In hospital, big mistake

I’m writing
to you from the hospital.
So please
forgive any typos I may miss in my haste. Sure I run a home-business and yes there
is a live internet connection here…
But there
are times when it’s kind of inappropriate to work.
Like the
birth of your first son.
I think
that counts yah?
Luckily, the
wife’s finally asleep and I took the chance to write you a quick and URGENT reminder
that our Audience Building workshop with Danny Iny is only TWO days away –
…and if you’re
not registered yet, I won’t even try to pretend to understand.
It’s free
and yet extremely detailed and specific.
Here’s the
link for more info if you missed the emails about it:
On a slightly
different note…
I noticed
some of you don’t read my emails for a few days after they’re sent. Which is actually
kind of cool and flattering, because it means no matter how old the news or how
busy you get, you want to hear my insights.
example, Kim Willis, who is an old bud and previous client of YaghiLabs…
He wrote me
just today about the “Do you hate your market” email from a few days back. He
liked the advice, but was questioning the wisdom of how I recommend that
Affiliate Marketers try to find a way to be unique from other affiliates so they
can get traffic and make sales more easily.
When I told
him it was necessary to do this if you want Google or Bing traffic, he
“Yeah makes
sense. (Although Bing is giving me BizOp traffic with no problems”.
But that
was only ONE of the reasons why.
See, this
is a DEADLY, short-sighted mistake to make.
I’ve seen
it happen enough to know what I’m talking about…HUGELY successful businesses have
been destroyed in every niche in the blink of an eye.
Because they
weren’t built for longevity, but produced for a little while.
It was
actually the first big lesson I learned online. Going from ~$20,000/month in
affiliate commissions to ZERO…not earning a single buck for a year…it’s enough
to scare you straight.
people just like you, Kim, or 25-year-old me… set up their business on a
platform like Bing, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube…
Or they get
all their traffic from PPC or SEO…
Or all
their sales depend on selling someone else’s product…
And then…
all it takes to cut you off at the knees, is one algorithm change, one
compensation plan change, or a small legislation change…and you’re TOAST!
Dead in the
water. Wondering how on earth your entire source of new customers just dried
This is
called “Digital Sharecropping”.
It’s what
happens when you do all your work on someone else’s asset, or with an
environment or site that you can’t control.
business can be dead in a heartbeat, without warning, any minute.
I’ve seen
this happen so many times it’s not funny. And I’m not just talking about the
Google Slap. I saw it in online marketing systems like CCPro/WMI, and I saw it kill
my friend’s easy 200k weight loss business that completely relied on SEO for
Because it’s
easy to think success is forever when you find it.
I was actually
talking about this with Danny Iny recently. And he had some interesting
thoughts on it.
You can ask
him yourself on our Monday training if you want.
Since you
can’t build a business without using shared assets like YouTube, Bing, Amazon,
or Facebook, the only way to avoid the risk of using those assets is to use
them smartly.
Danny’s going
to share with us a plan to follow to immunize your business from technology
changes. A plan not only proven (from his hundreds of successful students), but
is also totally platform-proof; so if Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter all
decide to shut down your accounts…
prospects, your customers, and your sales will still keep flowing naturally and
But in my
opinion, the most important thing about this plan…is you build a business with
high intrinsic value.
Anyway, all
that on Monday’s call @ 10am PST / 1pm EST. Two days away.
It’s 90
mins of content.
It’s free
and we’ll all have fun and learn plenty.
Here’s the
registration link to hold your seat and read more about what’s going on:

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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

Foremost Home Business traffic expert, Jim Yaghi is a Computer Scientist and Mathematician who used to build search engines for a living. At 16 he created a mildly popular social network and has been an online entrepreneur for over 15 years. In 2006 he rose to the #1 Affiliate rank in many Home Business programs (most notably Magnetic Sponsoring). Today he's best known for hatching the first industry-wide viral campaign to reach all major social networks, for hosting a top-10 Internet radio show for entrepreneurs, and for shattering industry sales records with his best-selling, easy-to-follow online marketing courses PPC Domination, PPC Supremacy, and Traffic KickStart.

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