturing your subscribers. Similarly, your blog posts, your courses, your video content, and so on. Lose those, and quite honestly, there’s little of value left.

Were yours a traditional, physical business, this would be the equivalent of…

...your shop catching fire, and all your inventory, showroom, and records going up in flames with it!

It’s pretty tough to come back from that.

You wouldn’t trust just anyone with all your business assets.

And yet, in a virtual business, it’s common to delegate control of all your assets to external providers who lock them inside accounts you lease and the provider owns.

Your data remains accessible to you ONLY as long as you’re paying your monthly bill and you’re obeying their terms & conditions.

It is the provider who decides which bits of your data you can access and whether or not you can continue to access your account and use the service. Should they ever decide you’ve violated their terms and conditions, they will shut you out in an INSTANT and tell you their decision is final.

I’ve had this happen to me and i’ve seen it happen to clients and colleagues so many times.

It’s mind blowing and frustrating.

Because it's always unexpected, obscure, and impossible to contest.

They always claim their decision is “final”. You can never get a straight answer about exactly which thing you did to violate their terms, only that you did. You’re never given the benefit of the doubt or an opportunity to reverse the decision. And there’s nothing you can do about it.

You’re completely at their mercy, no matter how unfair it seems.

Once your business relies on a particular software–say, your membership site–if it were interrupted for even one day, you could lose sales, customers, and money.


Connecting all your different services together and making them smoothly communicate is a pretty involving technical task. In many cases you’re unable to have all your data in one place where you can study it and make intelligent decisions about it.

Moreover, should you ever need to switch to another service, for example, when you need more features, better pricing, or favourable terms, it’s impossible to pull off without a major loss of assets.

Many software service providers have strange rules about what can be exported or imported.

Like for instance…

  • Most email marketing systems make it difficult to import a mailing list you’ve collected in another service. Unless you’re a big spender, you’ll have to ask subscribers to verify their mail subscription and you’ll lose 80%+ of your subscribers in the process.
  • Most payment systems and shopping carts make it impossible to move customer payment information. This is particularly bad when you have active recurring subscriptions and you must involve your customers to change transaction providers. Good luck keeping more than 10% of your recurring income!
  • Most funnel builders and membership delivery platforms make it unusually difficult to export all your assets simply because it is not in their interest for you to leave. You’ll waste untold amounts of time trying to pry your content out and you’ll probably leave behind large chunks of your training products, videos, PDFs, student conversations, and customer data.

Because of how difficult it is to change service providers, you are likely to stick with providers who give bad service and value for money, until the pain of staying outweighs the pain of moving. Which might never happen, because the more your business grows while depending on a service, the more you are investing into that service and the more your reliance on it grows.

So a bad choice of service provider early in your business might in fact haunt you, cripple you, and hold you back forever.

Ultimately, you do NOT own the business.

Your service providers do.

None of this is hypothetical, either. i’m speaking from painful experience. I’ve been there, lost pieces of my business because of entrusting service providers, and i’ve agonized over being powerless to undo what was done. After years of struggle, i decided to do something about it. By combining over two decades of marketing savvy and three decades of technical mastery i figured out how to overcome these challenges and come out ahead.

More on this in a minute.

If you’re new to online marketing or you’ve got a little dingy website, you could be thinking

"Yeah, but this doesn't apply to me!"

Perhaps you don’t mind paying monthly service fees to your hosting, autoresponder, membership and content delivery system, funnel builder, shopping cart, video hosting, and so on.

Perhaps you use an “all in one” solution like Clickfunnels,  Groovefunnels, Kartra, Dropfunnels or one of the many new entrants into the lucrative space of bleeding internet marketers dry…

and you’re happy with their simplicity and their fees.

But you’d be short-sighted and wrong.

Like i said, i’ve made these mistakes and have paid a high price.

Of all businesses, a small one likes yours and mine is MOST likely to come up on “hard times” and not be able to afford its bill on a certain month. When you’re struggling to stay afloat, the last thing you need is to lose your ability to deliver sold products, to sell to your costly traffic, or to support your hard-won customers.

But more importantly, your needs will undoubtedly change as you grow.

If you make the wrong choice at the start just because it’s easy or convenient, then you will have a huge uphill battle to change services later. And because of its difficulty, you’ll postpone a long overdue migration and make all kinds of wasteful compromises…at a time when you NEED growth.

