Traffic Spar

In 90 mins: The Most Immediate, Easy, and Cheap Method of Traffic Ever Discovered!

Jim Yaghi, Traffic Monster

You’re stuck. I get it.

You started with affiliate marketing because it seemed easy. They told you, you don’t need a product, you don’t need a website. They’ll take care of fulfilment, they’ll take care of everything. Just send traffic and get paid.

But after trying everything, you can’t seem to crack it. You’re frustrated, and there’s no way to be sure what you’re doing is right. Everyone’s telling you different things.

All you know is, you’ve got your affiliate link, and you need some targeted traffic.

Is Getting Targeted Traffic So Hard?

No. It actually isn’t. But getting targeted traffic FOR FREE is HARD work.

Many people want it, and many are willing to do crazy things to get it. Like, my friend Stephanie who built a nice 6-figure affiliate income using only free traffic. But do you know what she had to do to get that traffic?

She wrote at least SIX articles EVERY SINGLE DAY for months before she saw any traction. Even that was several years ago! And things have gotten more difficult since.

Today she has a team of writers producing tens of daily articles to maintain her income.

The Fastest & Easiest Way to Get Traffic is to Buy it

It’s true.

There are two ways to get internet traffic:

  1. earn it
  2. or pay for it.

How do you earn traffic?

You create content people want to consume. Like a game, an app, entertaining videos, informative articles, blog posts, tweets, etc. But creating content is HARD work and it’s BRUTALLY competitive. As attractive as free traffic is, the methods are slow and need time and luck to build and take off.

On the other hand, buying traffic is immediate, and anyone with a credit card can have it.

i know what you’re thinking…

“But I Don't Have Money to Waste on Traffic”

You’re right.

You can’t afford waste. If you buy traffic, you need to profit.

Meaning, the traffic has to be targeted and high quality. So that if you spend $1 on traffic you make $2 in sales. Then you pocket a dollar and buy more ads with the other.

While this isn’t necessarily something you’ll be able to do right away without tweaking, you are in control of the quality of the traffic. On the other hand, with free traffic, you don’t have any fine-grained control over the traffic quality.


The Speed of Paid Traffic Gives You a Nice Advantage

See, with free traffic methods you’ll ALSO need to tweak. But you could work for MONTHS producing content without seeing a drop of traffic, let alone get any sales.

And by that point, you’ve already invested so much time and energy into your content–only to discover the quality of traffic doesn’t translate to buyers.

On the other hand, with paid traffic, you start by choosing who can see your ads.

And the traffic flows within minutes!

Then if you find yourself spending more than you expect to make in commission, you quickly tweak your targeting. You reach your profit goals faster and with less effort.


Paid Traffic Scales

Suppose after publishing 100’s of blog posts or videos, you finally start getting a $20 daily commission, all with free traffic. Great news, right?

But how do you now turn it into $40? or $80?

You’ll need to double and triple your content output. and you’re still not making enough money to hire it out, so that means you need to spend more of your personal time and energy.

On the other hand, with paid traffic, if you tweak your traffic quality to make $20 a day in commissions and it’s costing you $5 a day in traffic…doubling and tripling your commissions is a simple matter of doubling and tripling your ad spend.

and since you’re already in profit, that’s not a problem because presumably if $5 a day in ad spend gets you one $20 sale, then $10 a day in ad spend would get you two $20 sales, and so on.

But Not All Paid Traffic is Cheap or Good Quality

The problem is, in recent years, many of the mainstream ad platforms have become stupidly expensive and their traffic isn’t necessarily good quality.

Over the last 24 months, I’ve personally run paid ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube, to name a few.

My results varied. I found some of these networks were a complete waste of money and didn’t produce any usable traffic at all. Others gave quality traffic but required a high upfront investment for testing. And yet others required too much work to set up a single ad.

Only One Ad Platform's Traffic Stood Out as Cheap, Reliable, and Targeted

On this platform, I used a TINY $5 test budget and it was enough. It sent me qualified, targeted leads immediately for mere cents each. And within days, I had my first sale–from a country from which I’d never had sales before!

For the past few years i’ve been treated for an aggressive cancer and in March 2021 it came back with such a force that it put me in the hospital for months. i was on the brink of death with surgeries, chemotherapy, pain, and depression like you cannot imagine. I couldn’t even look at my computer, let alone maintain an ad campaign.

But my ads on this platform kept running and producing leads and sales.

