Web Building Simplified

Join Me on Wednesday & You’ll NEVER Need to Outsource or Buy a Website “Widget” Again!

PLUS, free tutorial demonstrates how you can
make a few $k/month with less than 100 subscribers!

In our lives, in our work…

Every time we turn on a computer, it’s the first thing we look at.

Every time we glance at our smart phones, it’s there.

It’s everywhere and we all use it.

Some people create beauty with it, while others can’t help but stare at them with a sense of wonder, mystified. “How did they do that?” they wonder.


Errmmm…With the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), of course!

HTML is the language of the web. That’s how people make beautiful, usable, precisely-set pages which suck leads and win sales and spread the word about products like wildfire all over social networks. They know HTML, that’s all. haha!

Not knowing how to read and write HTML is embarrassing!

You can’t “speak” the language your livelihood depends on? In this day and age? That’s not only unacceptable, but surely it’s become somewhat of a nuisance by now. Hasn’t it?

It’s demeaning to find yourself struggling and panicking every time you have to make a new landing page, blog post, or sales presentation. Don’t you feel like a child who needs help counting his change? Isn’t it frustrating that you can’t make the simplest changes without getting help.

Guess what?

You’ll always be at the mercy of the tools and contractors who charge unusually high rates for stuff that should be dead easy.

Yes. Sure.

There are plenty of tools that give you a crutch so you can get away with not learning HTML. Go ahead and use them. But you’re limited by what the tool’s creator thinks you need to do. Why should they dictate how your pages look? Just try to do something a little outside the normal behaviour — try to make a button or a link appear in a different position or in another colour…and see if you don’t get stuck.

But if you would learn to read and write HTML (which is actually easy if someone shows you)…

…You’ll still benefit from web building tools for their ease and efficiency.

The difference is, whenever you hit a limitation of some tool, you simply switch to “advanced coding view” and make tweaks on your own. You’ll be able to get everything to look just right, exactly how you want it. And you’ll never have to post a job ad and wait for some web programmer to charge you an arm and a leg to make tiny tweaks for you.

BTW, There’s a label we use for people who can’t read or write the language they communicate in. It’s not a nice label… actually, it’s kind of an insult!


Extreme? Maybe.

But the late Steve Jobs went a few steps further.

In the following quote, he implies you can’t THINK if you can’t program:

“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer…It teaches you how to think.”

You don’t have to be ignorant forever. My goal is to hold a live workshop in which i very rapidly make you literate in HTML, the most important and arguably the simplest, most powerful language ever created…and i only need 90 minutes to cover up your TECHNICAL SHAME.

What is The 90 Minute HTML Webinar?

The 90 Minute HTML Webinar is a live demonstration in virtual “workshop” fashion.

What does that mean?

It means you can attend from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home and from any computer or smartphone. And you’ll see my screen while i build the most difficult and yet the most commonly needed HTML page of a web marketer!

Who is the HTML Webinar for?

This webinar is for solo entrepreneurs who use the web to market their business.

It is designed to be simple so that if you’ve have never built a webpage from scratch, you’ll see how it’s done very quickly.

I’ve actually written a 1 page tutorial that simplifies everything into a few key concepts that a child could understand.

Who else should join us on Wednesday?

  • If you get frustrated with the plugins and themes that never make your pages look exactly how you want, then you would benefit by attending this workshop.
  • If you find your creativity is hindered by your lack of technical skills.
  • If you don’t have the luxury of an outsourcing budget, and can’t afford to hire someone to make modifications every time you need them, then you will save a lot of headache and money by learning with us.
  • If you often see other people’s pages and wonder how you can “borrow” an idea, you’ll be able to view the source and understand immediately how to do it on your own site.

What are All the Things I Get When I Register?

The 90 Minute HTML Webinar is part of our Just For Fun tutorials series. The goal of this series is to teach Online Marketers core technical skills necessary to generate revenue and minimise expenses.

When you register, you don’t just get any old talk-filled theoretical info. It’s much more than that. Following is a list of everything you get:

A Live 2-Hour Tutorial: Easy Landing Page Building with HTML

The Live Tutorial is the main workshop you’ll attend. It’s a screen broadcast, a DEMONSTRATION of how a landing page is built from scratch. You’ll see MY computer while hearing my audio commentary. Every step and every word of code will be explained and shown step by step.

A Landing Page is the first page a website visitor will see when they arrive to your site. All the traffic you’re after with Google and Facebook is useless if you can’t convert visitors to leads. A landing page’s prime objective is to convert useless views into monetizable leads.

Yes, there are lots of tools to create entire websites, (eg, WordPress), but landing pages tend to have a unique layout from the rest of your site. As such, they’re typically programmed stand-alone otherwise they’re very hard to customise in WordPress.

In 90 Minutes, i’ll take a beautiful image designed in Photoshop and turn it into an editable, functional web page complete with a contact capturing form that puts visitors into your mailing list.

While i do the demo, make sure you’re ready to follow the steps on your own computer. I’ll send you the image file to play with too!

All you need is Notepad (or some other text editor) and any web browser. (I recommend Google Chrome because that’s what i’ll be using).

You’ll see how i strategically break up the image and code the page using a propriety YaghiLabs method we’ve spent a year developing. You’ll see how i integrate a background image, make colourful sexy buttons, and implement a custom autoresponder form.

At the end of the 90 minutes, you’ll have a page of your own that you built from scratch with pure HTML!

Q&A Session

30 Minutes have been allocated at the end of the commentary and tutorial to ask any questions you still have – or – if you get stuck on something while following along, just interrupt me and i’ll address it immediately.

Interaction with me is the main advantage of attending a live workshop instead of a recorded video. So please do take advantage of it!