None of this pain is necessary today. We have arrived at a point in time where…

...The Technology Exists and is Easy and Accessible to EVERYONE

…to own their own data and run the crucial business services themselves. For a fraction of the cost, and often completely free.
How is this madness possible?
Most websites today are built on WordPress, which was traditionally a blogging platform, but has evolved into a sophisticated content management system that serves most websites on the web.
The beauty of WordPress is that it is free and open source. Which is key to its popularity and versatility. It has a wonderful “plugin” ecosystem that you can use to easily add ANY functionality you need to your busines…
…as if you were clicking together Lego bricks!
And on January 31st, in just 90 minutes, i’m going to show you how easy it is to build the ultimate sales website, complete with all the functionality you’re usually paying for, entirely on top of WordPress, for nearly free, while eliminating most commonly required paid services.
I’ll build it in the cloud.
It will be blazing fast.
You’ll have complete data ownership. And you won’t even pay for hosting for at least 12 months!
I call this 90-Minute Business Command Center.

What is it?

Business Command Center is a live, 90-minute video training presented on Google Meet.

You will join the meeting from the comfort of your home, from anywhere in the world, using your laptop, tablet, or mobile device at the prescribed time. You will  watch me as i do every step of installing, setting up, and configuring the various components that make up a successful sales website.


  • Email Marketing
  • HTTPS Certificates
  • Online Course Delivery
  • Funnel Building
  • Custom Theme Building
  • Landing Page
  • Legal Pages
  • Order Pages
  • Upsells
  • Cart Abandonment Campaign
  • and much more

I’ll comment the whole time and explain what i’m doing and why.

Follow the steps with me, and by the end of 90 minutes, you will have the ultimate sales website ready to use for yourself. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and get help. And the whole thing will be recorded so you can review it later.

Who is it for?

This live 90 minute training is for internet business owners and affiliate marketers who are serious about the longevity of their business. It’s for people who want to retain control over their data.

It is for cost conscious entrepreneurs who want to ensure they can afford to run their business for as long as possible, out of pocket, while they figure out how to make it take off.

It is for online marketers who want to understand and learn about the technical aspects of their craft in order to have an advantage in their marketing, get better features, and pay less than they would if they remained ignorant.

The training is not particularly complex. But if you are easily frightened by technical instructions, you should probably not attend this live training.

The Business Command Center is for you if you have geeky aspirations and enjoy the feeling of empowerment when you learn to do something a little fiddly.

Bear in mind, I will at one point pull up a terminal window (aka a command prompt, the black ugly screen with white computery text on it) … and i’m gonna tell you to type commands into it. If that idea scares you, please do not continue.

Relax, I will tell you exactly what to type and i will even give you an automatic script i wrote and tested which handles the entire setup. So the typed instructions are FEW–their only purpose is to start the automatic script.

If you are interested, you can easily look inside the script and study it closely. However, learning the inner workings will not be necessarily as this setup is only required one time.

After the script completes its work, all administration of your sales website and operations are carried out in the the comfortable and easy graphical interface of WordPress. You’ll click buttons, turn settings on or off, and type marketing content. No geekery.

Finally, and probably most importantly, this training is not a MARKETING training. It is FOR marketers, but you will not learn to do marketing.

I’ll explain why later. Keep reading if you’re with me so far…

What's Included, and What Will I Get?

Business Command Center is ambitious, given how little time we have together. However, i’m nuts and i’m excited by the danger and challenge of trying to do everything within a limited time-frame. And if we end up going over time, i hope you’ll forgive me and enjoy the comprehensive detail i’ve gone into for your benefit.

During the training, here’s what we’ll work on, together…

Setup Server Computers

Before i explain what we will do in this section and why it is important, i must first show you what conventional web entrepreneurs do when they don’t know better.

A typical website owner begins with a cheap mainstream hosting option–which can start as little as $5/month. (Think Godaddy, Hostgator, etc). The way such a low price makes sense for hosting providers is they let 10’s perhaps 100’s of websites run on the same machine. Which is known as “shared hosting”.

Since all the websites on the same machine share the same underlying server hardware, this means, if your “neighbour” gets a surge in traffic or does something a little intensive on their side of the server, it will negatively affect your site’s speed and performance.

Remember that search engines, the main way your website is hopefully discovered, they don’t like to promote slow or intermittently available websites.


if you’re paying for your traffic and you convince visitors to come to your slow, intermittent website, they’ll get impatient and leave before they’ve had a chance to consider your offer. You’ll waste money on visits that never materialise into even the possibility of revenue.

