PPC Domination Reviews

The reviews and testimonials below were collected from customers who bought PPC Domination in its beta release. They were asked to send in their reactions to the course two months in.

“ Jim Yaghi is a Complete Master of PPC…”

“Thank you for creating another opportunity for us hungry network marketers to improve ourselves. Before Jim’s course, I took a stab at Google PPC blind…and failed MISERABLY.

I had lots of impressions…but no clicks. Of course I had tons of keywords and that was my problem.

Jim Yaghi is a complete master of PPC and his instruction, and advice have proved truly valuable.

I have turned a pre-PPC course campaign of 0.04% CTR and a waste of money and time.. into a new campaign that’s making me money…and has a CTR of about 4%. Wow!!

I have AdGroups in the campaign that are pulling CTR’s in the teens. I never would have accomplished this complete a turnaround so quickly had it not been for Mike Dillard and Jim Yaghi.


Become the envy of your network marketing friends, and take this course…and dominate your niche on AdWords…and have prospects flying to you and your opportunity (or whatever you decide to use PPC for)…Everyone will be asking you for help with THEIR PPC Campaigns. =)”

– Peter J Cruz, RPh

“…incredible content…”

“I just would like to thank you both for the incredible content that I found in the “PPC Domination” course. I only wish that I had the information 6 months ago.

I started into the PPC world thinking that it would be somewhat easy and that the leads would start coming in faster than I could prospect them. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

I fell into doing exactly what Google and yahoo suggested I do, up the price for my specific key works to gain top ranking. All that seemed to happen was that I was racking up a huge credit card bill with no leads or success to speak of.

After following the step by step videos and taking the time to study what I was really doing my ads are now being place at the top of the search page without racking up a huge bill. I now understand how Google and other search engines work.

I will continue to go over the “PPC Domination” course because I’m sure that there are more lessons to be learned. Practice makes almost perfect.

Thanks guys for keeping integrity within the network marketing industry.”

– Tim Davis, Salt Lake City, UT

“This Course Has Really Saved Me!”

“Mike & Jim’s PPC Domination course is THE BOMB! I’d been considering taking similar courses, but I chose this one because Mike always delivers.

Other courses out there only teach how to use Google Adwords, but this is the ONLY one that walks you step-by-step through how to run a SUCCESSFUL ad campaign.

From creating effective ads that target, to testing everything (and how), to how to keep it profitable but not time-intensive, to tools to use for better results, to avoiding common costly mistakes of amateurs.

The best part is being able to email questions and problems to be addressed in the live calls!

This course has really saved me! I’m definitely telling all my colleagues that if they’re considering a PPC training, this is THE ONE that’s worth the time and money! (Don’t tell Mike, but it’s worth more than he’s charging!!)

Thank YOU, Jim!!!”

– Dannielle Wood Hixson

“I’ve Got My Blackbelt in PPC!”

“I just want to say how impressed I am with Jim’s course.

He explains everything so well and the video makes the concepts easily understood for those of us who are visual.

I felt like a real pro as I learned all the tactics he shared and I am so glad I jumped on the chance to be a part of this inaugural launch of his unique training.

We can’t go wrong with this. I’ve got my Black Belt in PPC!!!”

– Molly Chapman

“..Consistantly Generating Google
Leads on a Daily Basis…”

“Before purchasing project PPC domination I was a total Google greenie. I viewed the search engine powerhouse as the great intimidator, waiting to wipe out my marketing budget. After watching the PPC domination videos and webinars, my attitude towards google has completely changed.

Thanks to Jim Yaghi’s training in Project PPC Domination I’m now consistently generating google leads on a daily basis. My CTR’s, and lead conversions are constantly improving.

Jim really gets into the specifics of not just PPC, but understanding the sales funnel, the mental stages of the buying process, and how to write ads that will get your prospects to take action.

Now that I understand how to manipulate google I can put my message in front of highly targeted prospects based on what they are searching for.

This makes the leads I have learned to generate on google, some of the most quality leads I’ve ever generated online.”

-Adam Chandler

“…Clueless Before I Found Your Course.”

“When I started the course I had very little money to start with because I had spent so much in Pay Per Click before but the course helped me understand how to use my money wisely.

I was really excited when I saw that you had information for everyone from those with little money to those who had a lot. This was a godsend for me because I was clueless before I found your course.

My leads and friends are waiting for the program to open up again so they can take advantage of it.

I have really talked about the straight forward manner that you use and your no holds barred approach.

I have also told them about how easy your course is to follow and the different types of lessons that made the course worth it for me. ”

– Arthur Schenk

“The PPC Domination Course Will be Worth Over
a Hundred Thousand Dollars Per Year To Me.”

“…PPC advertising has been at the core of my business for about 5 years now. In fact, I often tell people if it wasn’t for Google Adwords, I’d have to get a job. I’d go so far as to say I make my living from PPC advertising.

As soon as I heard that Mike Dillard and Jim Yaghi were putting out the PPC Domination course, I knew it was just what I needed to move my business ahead.

I’ve been a customer and affiliate of Mike Dillard since his first course, Magnetic Sponsoring, and I know he always over-delivers on all of his products. And it was no different with PPC Domination.

