PPC Supremacy

NOTE: This page refers to a product that is part of our legacy archive. You can watch its promotion video here and purchase the product here.

you seem to have stumbled on a mysterious draft page…never announced and not yet meant to be seen.  

PPC Supremacy is coming out very soon.
EDIT: PPC Supremacy goes LIVE August 31st, 2010!
Here are links to all the videos released as part of the PPC Supremacy launch (they are really good!)

Twitter Whispers (PPC Supremacy Video #1)
Facebook Bushwhack (PPC Supremacy Video #2)
YouTube Inception (PPC Supremacy Video #3)
Keyword Supremacy (PPC Supremacy Video #4)
Swayful Words (PPC Supremacy Video #5)
LinkedIn Moles (PPC Supremacy Video #6)

and here we are in the news!


If you haven’t already heard the “rustling” on the internet, or seen one of the leaked promotional pieces…

This is the most exciting Pay Per Click, traffic making, website exposing training ever. And it’s totally about Pay Per Click in all its forms (yeah, even Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, and YouTube, and all those little other engines no one’s ever heard of).

David Schwind, my business partner and I have been hard at work running tests, making notes, compiling, recording, and organising the material in the most understandable way.

For us both, this is the very final training course we will ever release on PPC.

In short, it contains our life’s work.

David has been designing the most devious little launch plan i have ever seen. And while i can’t tell you much about it, watch the events unfold as this monster is released in the next few weeks.

And we seem to have cracked the Google Adwords code. We reverse engineered the entire company to find it.

Let me tell you a quick little story…

David and I for the past 4 or 5 years of marketing online have run thousands of experiments and tests to see what Google likes advertisers to do so it would send them lots of traffic…

well, over the past year we ran the most experiments. Because left and right, we saw widespread panic in the online marketing world as affiliate advertisers and home business owners were wiped off Google’s pages.

About two weeks ago, we met up and spent about every waking minute analysing everything we knew about Google and the Google Slap and the Landing Page Quality Guidelines.

Well, we hit gold one night.

It started with a simple question. Then something popped over both our heads.

Because we took one look at each other…and knew we’d worked it out.

I pulled out my recording pen and turned it on. I took notes as we both spoke rapidly…each of us pulling one more layer away from the Google engine.

Now if you didn’t already know this, i was once a computer scientist. My PhD research topic was in an area of Artificial Intelligence.

Know what that is?

It’s basically an area of study where people like me try and figure out how to make computers act like humans in ways that are useful to us.

Google is an example of an artificial intelligence machine.

It helps people find what they want very quickly…

Which is why the conversation that took place was so exciting.

I’d already figured out all the pieces of the programming…what was missing was the business experience. David has a pretty good grasp on how large online corporations and systems are run.

And he’d also figured out those things before…but he was missing the “artificial intelligence” component.

In minutes we were discussing the very structure of Google, their departments, their offices, employees, and all sorts of logistics.

Magic happened that night.

When we finally passed out from exhaustion…we were changed people. We had new insight on the world.

It’s been very exciting since. As you can imagine.

What we’d uncovered could make us rich beyond our dreams. It was such a powerful secret that…quite honestly i am afraid to share it.

The power of knowing exactly how to get exactly as much exposure and traffic to your websites as you want…no…

It’s the feeling of being able to turn every single person who sees your homepage into profit…regardless of the cost.

We’ve recorded everything we have ever done to drive traffic for multi-million dollar businesses on the internet.

Between David and me, we’ve both been consulted by the highest revenue online training systems in the Network Marketing and Home Business space.

We’ve sent hundreds of millions of visitors to all sorts of websites, trained thousands of Home Business owners, and helped make our partners and ourselves millions of dollars.

So keep an eye out for this training. Congratulations again on finding this page.


If you discovered this little note it’s not an accident… let’s try and keep this link between us


I’d also love for you to have this document…a pre-release secret copy for top secret people like you

The Google Switch

Note the page linked above is no longer live, but the link is made possible with The Way Back Machine so you can see what the landing page looked like at the time. When the page was live, you would have been able to register and download the Google Switch report (you can get a direct download to it using the following link: The Google Switch Downloadable Report. After downloading the report, readers were encouraged to share with friends and if they made three successful referrals were rewarded with a second PDF document that contained some swipeable marketing content. You can download that second PDF from this link now: Google Switch SWIPE FILE

The page there is not even complete as I write this. David will probably get mad because he likes things to be perfect before people see them. i’m taking a chance cause i figure few people will find the page…so SHhhhhhhhhhh!

I’m just a bit impatient to show you this. Let’s say… it’s VERY HELPFUL.

My gift to you for indulging me. Download the document, read through it, apply the simple steps there, and make yourself a little quick “profit”.

Then set an intention to be a part of something great. Join me and David as we release this thing we created…just for you…


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