Most website owners, quickly discover these limitations of shared hosting and move to the next level, Virtual Private Server (VPS for short). Starting from $20/month, you will still share a machine with others, but with fewer people and better separation.

If you continue to grow, VPS isn’t good enough for long. Soon you’re looking seriously at the next level, Dedicated Server. With this option, you can have a complete machine to yourself. Costs start from $80/month and grow much more depending on how much power you actually need.

Ultimately, you’ll need to keep upgrading hardware, but always bound by the limitations of a single machine. The bigger the machine, the more you pay.

The thing is though, there’s a better way to “scale up” without needing bigger machines. You can use MORE machines, all of them low-powered and get scale, speed, and better handling for a busy website, but much, much cheaper!

This is what we’re going to do together in the first part of this training.

We will separate concerns on our server setup so we use multiple small, cheap low-powered machines.

What does this mean?

Your typical website owner uses their single hosting machine, whether it’s shared, VPS, or dedicated…to hold EVERYTHING.

This includes…

  • The web server (eg, Apache),
  • the code that powers the website (eg, WordPress, its plugins, and themes),
  • the static files (eg, CSS styles, Javascript, and theme images),
  • the database server that stores the content of the website (eg, MySQL and the WordPress database),
  • their media files (videos, images, and audio attachments)

This becomes a single point of failure and a strain on any machine to consistently deliver performant responses to web requests.

In fact, it is also quite dangerous because the above setup leaves you vulnerable to hackers, failures, and mistakes. One thing goes wrong, and everything goes down.

What we will do together, instead, without getting overly technical, is to separate your database, from the code files that make up your website, from the user-facing part of your website, from your media files.

Each will reside on a separate, small, dirt cheap server (free the first year, and <1 cent/hr after).

This is more secure and stable than the one-server alternative. And you get commercial-grade, reliable setups for each of the key components of your website.

If this sounds complex, relax, that’s why i’m here, to walk you through its setup and make it easy for you 🙂 In fact, this ENTIRE idea will take mere minutes to configure, cost us almost no money, and include 4 servers!

Plus you have the ability to scale JUST the parts you need when you need them. You can do this seamlessly by turning a switch in the web interface and change which resources you allocate.

It also means that you can scale INFINITELY and on demand when you need.

Let me put this in context…

Suppose you get a mention in Forbes or some other major publication. Happy days! You get a sudden spike in traffic. A typical single-server website will choke under the unexpected traffic and you’ll miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

Your best protection is to pay for and run a big, expensive dedicated server around the clock, waiting for that once in a lifetime opportunity to repeat itself.

On the other hand, with our separated cloud setup, that same traffic spike from a Forbes mention, your setup can automatically adapt and scale to accommodate. You don’t lose one bit of that unexpected awesome traffic. Your server scales itself, you’re billed for the extra allocated resources just for the hours you use. And when the traffic spike is over, your servers will scale themselves back to minimal resources and minimal cost.

Meaning, you can take better advantage of promotional opportunities, but only pay when there is a worthwhile opportunity that has the potential of translating into money and growth.

You also have automatic backups for all the parts of your website that matter. And it’s all done in a way that is much simpler than you can possibly imagine.

Setting up all of this will take us mere minutes in the early part of the training!

Register Your Business Address

Chances are you’re familiar with domain name registrars like Namecheap and Godaddy. These mainstream services are sneaky and we avoid them.

A typical .COM domain name goes for about $9 – $15 / year. Mainstream registrars offer you that first year at a slightly reduced price (eg, $8.99) but then they more than make up the difference by charging you $20+/year in subsequent years.

Worse, many mainstream domain registrars (including those mentioned above) are notorious for “stealing” domains.

One common tactic is to monitor what you search for and then snatch it before you do. Later, you’ll find that nice $8.99 domain costs several hundred dollars.

Another sneaky trick i’ve seen is one they employ when your domain expires. If you don’t automatically renew your domains, the registrar will snatch it up.

The first domain i bought when i was 16 years old was the name of my Turkish grandfather, spelled in an uncommon spelling. Once it expired, it was purchased and parked. By who, i don’t know. But so far, every domain i’ve ever allowed to expire has been snatched up and parked. Until this day, my grandfather’s misspelled name remains unavailable unless i’m prepared to pay its current owner several thousand dollars.

You can avoid all this.

In reality, you should be able to register, transfer, or renew a .COM domain name at cost pricing for no more than $12/year, every year. I’ll show you how to do this.