In fact, until now the ad campaign continues to reliably produce cheap, targeted leads without me touching it again.

Once in a while, I come up with a new ad idea, and I just throw that into the mix.

But I Don't Tweak Targeting and I Don't Even Test Ads

I don’t mess with settings.

I barely even log in to the platform.

I think I’ve seen my account dashboard a total of 6 or 7 times since.

Which makes this platform perfect for anyone who wants a quick, easy “spark” of traffic to start their affiliate marketing business.

A little while ago, I held a Traffic Spar LIVE Workshop, and invited my subscribers to attend from all over the world.

The goal?

To help them get…

Fast, Consistent, Easy, Cheap Traffic At the PUSH OF A BUTTON!

And just hours after the workshop, we started hearing from students who attended.

Those of them who copied my simple steps exactly came back and reported leads, sales, and commissions while working with TINY ad budgets of $5!

So if that sounds like something you wish you can do too, then read on to find out more…

What Is Traffic Spar

Traffic Spar Workshop is a RECORDED demonstration of the most powerful, easiest, most immediate, and cheapest way to get traffic.

You watch and follow my every step with me. Together, you and I will send traffic to our respective websites. The entire process is complete in 90 minutes flat.

The mystery traffic platform we’ll be working on is Quora.

If you’re not familiar with it, I encourage you to take a look. It’s a social website where people ask questions and read answers on different topics. This makes it ideal for capturing highly targeted traffic looking for answers to precisely the kind of problems your affiliate product solves.

The total length of the Traffic Spar Workshop is 30 minutes longer than the actual demonstration. That’s only to leave time for questions and more detailed explanations.

You Can Attend From Wherever You Live, Without Leaving Home

No matter where you live, use your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile to “join” the workshop. All devices are supported. But I highly recommend you use a computer to actually do the steps at the same time.

This way, if you run into a snag, you can quickly send me a message and ask for help right there on the spot.

Meanwhile, our virtual classroom software shows you my screen and lets you hear my soothing voice while I work.

And don’t worry, I explain what I’m doing, using really easy, small words so you can do the same stuff on your computer while the workshop is in session.

Sound good?

Click the button below to start watching right away...

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Not So Fast!

You have to check off a few qualification criteria before you enrol.

I’ve gotta do this to make sure everyone has traffic by the time they complete the workshop.

“Is Traffic Spar Right For me?”

Let me tell you who should NOT attend the Traffic Spar Workshop so you don’t waste your time, and so you’re not disappointed later.

The most targeted, most effortless, and fastest traffic online is hands-down, Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

What this means is I’ll be demonstrating a method of traffic that requires you to PAY for every “click” or visit you get.

You wouldn’t be paying me, of course; I’m just the guy showing you how to pay as little as possible for as much good traffic as Quora will give.

So I won’t be talking about a free traffic technique. After all, if you’re not spending money, you’re going to have to spend time, which would make traffic, not instantaneous, and we’d not be able to call it a “spark”, would we?

But Don't Worry

My Traffic Spar method is specifically designed for people with small advertising budgets who need VERY targeted, VERY cheap traffic. 

So while you’ll need to be armed with a funding source to pay the advertising network that will deliver your traffic, you will NOT need to take out a second mortgage.

What you spend is up to you. YOU get to decide how much or how little you invest. You can run your ads for a single day, a week, a month, or however long you want. In addition, you can turn your ad on and off any time you wish.


There's a $5 Minimum Budget Requirement

While not a massive investment by any means, it is an investment.

Over a month of uninterrupted advertising, at $5/day you’ll invest approximately $150.

But even with such a small amount, i’ve been able to get impressive results for my clients and for myself. This is because Quora Ads is relatively new and doesn’t have a lot of advertiser competition. So their traffic is dirt cheap and very, very targeted (most of it comes from Google, without the Google price-tag!)

Of course, the bigger your ad budget, the more traffic you’ll see, and the faster you can see sales. We’ve gone as high as $100/day and found the traffic scales really nicely too.

But if you’re on your last dollar and need it, I would ask you to kindly decline this offer and tend to your family. Find a job and take a break from your web business until you’re better prepared.

So this Workshop is NOT for you if you can’t or won’t spend at least $5 on ads.

Secondly, you must be able to start a Quora Ads account.

While I will demonstrate creating your Quora Ads account during the workshop, having a regular Quora (non-business) user account in advance makes sense. This way, you can become familiar with the platform and ensure you won’t run into any hiccups while following along.

