A friend of mine reached out to me recently and said he wanted to quit his job. My response is probably not what you want to hear.

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So my boy, he was frustrated and his boss was riding him like a donkey. Treated him with great deal of disrespect, overworked him, and he got yelled at by the boss when things didnt pan out on something his boss asked him to do..

He’d seen a bit of success with his affiliate “side gig” and he was seriously thinking about quitting his job and doing that thing full time.

What do you think, bro? He asked. Should i quit? I can put more effort and focus into the affiliate thing and take it to the next level.

Don’t do it, i said.

I’ve seen so many eager beavers make this reckless, rash decision of quitting their job, WAYYYYY too early.

In fact, i’m pretty sure they start to hate their job SPECIFICALLY because they have affiliate marketing dreams. I can’t help but wonder with these guys, if perhaps, their job doesn’t suck any more than it always did…maybe their head is elsewhere and it shows in their work.

Meaning, perhaps they’re creating the reality of a shitty job and a crappy boss because they’re being a crappy employee whose heart isn’t in his work any more. Maybe.

Whatever the case may be, if you’re in this position, let me strongly URGE YOU not quit your job for your affiliate fantasies.

If your job sucks, find another that doesn’t.

Because let me tell you what happens if you’re ungrateful and turn your back on the job paying your bills right now and the boss who, maybe is riding your ass, but again, is signing your cheques…here’s what happens..

Your affiliate business, your internet side-gig, if it was paying well enough to support you and all your expenses, you’d quit without hesitation.

Truth is, it’s NOT paying well. And when you’re jobless, you’re gonna be broke without income…but the bills are merciless, they’ll keep coming completely OBLIVIOUS to your lack of an income.

And you’re not gonna be able to turn around your side gig into an income anywhere near what your job was. So you’re going to be operating from a place of desperation and irrationality instead of making clear-headed, intelligent decisions needed to make money.

Plus, this affiliate / internet side gig, it doesn’t need just your time, it needs financial investment too. So without a job, even the SMALLEST investments you cannot afford.

Not only that, now your wife is gonna be on your ass. Your family, your friends, everyone’s gonna be shaking their head at you…and you’re gonna start putting your hand out asking for a loan here and there…and aside from you feeling like a sorry loser and having doubts of your own, everyone around you is echoing EXACTLY what you suspect about yourself.

And guess what else?

When you make a $20 sale here and there and every part of you wants to celebrate this win…which DAMN STRAIGHT is a big deal!..no one else is gonna be excited. When you share your win with your wife, she’s gonna tell you to go fuck right up because that doesn’t pay the mortgage or for the lights or the gas.

You can’t even feel good about the small wins without someone ruining it for you.

And if you’re lucky and don’t completely fuck up your life over this fantasy of yours, you’ll eventually be right back at square one, looking for a job. But now, without a job to spring-board off of, no one wants to hire you.

Bottom line is, it’s a pretty bleak future.

All of it could have been avoided by doing a couple of things differently.

First, if your job REALLY is that bad and you hate it, find another one while you’re still employed.

Second, if you really want to turn your side gig into a full-time income, think of your shitty job and shitty boss as a means to an end. Figure out exactly how much money you need to squirrel away and how much you need to start investing. Create a strategy to transition out of the job.

Also, while you have money (and probably not enough time), let your money do the work for you. It’s certainly easier to allocate $5/day toward an ad budget than to write 6 articles and shoot 3 videos, EVERY DAY to get the same amount of “free” traffic.

And it’s easier to save $5,000 for some much needed business expense when you have an income to save it from…than to do it from joblessness.

In Rich Dad Poor Dad, Kiyosaki talks about the concept of “paying yourself first”. A good friend of mine, he took this idea and started applying it back when client work was his bread and butter. He hated client work and wanted out.

Each day, he took the first hour of the day and invested it into building his own product and his own info-selling business.

He lived frugally and worked hard. Pretty soon, his business started paying all his bills, and he was able to fire his clients. Today, his business is one of the smoothest and most lucrative operations i’ve ever seen.

I suggest you do the same.

The Super Traffic Machine is built around this philosophy…

… that you have a job, you have a source of income and employment, and you want to build a business that you’ll be able to finance and support through your employment.

It is built around the idea that you’re going to build out one component of your business every month.

It does not require a great deal of time investment from you.

You build it alongside your job. You “pay yourself” first by taking an hour a day or 2-3 hours a week to work on it. One component at a time.

By the end, you should have something that works, something that allows you to enter the game and begin to play.

This is the Super Traffic Machine approach.

It’s realistic. It’s grounded in truth. It does not require large investments of money or time from you. It does not promise you the sun and the moon.

It won’t lie to you by saying that “no matter where you come from and no matter what your background is and no matter how much of a LOSER you are, you can still do this.”

Because the fact is, Super Traffic Machine is not for everyone.

It is designed for people who are at least competent enough to be employed somewhere now, and strategic enough to want to build a plan to phase themselves out of their employment…

…not because oh-i-hate-my-boss or because they had ONE bad day at their office and they impulsively decided to quit and do-their-own-thing…

… but because they’re intelligent enough to recognize that creating a job-replacing business is the result of a process, not a “fuck this shit” knee-jerk reaction event.

Read more about the Super Traffic Machine program at the link below…

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