You’ll also see how to connect your domain to your website correctly. And i’ll show you how to host MULTIPLE websites for yourself and for clients using our exact setup, under different domains.

Configure & Issue HTTPS / SSL Certificates

In recent years, Google has become biased in favour of websites served over HTTPS (the secure version of the http protocol).

Normally, hosting over HTTPS requires an expensive yearly certificate issued by a certificate authority, and can be difficult and finnicky to setup. We will use a new method to get a secure certificate issued for your domain, for FREE, and my automatic script will install it for you so you can create as many subdomains as you like and host them all over https.

Furthermore, my script will automatically redirect your HTTP traffic to the HTTPS version of your website.

This ensures you are favoured by search engines and are not discriminated against with traffic.

It also means, you are now free to collect payments from customers, right there on your website without sending people off to pay elsewhere (i’m looking at you, Paypal).

Configure Multi-Site WordPress

Next, we install WordPress. This is the main Business Control Center interface where you manage your contacts, customers, products, media, sales and marketing materials, and page content.

Our special script will automatically install for you all the free plugins that drive the majority of your website’s functionality.

The beauty of WordPress, however, is in its extensibility and your ability to customise it to your needs, tacking on any functionality you  desire.

There is an entire ecosystem of plugins to do anything you imagine.

Furthermore, i will show you how to access about $600 / year worth of premium plugins FOR FREE…plugins tested, tried, and used by me and my clients, that add core functionality required in a typical online business. I’ll also teach you a legal loophole to try any premium plugin (ie, not usually free), for free, indefinitely!


Because we are installing WordPress multisite, you will have a simple way to replicate the same website functionality to MULTIPLE websites on different domains or subdomains, with different content and design, possibly even different businesses…but all backed by a consistent infrastructure.

You’ll be able to offer this exact setup you’re doing for yourself to your own clients if you have any!

In fact, this is what i often do for my traffic clients as an extra service which they love. You can even charge them to host and support their website. It’s up to you! Oh, and if you choose to do that…erm, charge a monthly fee…

…your website can handle the whole affair from billing, to subscription management, to fulfilment. You’ll have all the tools to pull it off.

Create a Store for Your Physical & Digital Goods

Next, we will setup a store to showcase your products, no matter if they are digital, physical, or virtual. You can sell subscriptions, memberships, courses, services, goods, bundles, variations.
You name it. All is possible.
Your store will showcase your products, a shopping cart is integrated, and customer management and analytics, inventory tracking, and lots of bells and whistles. We won’t get into ALL the details, but i’ll help you with the most important settings and show you how to do common tasks pertinent to selling an eBook, with an online course component, compete with its fulfilment, receipt handling, and delivery.
I’ll also show you the basics of setting up a subscription product we will use as an upsell too.

Build A Fully Custom Website Theme

Together, we’ll use a visual page builder to create a completely custom website theme without writing a single line of code.

Our theme will be basic in the interest of time, but you can actually do a very sophisticated design. The training will be a good starting point for you to discover the powerful things you can do when creating your own unique theme, specific to your brand.

We will add the crucial pages of the website including its legal pages and the pages required to get your ads approved and stay on Google and other traffic networks. In so doing, you’ll learn the core functionality of the visual theme builder.

Create a List Building Landing Page

I’ll show you how to use the visual page builder to create a simple landing page with a form to collect email subscriber leads.
This page will convert your paid and organic (free) traffic into email subscribers instead of single-visit visitors. Turning traffic into leads using a landing page like this gives you multiple “second chance” opportunities to connect with and nurture your traffic, and turn more visitors into buyers–even if you’re not good at sales.
We will connect this page to a mailing list completely managed on your website. You will be able to email your new subscribers right there in your Business Command Center.

Configure Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most crucial service of any serious online business. It’s how you have a receptive audience to make new offers, without needing to find new people every time you want to offer something new for sale.

One of the biggest pains i’ve had over the years is dealing with mainstream email marketing services.

Mainstream services like Aweber, iContact, Getresponse, Mailchimp, etc offer a convenient way to do email marketing. They in fact handle multiple activities on your behalf, which explains their popularity.

First, they help you build nice subscription forms and guide you to integrate them into your website. When visitors of your site subscribe, their contact information is submitted, behind the scenes, straight into the email marketing service. This first part is called contact management. Your subscriber information is stored on their server.

When you’re ready to contact your subscribers, you login to the email marketing service, type your email content into their simple interface, choose which subscribers should receive your email, and queue your message for sending. This is email management. Your email content is stored on their server.