Also, if you previously had a Quora account and got your account suspended for some reason, then you’ll want to sort out your account access before the workshop. I can offer some guidance on how to get a suspended account re-instated after I complete the demonstration.

But this workshop is not for you if you can’t sign up for a Quora user account.

Thirdly, you need to have a website to advertise and drive traffic to. Don’t worry if you don’t have this setup already.

if you’re reading this, you should already be receiving my free tutorial, the Affiliate 9-Day QuickStart by email. This tutorial shows you how to put together a simple free website.

Sending traffic directly to an affiliate link is explicitly prohibited on Quora. In fact, all traffic networks I’ve come across refuse direct linking to affiliate pages.

In the workshop, I explain how to advertise an affiliate link without direct linking.

You will need a website under your control and at minimum, a dedicated privacy policy page. Follow the Affiliate 9-Day QuickStart to get setup.

You’re welcome to attend if you’re planning to have a site soon, particularly if you want to see my unique 90-minute technique for getting traffic with a tiny budget.

And you’ll be able to review the session again whenever you’re ready.

So this Workshop is NOT for you if you don’t plan to have a website.

And finally…

This is not for you if you plan to advertise adult content, gambling, fake news, political content, weapons, financial or loan services, or natural / miracle “cures”.

Such content is prohibited by Quora’s policies. Your advertisements are likely to not even see the light of day before your account is suspended.

So this Workshop is NOT for you if you plan to promote prohibited content.

Who's Left?

If you don’t fall into any of the categories above and have a website that gets little or no traffic, you need to attend.

Because the Traffic Spar gets the traffic rolling to your site and can be repeated again and again to get you more visitors any time you want.

Similarly, if you already receive a reasonable amount of traffic, you’ll find my technique will help you:

  • Drop your traffic cost,
  • Get more people to your site, consistently every day,
  • Increase the quality of your audience, so people are more likely to perform a buying action,
  • And help you tap into new types of audiences you didn’t know existed.


If you’ve made it this far, then you’re probably ready to find out what you get.

“What Will I Get When i Attend?”

When you attend the recorded workshop today, you get more than just the main presentation.

There’s some surprises to make the class even more helpful.

Here’s a summary of everything you’ll get…

1. The Workshop

Of course, you get the recorded workshop, the main presentation, which runs 90 minutes in total length.

It’s short because I wanted to show you how QUICKLY you can start getting traffic without any technical fiddling about.

I show you how I build a new ad campaign from scratch. You hear my reasoning, see my planning, and learn the optimal settings to use. You hear my commentary at every step.

2. Q&A Session

At the end of the demo, there are 30 minutes allocated to questions. I took as many as I was able to fit and students asked me all kinds of questions, some of which you might be wondering.

Since you’re accessing a recording of the workshop, you won’t be able to ask YOUR questions, but keep reading and i’ll tell you how to get personal help…

3. Free Personal Help for 30 Days

First, you can email me personally at with your questions for up to 30 days after the training. If necessary, I will jump on a phone call with you to help you out.

Secondly, you get access to our private Facebook support group, where you can ask any questions you have about this training at any time. This is valid beyond 30 days, and you will always be able to get support there for life.

4. Everything I Use in the Demo

You get access to all the assets i use in the demonstration, includes my notes, keywords, and ads. Use them to get behind the scenes of the demo and see exactly how i came up with the more time-consuming parts or as templates for your own work.

5. Ad Writing Templates

Included in your member’s area is a few of my best-performing Ad Writing formulas.

Simply fill in the blanks to make them your own, and instantly you’ll have ads that soak traffic right into your website.

These should help you get your creative juices going. Use them again and again; just switch out words to develop new ads for ANY product in seconds. And since these templates are proven, you’ll have all the confidence you need to advertise on your own long after the workshop.

6. Text Transcript

If you prefer to read so you can more easily skim, I also include a text-based transcript of the workshop for you. You’ll be able to print this off or save it to your computer or mobile device and review the material at any time. 

I told you you’d be blown away. So I’m sure by now you think all this value can’t possibly be cheap…But humour me, and ask the question…

“How much?”

You can watch the workshop, get a transcript for ongoing review, ask for help free, and get all the KILLER surprises I told you about…

all of it, for only

$19, one time!

Which is insanely under-priced.

