Is It Important To Be An Expert??

Here’s a question i received recently…


“Hi Jim,

I work at a marketing agency in Dubai. We’re expanding our services to increase our audience base and get more clients from more diverse industries. One of the services we’re going to start is B2B lead generation service. Can you suggest some good platforms to generate leads from? We’ve tried running ads on Linkedin but didn’t get any juice out of it. Are Google Ads good for B2B lead generation?

Thank you”


Let me get this straight…

Your agency wants to sell lead gen services while simultaneously struggling to generate leads for themselves?

This makes no sense.

A product or service is a SOLUTION to a problem. If you have the exact same problem as your customer, you’ve got nothing worth buying. So you can go and fuck right off.

I see this problem all the time in our industry. All these noobs in a rush to be a “make money” coach, while themselves broke.

They have no solution of value to offer others.

And potential customers can smell this a mile away because nothing you have to say is credible. You smell like you don’t have any answers.

i know what these guys are thinking.

They think if they can trick their first one or two customers into buying their services, they’ll have enough credibility and reputation to scam the rest. Fake it till you make it.

Trouble with this reasoning is that you are by no means an expert. And there’s no shortage of similarly deranged beginners trying to sell themselves as experts. So you’re not even unique in being a fraud.

Customers might be gullible enough to fall for the fake gooroos but they’re smart enough to keep away from noobs. They much rather give their money to the big names, who come with some semblance of “credibility” with their rented mansions and photoshoots in front of private jet props.

The only way a noob is ever gonna have a shot in hell being a “make money” coach is if he’s DAMN GOOD at the illusion. And that usually means a significant investment in faking it.

Not just a little better, but head and shoulders above the very best frauds. So yeah, good luck!

This goes for lead gen “experts”, copywriting “experts”, and email marketing “experts” too–all with little to no real world experience working in different markets and for a variety of clients.

You’ve got to be INTIMATELY knowledgeable and skilled at what you’re selling and not just be one step ahead of your audience, but head and shoulders above the top names in the market.

When you’re intimately knowledgeable, you can get down and dirty with the details, talk at length and in depth in your marketing. When you do this, your target customer can tell you know what you’re talking about, and they believe you have a solution worth buying.

At this point I can hear a lot of you suffering from imposter syndrome saying “But Jim, i’m not an expert at anything!”

There’s a way out of this.

And it’s remarkably easy. It’s a trick that lets you turn anything in which you’re adequately knowledgeable to your advantage. Do this and you’ll gain a competitive edge in the market that’s unique to you and no one else. This technique pushes you miles ahead of the competition even if they’ve been in the industry far longer than you.

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