The Recorded Video to Review As Often as You Wish

I know 90 Minutes go fast and there’s a lot of material to cover. So you’ll probably need to review the workshop later. That’s why within 48 hours of the webinar, you’ll be emailed access to a recording of the full workshop.

If for whatever reason you can’t make the webinar on Wednesday, don’t stress. It will be recorded and still sent to you. Just make sure to register as if you’ll be attending live so we have your email on file!

Also, you’ll benefit from the recording if you miss something or prefer to watch the first time and follow on your own later.

All Sources and Images In The Demo

Also included, in an exclusive members area, you’ll be able to download a zip archive of all the files i use in the demonstration before we get started.

So you’ll have all you need to follow the instructions LIVE!

Lifetime Membership to the Just for Fun Webinars Community

Our Secret Stash members area is reserved specifically for YaghiLabs customers and it has an unusual but very useful perk.

The members area is a social environment where our students get to interact with the other attendees. You’ll have LIFETIME access where you can exchange skills with others, get help when you get stuck, find a partner, and show off your work for feedback!

BONUS VIDEO: How to Create a Simple Money-Making Launch in 1 hour!

As a special bonus, and only for people who attend live, i’ll throw in a 1 hour recorded video demonstration of how anyone can create a simple product launch very quickly.

You’ll be walked through the exact steps of putting together an offer, writing a sales page, and making a bunch of dough.

Best part is, i do the whole demo in HTML view, so you’ll get to practice your new skill to design a beautiful high-converting, money-making sales page, so easily!

How much does it cost?

You can access the live workshop, get a recording of it for ongoing review, get life-time access to our members area where you can get help if you get stuck, and a bonus demonstration of how to create a quick product launch in 1 hour…

all this for only

97 bucks, one time.

Why so low?

Recently, i’ve decided to start holding semi-monthly webinars on core technical skill that i believe are holding people back from marketing and making money.

And this is such an important skill, that i want everybody who can’t read and write HTML to attend. It’s embarrassing to be a web entrepreneur in this day and age, and to be illiterate when it comes to some of the most basic skills you need to earn your living.

I don’t want price to be another excuse or hurdle holding you back.

These technical webinars, i call “just for fun”. They’re almost a hobby for me because they’re so easy. It’s only 2 hours of my time and you get to learn a very important skill you need. So why not?

97 bucks it is.

How can I Attend?

Enrolling for the 90 Minute HTML Webinar is easy.

Simply click the yellow “Order Now” button below to pay the enrollment fee securely using Paypal.

Once you’ve completed the form on the next page, don’t close your browser window.

You should automatically be redirected to a link where you can register for the webinar with your email address.

90 Minute Website

Web Building Simplified
$ 97
  • One-Time

We use GotoWebinar, a web-based software for holding demonstrations and meetings. This is how you access the live training.

After your payment is automatically confirmed, enter your name and email address to ensure your seat is reserved. Contact us immediately with your receipt if you forget to do this!

Shortly after registering, you should receive a confirmation email confirming the time and date along with instructions on how to install GotoWebinar on your computer.

Mark the date in your calendar.

Wednesday, 27th March @ 10pm GMT

To help you convert the time to your timezone, a short table for the corresponding time in popular cities is provided at the end of this page for your convenience.

On the day, and exactly 1 hour before the webinar begins, you will receive a final reminder email with a link inside.

Click the link at least 30 minutes before the webinar begins and ensure you arrive early.

GotoWebinar will automatically install on your computer before you arrive. Wait till you hear the webinar begin, follow along, and ask your questions.

48 hours after the webinar, we will send you an email with the recording, sources from the demo, membership access details, and your bonus video!

Can i refund if i don’t like the 90 Minute HTML Webinar?

If you change your mind BEFORE the webinar and ask for a refund, we will happily grant it to you in full.

However, if you ask for a refund AFTER the webinar, you will NOT get it. All sales are final when the webinar begins.

The reason is simple.

Asking for a refund AFTER the webinar invites two kinds of people i don’t want buying in the first place:

The first kind will attend the training, get the full benefit of it, and then refund just because they can. NO refunds for them.

The second kind of person i don’t want buying, is the type who will buy on impulse, without careful consideration…and then fail to attend the live presentation or review the recording…and months later, when they’re strapped for cash, they will come asking for a refund, also just because they can. NO refund for them either.

These kind of people are not worth the headache and the customer support. Please don’t buy!

Make your decision carefully. 97 bucks is a very small investment for learning such a useful skill. If you don’t think it’s fair, then it’s better to pass on this class and remain illiterate.

There is no question that the value will be there. I’m confident anyone who attends will learn what i promise and my style of teaching is so simple that you can’t fail to learn HTML in 2 hours.

So if you’ve read this information carefully and you think you’ll benefit from learning HTML with me, please join me on the 27th @10 PM GMT!

90 Minute Website

Web Building Simplified
$ 97
  • One-Time


P.S. The webinar will be recorded. So if you cannot attend on Wednesday @ 10pm GMT, register anyway and we’ll send you the recording as soon as it is rendered.

Time Conversion for Popular Cities

  • Los Angeles (-7GMT):- Wednesday @ 3pm
  • Houston (-5GMT):- Wednesday @ 5pm
  • New York (-4GMT):- Wednesday @ 6pm
  • London (0GMT):- Wednesday @10pm
  • Dubai (+4GMT):- Thursday @ 2am
  • Sydney (+11GMT): Thursday @ 9am
  • Auckland (+13GMT):- Thursday @ 11am

Please use timeanddate.com to convert the time if your city doesn’t appear here.

90 Minute Website

Web Building Simplified
$ 97
  • One-Time


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