We sold the live workshop to my newsletter subscribers for $249 when we first launched. the response was phenomenal because even then it was underpriced. the only reason i’ve lowered the price so much here is to help you reduce YOUR risk if you’re meeting me for the first time.

“Why Should I Pay For This Training? Do You Think I'm Elon Musk?”

That’s a good question.

There’s so much free information available online, and you’re not exactly rolling in cash, so why not find a free tutorial instead?

Easy. Because of the MOTIVE of the person sharing information.

Ask yourself, “Why does anyone publish free content online?”

To get free traffic, ad revenue, or both.

So why would somebody be trying to get free traffic if they know how to get traffic from paid Quora ads and know how to turn that traffic into profit with affiliate marketing and product sales?

They wouldn’t bother.

I know I don’t bother with either free traffic or ad revenue. The first is painful and the second pays peanuts.

The only traffic i actively get is traffic i pay for from Quora and Google–the two traffic sources i’m an actual expert on. And my motive is clear. I want you to buy my training because that’s how i make money–by paying for ads and selling my products and services profitably.

Free training is made by non-experts who are likely to mislead you.

And if you try to figure out Quora ads on your own or you do it with bad guidance from non-experts, you can quickly lose the cost of this training in mere minutes. And you won’t even have a single lead or sale to show for it.

With me on your side, though, you’ll see how to get your traffic cheap and targeted. And by following the Traffic Spar method, you may get qualified traffic WHILE I’m still presenting!

“There's Plenty of Fakes Online. How Can I Trust You?”

Honestly, I don’t expect you to trust me.

Don’t get me wrong…I hope you will take a chance on me. Because I am a good dude and the real deal. and i’ve been doing paid traffic for clients for around two decades and my reputation is built on running ethical, compliant ads profitably.

But i don’t expect you to believe any of my claims about myself.

you’ll want to reason for yourself.

most of the shysters online are promising you the sun and moon. They’re telling you how much easy money they made as proof of how much YOU can make. they use easily faked testimonials and paid reviews as “social proof” to convince you they’re legit.

but nobody else’s result is a guarantee of yours. if some random person told you they made a zillion using a certain method, even if it were verifiably true, that does not mean you will too.

which is why i never did these things. i simply told you what i will teach you (my Quora method), what it will help you accomplish (instant, targeted traffic), and how (because you’re buying the traffic).

does that sound trustworthy to you?

is that something you can verify soon after investing into the training?

if your answers are YES, then…

Click the button below to start watching right away...

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“Can I Get a Refund If I Don't Like It?”

No. Sorry, all sales are final.

I don’t like to hype up people to make impulsive decisions with false scarcity and unconditional guarantees. I appreciate customers who make careful, well-informed decisions BEFORE they hit the buy button. 

There’s more than enough information on this page for any reasonable person to decide if the Traffic Spar Workshop is right for them or not. the price is not so high that anyone’s going to go broke if they later decide it was a mistake. and like i said earlier, if you’re on your last dollar hoping for a miracle, this isn’t it–get a job, buy a lottery ticket, do anything else please.

But suppose you still have questions or need clarification about what’s in the training. In that case, you can contact me directly ( with your questions.

Look…I know you might be used to seeing Internet Marketers offer “unconditional lifetime guarantees” on their training programs, but I’m not like them. Frankly, if their ideas were valuable, they wouldn’t be so careless as to not protect them.

The training here is fantastic, and I know it is.

My products are developed with information that took years of research and experimentation to find. These methods i use with clients who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in traffic management fees.

In my experience, many people asking about refunds at this stage are not customers at all. They’re trying to find a loophole to get my valuable, under-priced training for free. So forgive me that I don’t want my work to fall into ungrateful hands.

Remember, information acquired cannot be returned. It is forever imprinted in your memory…but money comes and goes.

I hope you see the integrity in my telling you boldly here, without fear:

If you need a guarantee, then you should NOT buy.

And btw, if you still don’t feel “at ease” buying from YaghiLabs, that’s perfectly ok. Rather than purchasing today, why not wait and “feel me out” a bit longer through my free newsletter. I can’t promise this deal will still be here tomorrow, nor for the same price, but I’m sure there will be something else you’ll like further down the line.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to get a Traffic Spar to your site today, look at it this way…

$19 to see how an online advertising expert with two decades of experience gets traffic for his clients; how can you lose? That’s money you’ll spend by the end of the day on “junk” you’ll eat or use in a minute.

Knowledge of any kind will last your whole life.


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