After queueing your message for sending, the service handles all aspects of delivering the email, retries after failure, bounces, collecting statistics, etc. This is email sending. Your email stats are stored on their server.

Because they handle all three above activities, mainstream email services own all your most pertinent mail and mailing list related information.

To protect themselves from spammers abusing their service, they impose many restrictions on how you can interact with your subscribers, what you can say to them, and whether or not you’re allowed to even communicate with them at all.

Such services also get ridiculously expensive with the growth of your mailing list.

Since your email subscribers are your most critical business asset, and you’ll eventually spend a small fortune collecting them, i propose a separation of contact management and email management from email sending.

Through WordPress’ plugin system, we will be able to easily create nice looking lead forms on your site, which store your subscriber information within YOUR site. You’ll also be able to just as conveniently write beautiful, high converting emails, as many as you like, in a full-featured email editor right in the admin interface of your website. Your email content will be stored on your website too. That’s two crucial business assets solely under your control and command. Nobody else has access. Nobody can hold your business hostage.

This leaves email sending.

While it is technically possible to create your own bulk sending server infrastructure, there are certain aspects of it that are too big a headache to deal with yourself. i advise against it, even if you have the technical know-how. Particularly because deliverability of email is tough. And you want your emails to end up in inboxes, not spam folders.

Luckily, there are special dedicated services that only do email sending, without trying to own your contacts.

You supply an email address and an email you want sent to it. They charge you for each send transaction and are responsible for ensuring the email is correctly delivered to its intended recipient.

Such services do not hold onto ANY of your business assets, they merely supply the service of sending email.

Using a sending service works out to be not just smarter and safer, it’s also significantly cheaper!

In this training, i share with you the cheapest option (we will not use it because its configuration takes more work) and i will also show you a simpler alternative, free if you have fewer than 500 subscribers.

If you have more than 500 subscribers and there’s enough interest in configuring the cheapest sending option, i’ll do a different training on that later.

Meanwhile, i’ll show you how you can create beautiful emails to nurture your mailing list and convert subscribers into buyers, right there inside your WordPress site with a visual email builder that makes most commercial systems jealous.

Best part, you’ll have complete autonomy and your subscribers and emails are YOURS alone.

Build a Sales Funnel

Ever used a funnel builder?

They’re pretty popular these days as a way to take a customer on a spending journey at check-out and maximise the revenue collected on a sale.

The problem with most commercial funnel builder systems is they’re trying to be the complete marketing toolbelt, without doing anything well at all. They take over ALL your business assets including customer and subscriber information, marketing content, product data, email marketing, and so on.

In this part of the demonstration i show you how to entirely replace funnel builders with your own website.

You can create professional looking marketing pages, right inside your WordPress site. We’ll build a landing page, a checkout form with order bumps and two step checkout, an upsell page, and a thank you page. All this helps you collect more revenue at checkout, which increases your average ticket purchase, and makes you profitable faster.

We’ll configure the entire thing and tie it to a real product which the funnel will automatically fulfil.

You can start sending traffic straight to your landing page and making sales within minutes of completing the class!

Cart Abandonment Recovery

Often, a potential customer, very interested in your offer gets to your checkout, ready to buy…suddenly, they’re distracted by something in their lives, or they run into a problem while buying…and they never complete their order. The full, unpaid cart they leave behind, is known as an “abandoned cart”.

This is such a huge source of lost sales for eCommerce companies that they invest heavily into retargeting ad campaigns, JUST to recover such lost sales. But before you go and spend money to get traffic you already paid for back to your site…there’s a cheaper way you might want to try first.

I’ve found you can recover as much as 30% of potentially lost revenue just by using an email campaign targeted toward people who abandon cart. in the last section of this training, i’ll show you how to set it up, easily. Your website automatically detects abandoned carts and over several days send emails to get those orders completed. Now you’ve got more money to spend on NEW traffic.

it's a pretty ambitious presentation if i'm honest

I’m a little nervous that i won’t be able to fit everything into it. However, i’ve diligently planned the content and i think i can do it all in 90 minutes.

At the end of the training, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and get extra help. There’s no time-limit. Ask everything you like, i’ll stick around as long as you need. (I’ve actually sent my family overseas, so i can spend all night uninterrupted, answering your questions lol)

In addition, i will give you access to the recording to review after the class. Especially useful if you prefer to watch the first time and follow along at your own pace later.

