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  • Module 1: “Jump-Start”

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  • Module 2: Planning Your Profit-Machine

    Goal: Start with business automation in mind.

    Importance: Planning your web-business on paper is critical. Much like the carpenter’s credo “measure twice and cut once”, it slashes your setup AND operating time to its core. These tricks taken from our Business Strategist’s handbook will help you reduce your business-setup to: 1) gather resources, and 2) join them like Lego.

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  • Module 3: Essential Internet Business Services

    Goal: Run your business on minimum technical resources.

    Importance: The fewer moving parts you have the less goes wrong. Do you need so many services to operate your business? Our Computer Scientist CEO shows you how to operate with bare essentials, lowering your overhead and giving you less technical stuff to fiddle with.

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  • Module 4: Friendly Websites

    Goal: Make your website easy to buy from.

    Importance: Pages that are easy to navigate sell. Use these tricks to plan user-friendly page-layouts and you’ll beat our 30,000 dollar ex-copywriter. (yeah, we fired him!)

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  • Module 5: Imagination in Graphics

    Goal: Get professional results from low-paid “mechanics”.

    Importance: They say, “a picture is worth 1,000 words”. The right graphics stir emotional “buying” response. We learned these tricks from the YaghiLabs in-house Creative Director – you’ll see how we plan graphics in TEXT and get results like pro-designers.

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  • Module 6: Selling Just In Time

    Goal: Identify every section of your website from which 95% of sales will come (before your site even exists).

    Importance: Online selling is all about timing and attention. In this module, you’ll learn exactly WHEN a web visitor will become interested in buying–and which fonts, colours, and hot-spots will steal their attention. We’ve eliminated most of our sales staff and replaced them with Mathematicians who told us all of these astonishing findings.

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  • Module 7: Advertising, Traffic, and Promotion

    Goal: Create a persistent flow of new visitors to your website that automatically grows.

    Importance: Without traffic, your online business starves. Most advertising and SEO on the web is riddled with rules and changes that can kill your business in an instant. Our team of advertising experts share with you their “traffic maps” they’ve engineered to make advertising independent of search engines. This is an exciting section which shows you how to totally automate your traffic and remove dependence on any traffic suppliers.

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  • Module 8: Your Staff

    Goal: Make your web-business run itself.

    Importance: A business has no value if it cannot be automated and sold. You must become the planner, thinker, and architect. If not you, then who? Doesn’t matter if you never plan to hire any employees, our business strategist has tips to help you become more systematic and make all your “other operator roles” replaceable.

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  • Module 9: Advanced Outsourcing – The NEW Micro-Business Model

    Goal: Build a business that adapts to market changes in the blink of an eye.

    Importance: In the age of the web, the market, competition, and customer demands change in an instant. Businesses that are able to modify their operations and products just as quickly as needed will thrive. In this module, our Business Architect shows you how we design the fastest businesses in the world– without employees, with minimal overheads, and with almost NO in-house operations. Introducing the business of the future!

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