I’ve bought many PPC information products over the years, but Mike and Jim’s PPC Domination goes way beyond any of the others. Most PPC information products are incomplete, only covering the ad part of the process. PPC Domination begins at the beginning of the sales funnel, way before you place your ad.

PPC Domination teaches the complete sales process of a PPC campaign, beginning even before you place the ad, from how to define, categorize and talk to your prospects from where they are in their decision making process, to choosing your domain name and building your landing page, and going through all of the steps to the sale and more.

There’s a lot more to winning at PPC than just putting an ad up.

Before I had even gotten deep into the course, I was saving around $200.00 per week on my ad cost and increasing my conversions.

I’d say the PPC Domination course will be worth over a hundred thousand dollars per year to me.

Would I recommend PPC Domination?

Only to my downline, not to my competitors. (Just kidding.)”

– Mike Stokes, Baton Rouge, LA

“…Received 30 Leads…”

“I had seen many other PPC training courses on the Internet. Some for a low cost and some very expensive, and then I came across PPC Domination from a name I knew and trusted, Mike Dillard.

I purchased two of Mike’s other products (Magnetic Sponsoring and Building on a Budget), and the information was great! I knew PPC Domination was going to be of the same high quality as Mike’s other products.

I had tried PPC previously. I spent about $80 getting one lead with about a 2% clickthrough at a cost of more than $0.50 per click. I was doing horribly so I decided to give up.

But then I got PPC Domination.

With PPC Domination my ads were doing so well from the techniques I learned in the video, I was getting an 11% clickthrough at $0.29 per click! My clicks cost me about $92 for the month (Budget of $100 per month). I received more than 30 leads and 1 sale which paid for my advertising cost!

I would definitely recommend PPC Domination to other Network Marketers.”

– Peter Rabasa, Honolulu, Hawaii

“…This Was The Best Investment All year…”

“After reviewing numerous courses on ppc I was extremely excited when I first recieved the email that you were doing a ppc course.

Being and avid follower and promoter of your products for close to 3 years now, it was a no brainer for me to get the course immediately and start studying it.

Well I must admit, as always you guys have over delivered.

The whole course was extremely powerful, but the split testing techniques I learned has taken my business to new heights in a very short period of time.

Before the course my highest “click thru rate” was 2.4%. After the course I have seen my click thru rate as high as 6.2%!!!

This is a result all from the split testing techniques you teach in your course that I was not even aware of.

I am so glad I answered that email and didn’t second guess buying the course—- It was the best investment I made all year in 08 regarding PPC!!

Thank You Jim and Mike for putting together this course!”

– Cedric Harris, Tampa, FL

“…A MUST For Any Serious Network Marketer.”

“PPC Domination was the first Network Marketing specific pay-per-click training program offered out there and I jumped at the opportunity to buy it.


Each advertising “niche” online has its own nuances and Internet MLM is no different.

The chance to learn from Jim Yaghi, Magnetic Sponsoring’s top affiliate, is priceless. He generates around 150 leads per day advertising on Google Adwords alone. Learning the tools and thought processes of generating that many of the most targeted Network Marketing leads on a daily basis is a must for any serious Network Marketer.

The most valuable part of the course was the “mind map” exercises that Jim took us through. The value in learning how to research and brainstorm keyword ideas is INVALUABLE. There is much to keyword research than just getting keyword ideas from a website.

PPC Domination has already helped me take my business up a notch. It has enabled me quickly tap into the most targeted leads available for any Network Marketing business, Google Adwords. I can now at a minimum generate 20 targeted eager leads each day shortly after going through what was taught in this course.

I would without hesitation recommend this course to any serious networker. Anyone who is interested in truly looking to ramp up their lead generation campaign with the most targeted and responsive prospects….MUST get this course. It’s essential to learning how to properly start using the most flexible and hottest advertising medium on the planet.”

– Kurt Henninger

“…Even A Child Could Understand This.”

“ What I liked most about Jim Yaghi’s “PPC Domination” is the step by step information.

Jim starts with the basics to help you understand PPC before he even starts training on how to write an ad, etc. so this helped me to have a better understanding of the entire process.

It was like PPC for dummies, even a child could understand this. I felt like I was watching over his shoulder & learning, very simple & great!

Jim not only helps with the basics of picking a good domain name, but he then shows you quick & simple things to do that not only saves you money but improves your profit when doing PPC.

This will definitely help me and my business because this in knowledge I didn’t have before and I get it now:0) I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who wants to Dominate PPC!!”

– Misty Ward

“…Changed My Business Forever.”

“ I want to thank you for producing this PPC Domination course. I have purchased other courses and read many articles on how to properly manage my PPC campaigns. No real success.

After taking Jim Yaghi’s course, it has changed my business forever. I now have the tools and mindset on how to dominate my markets via Pay-Per-Click marketing.

I am a visual person. I learn better by seeing and then applying. Jim’s videos were spot-on. Jim took me step-by-step to help me produce Adwords campaigns for lazer targeted traffic.

If anyone is looking to grow their business by using Pay-Per Click, then Great. But they better buy your PPC Domination course first, OR they may loose tons of money and time.

I am a huge fan of Magnetic Sponsoring. I have all of your courses. I do not know how you do it, but everything Magnetic Sponsoring produces keeps getting better and better.

Jim Yaghi – You Rock

Mike Dillard – You Rock

Thanks for helping me explode my business,”

– Scott Mosteller

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