You’ll get my notes which i’ll be following as i do the training. The notes are a pretty good summary of the steps. the only way i’m able to pull off the demonstration in such a short time is that i’ve planned and written the steps out with the key settings ahead of time. You’ll have my “cheat sheet” for quick lookups of the correct setting to use, which saves you having to dig around the recorded video.

You’ll also get an automation script designed to setup the hard parts of the system for you (with this in your locker, you may as well be getting it done with your eyes closed!).

And there are likely to be a few more surprises to follow.


How much does it cost?

The 90 Minute Business Command Center is priceless. Which is why i am not actually selling it.

So to be perfectly clear, the cost is:


But here’s the catch. It’s only free to you if you are an active, paying subscriber of the Super Traffic Machine.

The reason?

First, the information you learn here is valuable and hard to come by. In all fairness, few other than me are qualified to teach it to you.

However, this information is most valuable to someone who is building or has built a Super Traffic Machine. It’s a focused on a technical aspect of your web business and assumes you already have the necessary knowledge to create the marketing content that utilises this technology.

For instance, i’m not going to show you how to write a winning sales email or teach you what to write on your About Page, or what goes into an effective landing page. I will build those things in front of you, but their content will be pre-written.

In fact, in the presentation, i will be moving a Super Traffic Machine customer’s website from a traditional setup to the Business Command Center setup.

And why should i cover it on this training?

I’ve already covered it in great detail, in a beautiful program which shows you the proper way to prepare your marketing materials. You’ll find it in the various manuals of the Super Traffic Machine. And i’d like to make that assumption that you know what to do with the marketing so i can focus on the goal of this training.

Secondly, i wish to reward the loyalty of my subscribers and give them a reason to stay subscribed through a Super Traffic Machine “club membership”. This is the first of many more bonus training modules to come.

These modules will be delivered free as an incentive for all Super Traffic Machine subscribers and are a reason for subscribers to remain subscribed beyond the 8 months of the official course.

Such bonus content constitute advanced continuation of your learning with me and with YaghiLabs.

So if you are NOT subscribed and you want access, you must join the Super Traffic Machine before the January 31st deadline above. If you postpone your subscription beyond the deadline, you will not have another opportunity to access this particular training module.

If i ever decide to offer a recording of this training in the future, it will likely be very, very expensive.


How can i get it?

To get access to this training, you must subscribe to the Super Traffic Machine before the countdown timer at the top of this page runs out.

Read these instructions carefully and follow them.

If you were originally subscribed to the Super Traffic Machine and your subscription has lapsed, whether it is because you have completed all 8 modules or some other reason, you should reactivate your subscription before the deadline.

If you did not complete all 8 modules, we will continue delivering your modules where you last left off. If you have completed all 8, we will not send them again, as that would be pointless. However, your active subscription entitles you automatically to this and all future trainings we release.

In either case, click the GREEN button below to reactivate.

On the other hand, if you wish to subscribe for the first time, please read the presentation for the Super Traffic Machine. Make sure you want it. Even though this bonus is attractive, i insist that you only join if you are interested in the content of the Super Traffic Machine.

Click the ORANGE button below to read about the Super Traffic Machine and subscribe normally from that page.

When you’re ready, click the appropriate button below…

What if i want to cancel or i don't like it?

You will always have the opportunity to pause your subscription if you cannot afford it on a particular month.

Also, you’re free to cancel your Super Traffic Machine subscription at any time. But if you do, i WILL hold it against you, particularly if you do it soon after you receive this bonus.

I am only offering this and future bonuses free to Super Traffic Machine subscribers, because i want to reciprocate the LOYALTY of my customers. if you do not plan to be a loyal subscriber but still try to get the bonus, even though you know it is not meant for you, you’re being deceptive and dishonest.

If you want the bonus but don’t want the Super Traffic Machine, you’d also be doing yourself a disservice because the material is advanced and it adds to what i am assuming you learned or will learn in the Super Traffic Machine.  It is infinitely more useful when combined with the marketing principles i teach you there.


If you ask for a refund, you will not get it. All sales are final. This has always been my policy. This is also in YOUR interest so your buying decision is careful and not impulsive.

My advice:

If you’re not sure if the Super Traffic Machine is right for you, don’t subscribe. Do your due diligence, ask your questions, study what you get, read more of my emails, ask around about me. And only when you’re happy and feel completely comfortable with your decision and can afford it without overextending yourself, subscribe.


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